Why are some people simply paranoid critics?

Why are some people simply paranoid critics?

People who are constantly criticizing everyone and everything are actually compensating for their inferiority in this way. By constantly criticizing people such people think that they demonstrate their authority and importance. Although in reality they are often not successful, and in order to compensate for their miserable lives they vent their anger on other people.

It happens that the desire to criticize others, to belittle the importance and contribution of other people is so developed in them that they turn into paranoid critics, dissatisfied with everything and everyone. Moreover, for paranoid critic it does not matter at all whether their interlocutor is right or wrong, whether he did his job right or wrong. His ego requires permanent affirmation. And what better way to support it? That’s right: to criticize others.

Such people are unhappy, but self-sufficient. They consider themselves more valuable and important to society and the collective than they really are. And this anger is expressed in a total criticism of the merits of others. Such a person will never admit his mistake or wrongdoing. He will shout until victorious that only his point of view is correct. This makes him look ridiculous and absurd from the outside.

Paranoid critics do not tolerate criticism of themselves. Although such people are masters of criticism, they themselves are not ready to hear a truthful opinion about themselves. This makes them very limited persons and prevents them from self-development. For fear of hearing something bad, unflattering, a person who is not self-sufficient does not open his mouth to his interlocutor.

Surprisingly, such people often occupy high positions in companies or are well-known politicians. More often than not, these people acquire such a bad character from the following set of circumstances:

  • High post / High position in society;
  • Lack of required competencies;
  • Inflated ego and the opinion that everyone owes they;
  • Broken self-esteem.

Let’s clarify the last point (what does broken self-esteem mean?). Paranoid critics misjudge themselves in society: on the one hand, their Ego tells them that they are successful and influential people, on the other hand, their assessment by society is exactly the opposite. And here there is a dissonance that disturbs their psyche and makes them unbalanced.

Of course, none of the paranoid critics will ever admit it to you, but it’s a fact most of their problems are related to broken self-esteem.

An even more complicated case: whiny critics. Unlike bossy paranoid critics, these people’s self-esteem is fully broken: they not only don’t like others, they don’t like themselves. When they devalue someone, they feel better, at least for a moment: it’s like a balm for the soul that someone could be worse. But the euphoria quickly passes, so they have to criticize someone again. And so on to infinity.

In interpersonal relations such person is very toxic. Often he takes the position of a manipulator, trying to subdue his partner and drag him down with him.

Alas, it is almost impossible to transform such critics into normal people – the chance is very small. It is easier to fire such person and find a new one. Such people are of no benefit to the collective and society, but the negativity emanating from their tongues very often destroys companies and communities from the inside.

The paradox: whiny critics are hostages of their own behavior. Criticizing everyone and everything, such people are unable to clearly assess the situation, to evaluate their perspectives. This is why it is very difficult for them to find their mission and become successful. It is easier for them to criticize someone else’s success than to achieve their own.

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