7 reasons why you should develop your fortitude (strength of mind)

7 reasons why you should develop your fortitude (strength of mind)

Being strong means being able to manage our thoughts, behaviors and emotions. It is what allows us to stay on track with our goals and achieve success.

We all have strength of mind, it’s just that we have it developed in different ways: some people are stronger, others are less. Is it possible to develop fortitude? Yes, it can and should be done if you want to succeed in life.

Here’s what a strong fortitude will give you in life:

1. Strength of mind disarms your inner critic

No matter how ambitious your plans may be to run a marathon or double your income, at some point you are likely to experience uncertainty: Do I really need it, can I do it?

Self-doubt is natural for anyone striving to achieve something. But if your spirit is strong, it will be easier for you to defeat the nagging inner critic and you will be much more confident in your progress toward your goal.

2. Fortitude strengthens your motivation

We persevere toward our goal when we are truly motivated. However, our motivation is fickle and unstable, going from strength to weakness. Fortitude keeps you on track, even when the goal no longer seems inspiring. It gives you access to resources when you are exhausted, discouraged, and ready to give up on your ambitions.

3. Strength of mind helps to ignore uninvited advisers

Whether your opinion is important or you don’t agree with it, other people’s assessments can sometimes discourage you. Strength of spirit will help you distance yourself from both those who are unfairly critical of us and those who impose their inappropriate advice on you. You will stick to your values and not hesitate to make decisions you think are right, regardless of the feedback others give you.

4. Developed fortitude makes you more aware of your mistakes

To ignore your mistakes or, on the contrary, to repent of them is equally pointless. It only increases the chances that you will make them again. A strong person quietly accepts responsibility for his actions and is therefore able to learn from mistakes. Each lesson learned brings you one step closer to your goal.

5. It gives you the courage to face your fear

Stepping out of your comfort zone is always difficult, but with fortitude you will be able to face your fears. When you feel strong, you know you can overcome anxiety and move forward despite the stress.

6. Fortitude turns defeats into victories

Many people’s failures cause them to give up. A strong person knows how to rise after each fall and act even more effectively than before. Sufficiently high self-esteem helps such people not be afraid of ridicule, even with repeated failures, and failures become a springboard for successes.

7. Inner resilience allows you to better manage your emotions

The road to success in 99% of cases out of 100 is not smooth and straight. If you don’t know how to manage your emotions, it will be difficult to resist temptation and take calculated risks when necessary. It will take fortitude to keep your emotions from clouding your mind and leading you astray.

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