12 signs that you are really love her

12 signs that you are really love her

Love is a beautiful feeling. However, it can be difficult to recognize it because it is very similar to attachment to a person. Nevertheless, there are some effective ways.

How to know that a man really loves a woman? Then we suggest you take a little test that consists of 12 signs that you are really love her. It consists of 12 questions. Each answer “yes” gives you 1 point. The results of the test will be summarized at the end of the article.

1. Do you take care of her as you take care of yourself?

In most cases, a man realizes that he really loves when he realizes that he spends a lot of energy taking care of his girlfriend. And it’s not just about buying jewelry, flowers, clothes, and all sorts of surprises. Real care is shown even in the small things. If you massage your beloved when she sits for a long time on the computer or reading a book, or you often throw your jacket on her shoulders on the way home on a cold night, then you definitely love your partner.

However, caring on a large scale is also very important. A man in love will surely give up all of his business just to take care of his significant other when he is not feeling well. He will also try his best to improve the quality of life of his significant other, even if he has to sacrifice something of his own as a result. That’s why many guys spend a lot of money just to make sure that their girlfriend doesn’t need anything, and they themselves save literally everything they can.

2. Do you try to involve her in your life?

Love or just liking?.. How do men know that they have really found their soul mate, rather than experiencing the euphoria that passes after a few weeks of beautiful dates and romantic outings? They usually just look at what the object of their affection means to them. A man who doesn’t regard a girl as his future wife will never involve her in his personal life by introducing her to his friends, work or hobbies.

But a man who really loves someone, be sure to use every opportunity, so that the object of his admiration became part of his life. To do this, men can start telling the girl their plans for the future, introduce her to close friends or parents, be sure to show a hobby they are crazy about. All this should be done in order to see the reaction of your loved one to the things that are dear to you.

12 signs that you are really love her

3. How often do you help her?

A man understands that he loves a woman the moment he realizes that he is always ready to come to the rescue of his chosen one. If she suddenly has a burned-out light bulb in her apartment or a broken kettle, the suitor is sure to come across town, putting off his business, just to fix the existing problem. The desire to help clearly indicates that the man subconsciously considers the beautiful woman to be the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Of course, special attention should also be paid to the assistance that is provided on a global scale. Not every man will be willing to sacrifice part of his budget to pay off a girl’s loan or help her parents with finances. In addition, only a man who loves will be willing to help his companion to tighten her knowledge in English by starting to learn a foreign language on his own in his free time.

4. Do you strive to please your girlfriend every day?

Can men really love? Yes, they can! And it manifests itself in an effort to please a woman every day, as soon as the opportunity to do so arises. The role of surprises can be a beautiful bouquets of flowers, a trip to the cinema or a restaurant, a romantic candlelight dinner or a simple chocolate bar. Only a man who really loves, will use every opportunity to please his wife every day.

Why do guys do this if no reward is out of the question? They just want to see a smile on the face of the girl they love, to share a joyful moment with her. Most men in love don’t even expect a trivial “thank you” from their companion. The best reward for them is the joy and sincere emotions that appear on the face of the other half. That is why they try to use every little thing in order to see that sight again.

5. Is she the most precious thing in your life?

12 signs that you are really love her

Work, friends, loved ones – all this takes a back seat to the one you love with all your heart. Men can only truly love when they think about their partner every minute of the day. They wake up thinking about what their object of admiration is doing at the moment, and fall asleep only when they can be sure that the “treasure” is completely safe. Even the dream that a man has always followed becomes less important.

Another trait of a person in love is sacrifice. If you realize that you are ready to part with your own life only in order to always be together with your other half in heaven, you can not even doubt the sincerity of your feelings. Sometimes in life there will also be situations where you will have to sacrifice relationships with loved ones or even work for the sake of the person you love. Are you ready to do it without even thinking about it?

6. Are you ready to pursue her even after rejection?

How does a man woo if he really loves? To say that he shows tenderness and care is like saying nothing. After all, a man who really loves, do not even consider the possibility that one day his life partner will refuse him and have to find a new girlfriend. Well, even if this happens, a man in love will still continue to hang around his date, all the time trying to somehow help her.

Also, such a person will use any chance to start building a relationship again. Even if a woman finds another suitor, he will still continue to support her, being a friend, and will definitely use the opportunity to show his best side in case of separation. Rejection for a man in love does not mean anything. He will still love his soul mate and truly believe that they are destined to be together.

7. Are you ready to be faithful to her forever?

How does a man behave when he really loves? That’s right, he stays faithful at all times. Cheating comes only when feelings die down. However, as long as the guy really loves his girlfriend, he will never cheat on her. Even if he will be on a business trip in another city and will be sure that his family will not find out about the betrayal, he will not do it. After all, otherwise the man won’t be able to look his beloved in the eye any further.

12 signs that you are really love her

It is worth understanding that treason should be understood to mean not only sexual contact with a member of the opposite sex. Even flirting and communicating with other girls can also be considered treason. Only a man who really loves, will agree to delete all the numbers of women from his address book, and stop communicating even with his “girlfriends”. The rest of the women for him simply cease to exist at one point.

8. Do you like saying compliments and nice words to her?

Another sure sign that you have really sincere feelings. But what does a man say if he really loves her? As a rule, it is a different kind of compliments, which affect not only the appearance of the girl, but also her other qualities. For example, a man can praise the cleverness of his beloved, or appreciate her creative skills, if she is engaged in painting or singing.

But how often will a man in love say compliments to his girlfriend? Every day and more than once! He will use every opportunity to praise her, even if the occasion seems insignificant. As with the surprise, a man in love will not expect anything in return. The best reward for him will be the reaction of the other half to certain words. And every time a man will try to choose more and more original compliments.

9. Do you want to keep her out of danger?

It’s no secret that the world is a pretty tough place that can bring a lot of pain (mental and physical). Therefore, men in love do not limit themselves to beautiful words. They try by all means to protect their companion from any dangers and threats. For example, only a man who really loves, even without asking for help, will begin to “eliminate from the radar” other suitors who annoy her.

It is also about protecting the mental state of his life partner. If there is some source of trouble that gives the girl trouble, which makes her worry all the time or even make her cry, then the man aims to eliminate this problem as soon as possible. Also, he won’t delay in asking the girl to move in with him, because it will be much calmer for the suitor when the dearest person in his life is under his care.

12 signs that you are really love her

10. Are you ready to take the burden of responsibility for this girl?

How does a man know that he truly loves? It happens at the moment when the suitor realizes that he is responsible for any actions his partner has taken. Imagine the situation: you went to the store to store, and the girl accidentally hit the window with the products, after which she fell and broke. A man who really loves the girl would take all the blame and pay for the damage out of his own pocket.

It can also be about taking responsibility for the health and beauty of your other half. A man who has strong feelings for a woman will never ignore his beloved’s words about her being sick. He will immediately begin to make a fuss, looking for medicine or even call an ambulance. In addition, for him it will be extremely important that the other half always look beautiful. Not in order to boast in front of friends. But to make her feel desirable.

11. Are you ready to start changing for her?

Sometimes a man realizes that he truly loves simply because he notices a dramatic change in himself. Only a man who has strong feelings is ready to improve all the time for the sake of the object of his adoration. He will try by all means to change his character, so that the girl does not feel uncomfortable. And the harder the suitor gives such changes, the more certain we can say that he really loves his girlfriend.

Of course, we are only talking about positive changes. There is nothing difficult about starting to degenerate. However, the man who loves his girlfriend with all his heart will never allow a few hours of his free time to be spent drinking with friends or playing a computer game. He will try to improve himself and his skills every day so that in the future life will bring them real happiness.

12 signs that you are really love her

12. Do you want to build a family with her?

To tell the difference between a suave man and one who really has strong feelings, you can ask him about the future. Do this for yourself. Are you ready to have a child with your other half? Of course, we can not talk about the near future, but about the time when you both manage to get on your feet and get your own place and a stable job. Will you be ready to live with a beautiful woman for the rest of your life and continue your lineage?

For most men, conceiving a child is the highest point of trust in his partner. This step means that he is ready to give his all to her and to the future offspring. Most men are well aware that after the birth of a child they will have to work with double diligence, so that the baby will not need anything. You’ll have to give up once and for all the hanging out with friends and spending money on useless hobbies that do not bring profit.

Summing up

So, this improvised “love test” has come to an end. And how to understand that you are really love her? It’s simple.

If you scored 12 points, it means that there is not even any doubt that you have love feelings for your companion and are ready to spend the rest of your life only with her. In case the result showed 9-11 points, it means that you also have strong feelings for the woman, but they may gradually fade over time. If you scored less than 5-8 points, then you should seriously think about whether to build a relationship with a woman that you do not love. Well, a lower number indicates that you are just experiencing a temporary attachment to a woman that will pass very soon.

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