Psychologists: the fewer Instagram photos = the stronger love

Psychologists: the fewer Instagram photos = the stronger love

Many couples post pictures on social networks, not even realizing that their joint photos can be used to judge their relationship. Psychologists are convinced that pictures together are not just a tribute to modern fashion, but also a real way to find out if everything is good in tandem.

Psychologists have come to an interesting conclusion: the more photos a couple has together, the worse things are in real life.

Having analyzed the questionnaires of men and women, the specialists made the following conclusions. If a man was happy in a relationship, the percentage of photos with his beloved was not more than 10-15 percent of the total number of published photos. For women, the same figure was no more than 25 percent. Both men and women who were unhappy in their relationships had more than 70 percent of their published joint shots.

Why does this happen?

Experts in psychology are convinced that when a couple has a strained relationship, when one partner is not sure about the other, doubts about the future with the other half, then, by posting photos together, he kind of wants to find confirmation that he is wrong.

For example, when people like a photo on Instagram or write something like “What a beautiful couple”, “You’re so cool!” it’s like a balm for the soul. And immediately you think, “Maybe I’m really wrong? Maybe we really are cool?” And the person, looking at their pictures with their partner and reading the comments, sort of tries to convince themselves that everything is okay.

But people who are truly happy don’t need anyone to approve or disapprove of their union. They enjoy each other’s company, and they don’t need to post intimate photos of themselves kissing or cuddling.

Psychologists: the fewer Instagram photos = the stronger love

So what does all this mean?

If you’ve recently started posting a lot of photos with your partner, think about it: maybe something has stopped working for you in your relationship? Or if the other half suddenly began to actively take pictures with you for further publication of photos in social networks, this too should be taken into account. This is a red flag, signaling that some problems are ripe and they need to be solved before it’s too late.

Well, if you really are happy with your partner, you should post fewer photos together. After all, there are so many jealous people around, and happiness is known to love silence. And who knows what the people who write in the comments about how great you are really want you to be. Think about it and don’t let social media ruin your personal life.

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