What if you aren’t interested in anything and don’t want anything? 10 ways to spark interest in life

What if you aren’t interested in anything and don’t want anything? 10 ways to spark interest in life

Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon. And you are not the only person in the world who is not happy about anything and who sees life as gray. In fact, if you lose interest in life, you can immediately suspect depression. But sometimes that’s not the case at all. Bored to live in this world can be for a variety of reasons. By the way, psychologists and scientists believe that if you do not want anything, nothing will happen.

Why don’t you want anything?

  • It’s just fatigue. Indeed, some people do not have enough time to rest: only the race for results and no spiritual life. It takes a lot of energy, poisons life, and just doesn’t allow you to “take off”;
  • The feeling of your own uselessness. Two hundred years ago the classics told us about “superfluous people,” but there are plenty of them today. Yes, sometimes people don’t need each other, and it makes a mockery of the meaning of our existence and just kills self-esteem;
  • The “I must” attitude of life. If the principles of “I must”, “I have”, “I need to do” is the only that guide you in life, then over time you will turn into a “slave of own will”, pulling an excessive load. Perpetual debt will never bring you joy and can only be a “stone over your head”;
  • Lack of Purpose. It’s all clear: if you have no dreams and goals and nowhere to strive, it is unlikely that life will be colorful, fun and joyful;
  • Too ambitious goal. This is the opposite situation. If the goal seems unrealistic, this is sure to lead to depression;
  • Lack of communication. Yes, we are social people, so the lack of contact with people also leads to a deficit in the recognition of themselves as a being social;
  • One-sidedness and fixation on just one target. You can not be engaged only in one thing in your life, losing in the other. If only one side of life is developed, it will not pull all the others, because most of all we need harmony;
  • Monotonous existence. Nothing kills the interest in life like rolling patterns. Life is all about movement and growth, so if there is none, it turns into a “swamp”. Our inability to enjoy the little things is to blame. There is joy just in the moments and no need for daily fireworks at all!;
  • Constant blocking out negative feelings. If they are there, we are bound to walk away from them and block them out. But in doing so, the flow of negative emotions will also be blocked. If we have negative feelings about our family or ourselves, there won’t be much to be happy about.

What to do?

It should be said right away that there is no universal scheme that tells you what to do if you are not happy and do not want anything. There are many reasons for apathy and moping, so you have to look for the appropriate ways.

1. Start doing something

Labor improves us. Moreover, we become better person doing any job. It doesn’t matter if you work as a pizza deliveryman or a soloist at the opera.

The less work you have in your life, the more a state of idleness drags you down, the more gray and ordinary life becomes, and the more unhappy you are. You have to do interesting things in such a way that you get tired of them.It’s good if there are no pauses in your day (exercise > work > snow shoveling or yard cleaning > foreign language classes > helping the neighbors). You should wake up, start and act like a good car: family, work, hobbies, self-development… let your day be filled to the brim with different activities, not being monotonous.

2. Become a volunteer

Go to an orphanage, nursing home, take care of children or pets, or go to hospital. Talk to the residents, bring them things they need or sweets for the children, support and share your love and tenderness with them. You certainly have a lot of it, and when you realize that someone needs it, it’s uplifting.

3. Start training your body

There is a saying “A beautiful body always has a beautiful and positive spirit”.

So find a sport or activity that pleases you: fitness, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, dancing… If you have been involved in a sport for a long time, you can change it for a while and diversify your activity. Hiking and social dancing bring the most joy: Here you have movement, communication, and a sea of impressions.

4. Diversify the dullness of life with thrills

We all live by emotions. And life is designed in such a way that if you don’t do anything, you don’t get those emotions.

There are different ways to get a thrill. It can be going to the movies, visiting attractions, sporting events. You can also add spice to your life if you take up extreme sports.

5. Unblock your feelings

Here we mean not only positive feelings, but also negative feelings (those that we most often hide from ourselves).

To do this, you can go to a psychotherapist or try to look inside yourself. How to do this? Sit in a quiet room, shut the windows, turn off the TV. Just be alone with yourself. In this total peace, you should focus on your breathing and think about how you really feel about your loved ones (parents, children, your partner). Immerse yourself in those feelings and don’t be embarrassed by them. That way a lot of negativity will come out and your attitude toward your family and friends will change for the better. And at the same time your interest in life will return.

6. Laugh more often

Of course, in a state of apathy and drabness of life, people usually have no time for laughter. But you have to make an effort if you want to improve the situation.

What can you laugh at? So, at everything! Life is full of funny situations, people and their actions. Of course, everything is fine in moderation and making fun of the elderly people, pregnant women or man with guns is not a good idea.

See: you laughed at that last joke? It’s not hard, is it?

Laughter heals all ills. This has already been proven many times by various scientists and psychologists. Download a funny app (where you can warp photos of people), start watching stand-up comedians, start watching comedies. You can make a whole list of comedies you haven’t watched yet and watch one every day, you can read jokes or funny stories. You can peek and eavesdrop on funny things in the street, at work, on the bus. It works!

And you can also smile at everyone you see on the street and not be afraid of being thought of as strange. Someone will, and someone will smile back.

7. Create your own hanging out

People united by common interests always complement and amuse each other. Remember old friends, make acquaintances, organize interesting meetings, introduce people to each other, unite by a common interest or idea!

How to do it? It’s not hard. There are always hobby clubs in every neighborhood and yard: singing, dancing, chess, mafia games, poker and preference, handicrafts, etc. Share with people what is interesting to you and get energy from them. Just don’t go into yourself!

8. Find your living purpose

This is the most difficult point, but perhaps the most important. In fact, each of us has his “gift from God”, own talent, just in most cases it is buried “deep in the ground”.

Your task #1 is to find it. You have to remember what you were best at, what gave you joy, and start doing it again, and for as long as possible.

Finding your purpose in life is not an easy task. You can work with a therapist, or you can scroll back in life and remember when you were enjoying life, burning and seeing meaning in your existence. When did it stop? When did you turn from that path? Why did it happen? Find that moment and rewrite your life, starting with it.

9. Learn how to relax and meditate

The pace of modern life is very fast. And in the pursuit of their dreams, people often forget about many important things: their families, their self-development and their mission.

Therefore, being able to rest and meditate is an important and useful life skill. Stop, meditate, get out into the woods or the river, listen to the water and the fire, listen to the woods, the clean air and your soul. A trip to nature is a great cure for depression.

10. Reconsider your goals

Sometimes it happens that we are “running in the wrong direction.” This is usually due to the fact that we did not set goals for ourselves, but we choose it in influence of our relatives, bosses or friends.

Remember: You can’t cheat nature. And if you feel that what you are doing depresses you, then you need to reconsider your goals and choose goals that are right for you.

It also happens that the goal you set no longer inspires you. Then change it to a more serious task.

Of course, at first it will create dissonance inside you, maybe a feeling of inferiority. But it will “charge” your will well (because a difficult goal is a chance to grow and become better, to change, to move to a new step). Here it is important to walk in small steps, dividing your goal into several small steps. Step by step you will get closer to your dream! And becoming more and more inspired and happy!

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