Lifelist: a hundred crazy things I decided to do

“It’s better to do it and regret it than not to do it and regret it for the rest of your life”. It is a simple truth, but it just so happens that I haven’t always followed it.

Now I am 30 years old, and I realize that there are a lot of things in this world that I have never tried, or not done consciously enough. Somewhere I was let down by my modesty, on occasion I didn’t have the opportunity, sometimes I was sorry for money and time, and sometimes I just wasn’t in the mood. In general, I always found an excuse to avoid some crazy things or pleasant hobbies that my friends were into. So one day, when everyday life once again started whispering in my ear that something needed to change, I decided to make a change.

I made a list of 100 things to implement in the near future.

100 crazy ideas I’m going to do to make my life more interesting

The idea of making such a list is not new. The idea came to me from the plot of my favorite comedy series, “My Name is Earl”. Inspiration is the mother of motion, so at the beginning of the summer I created my own list:

  1. Throw my shoes on the tree;
  2. Ride on the roof of a vehicle;
  3. Get a real tattoo;
  4. Learn to skateboard;
  5. Play in a casino;
  6. Play ab actor in a advertising;
  7. Don’t talk for three days;
  8. Watch all episodes of “Star Wars”;
  9. Finally go through anything game;
  10. See the house I spent my childhood in;
  11. Make up a song on the ukulele;
  12. Learn to ride a bike without arms;
  13. Take part in a sporting event;
  14. Participate in app development;
  15. Ride a motorcycle;
  16. Walk down the street with a boom box;
  17. Go snowboarding;
  18. Master a music program and record a beat;
  19. Learn to knit;
  20. Not shave my beard for six months;
  21. Walk 50 km in one day;
  22. Master Photoshop/CorelDraw or other professional software;
  23. Go to a striptease;
  24. Go to the ballet;
  25. Read a great classic novel;
  26. Give voice to an episode;
  27. Learn to juggle;
  28. Go on a roller coaster;
  29. Hitchhike to any city;
  30. Take part in graffiti-making;
  31. Listen to the entire “Beatles” discography;
  32. Became a blood donor;
  33. Ride 75 kilometers on bike;
  34. Learn how to cook something fancy;
  35. Walk around in shoes and a jacket and pants for a week;
  36. Attend a major open air;
  37. Live within a week without internet;
  38. Make up a project with foreigners I meet;
  39. Go to my college / university;
  40. Learn to drive a car;
  41. Learn to bungee jump;
  42. Spend the night in the open air;
  43. Write a letter to my idol;
  44. Take part in a tea ceremony;
  45. Go to a classical concert;
  46. Throw a party;
  47. Learn to meditate;
  48. Ride a horse;
  49. Learn to surf;
  50. Visit the birthplace or tomb of an iconic figure;
  51. Backpacking through unfamiliar places and cities for weeks;
  52. Take an unusual vacation;
  53. Read a book on a topic you’ve never been interested in;
  54. Start a flying kite;
  55. Try raw veganism;
  56. Discover how te be vegan;
  57. Learn origami;
  58. Tell five people I know about a list and ask them to make one;
  59. Travel somewhere on first class;
  60. Learn any language;
  61. Participate in a costume party;
  62. Try to wake up at 5 a.m for one week;
  63. Stand under a waterfall;
  64. Write a note, put it in a bottle and let it out into the open sea;
  65. Go to an unfamiliar city for all day;
  66. Attend a soccer game in a giant stadium;
  67. Ride a camel or an elephant;
  68. Read the original “Harry Potter”;
  69. Read full “Bible”;
  70. Get a massage;
  71. Go jollyjumpers;
  72. Take a swim in my clothes;
  73. Take a Segway ride;
  74. Watch “Twin Peaks”;
  75. Go to a museum;
  76. Try working while standing;
  77. Listen to a style of music I never liked;
  78. Paint a picture;
  79. Watch all episodes of “The Godfather”;
  80. Pet a cow;
  81. Place a bet;
  82. Go to a concert by a musician you never liked;
  83. Donate some of their belongings to the poor or needy people;
  84. Find an old picture with your friends, reassemble them in the same place and take one;
  85. Try to live 24 hours without electricity at all;
  86. Don’t drink alcohol for a month;
  87. Learn how to shooting;
  88. Learn to play a popular song on the drums;
  89. Discover boats and boating hobby;
  90. Learn how to bowl;
  91. Try archery;
  92. Learn how to play poker;
  93. Learn any useful tricks;
  94. Learn how to make a smoothie;
  95. Taste three exotic fruits;
  96. Play the lottery;
  97. Complete the Rubik’s Cube;
  98. Launch a paper airplane from a great height;
  99. Order a painter to paint my portrait;
  100. Write a book.

As of today, I have already completed 17 items on my list. For the readers of “Watchful Bhalu” I will prepare monthly digests, in which neatly and in detail I will sum up the results of the “reporting period”. See you again, friends!

P. S. I hope you paid attention to point #58. We are waiting for your actions 🙂

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