If you want serenity and happiness you must decide what is your “Enough”

If you want serenity and happiness you must decide what is your “Enough”

Is it possible to get enough of money, fame, attention from people, love, new books, movies, games, entertainment? A human is so constructed that everything is always not enough for him.

However, this kind of life turns us into robots. You work hard as hell at work, then come home, “squeezed like a lemon”, and so, from day to day, you don’t notice how the time flies by. There is no satiation in life.

You have achieved a lot, but you feel like a “squirrel in the wheel”. How can you achieve serenity and happiness in such a rhythm?

You have to decide what is enough for you. You have to decide what is beautiful enough, what is successful enough, what is stable enough, what is rich enough, what is good enough. You will never have peace of mind in your life until you decide what is enough for you.

You have to decide what a good outfit is, what makes you look better, what a good day at work is, what a healthy day is. You have to decide what a successful week, month and year looks like, what constitutes a healthy relationship, what hairstyle suits you…

So do it. Draw a “line in the sand”.

When you decide what is enough for your life, it means that you are no longer in an endless, bottomless, vicious cycle of constant attempts to improve. When you decide what’s enough for you, you don’t need listen to the world dictate what you need and what you don’t. You don’t have to accumulate everything that society dictates for you. Nothing will satisfy your need to feel “better,” because It’s impossible to get everything and human’s emptiness is infinite. It is a bottomless well.

The most amazing thing about deciding what is “enough” for you is that it directly counteracts perfectionism. The question is not “What is the most perfect thing I can imagine?” but “What do I really need to survive?”, “What do I really need to be okay?” and “What really makes me happy?”.

When you think about what your dream life would be like, you will always suffer fiasco. This is not really the foundation on which you can build a happy, peaceful existence. Instead, you have to decide what is enough for you to feel good about yourself.

Decide what type of home is enough for you, what clothes are enough, what work is enough. When you do this, you begin to realize how little you need.

When you do this, you no longer need to try to meet everyone’s expectations and live up to them. You no longer need to try to change yourself into some version of who you might one day be. When you decide that enough is enough for you, something magical happens. Everything around you begins to be enough.

When we finally realize what we really need, we set a lower bar for what it takes to get there. When we do this we feel more accomplished, satisfied and healthy. We are finally free to enjoy our lives because we are not constantly trying to fix and improve them.

What good is a state of appeasement? After all, it is a halt to self-development! It is not. If you are an educated, well-mannered, and goal-oriented person, peace of mind dramatically increases your productivity. You will begin to create value, ideas, affirmation, and success like never before! 

The trick is that when we resist the definition of what is “enough,” we are really eager to hate ourselves so that we can change. But it doesn’t work that way. Instead, we become paralyzed and insecure, we cling and feel like we can’t take a step forward. It is from here that we make our worst decisions.

When you decide that something is enough for you, you become a “taker” instead of a “receiver”. You no longer need to look at life through the prism of “I did it and they owe it to me”. Now you begin to live by the principle “I only take what I need and what really makes me happy”.

Do you know what happens when you do this in the long run? You build a life that would be lived by someone who loves himself. That’s why everything is good in moderation, when everything is enough.

Of course, many people would disagree with this postulate, arguing that we must stand firm, or become famous and successful, or make a lot of money before we decide that this is enough. However, this is an endless race and a waste of life energy. If the money you have now is not enough, it will never be enough, no matter how much you make. If you are not happy with who you are now, you will never be happy no matter how much you change. If you don’t value your relationships now, you won’t value them, no matter how many you have.

Today, life is such that from every corner, from every post on the Web, from every commercial on TV we hear: “You must be successful”, “You must earn more, spend more”, “You need buy Porsche, travel to Dubai”. You need more, more, more… But will this endless race, this unrestrained consumption bring you happiness?

You have to realize that happiness cannot be bought, it has to be inside you. And in order to create it, you have to learn to protect your mind and body from external chaos. And sometimes you need to say to all those irritants (ads, people’s opinion) – “Stop! It’s Enough!”.

You must realize that you are the only one who determines for yourself the values of what you need. You don’t have to aspire to other people’s ideals or to something unattainable.

By choosing this approach, you direct your desires, ambitions, and energy into the right direction, which makes you a more confident, more stronger and more goal-oriented person.

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