How to increase male health and libido with biohacking?

How to increase male health and libido with biohacking?

Biohacking helps to normalize male health. Let me explain with examples:

  1. Impotence. There can be many causes of erectile dysfunction and sometimes the problem is not even the treatment, but to understand what caused it. Most often it can be psychological problems, problems in the central nervous system, hormonal disorders, obesity, diabetes, injuries and so on. Most causes of impotence are prevented by leading a biohacking lifestyle (neurohacking, smart gadgets, biohacking diet, moderate physical activity, controlling vitamins, minerals, hormones…). That is, biohacking is not even about treating, but about reducing the likelihood of problems;
  2. Prostatitis. There are many reasons for its occurrence. The main ones: a sedentary lifestyle, psyche, a bad sex life, bad habits, infections, bad food… The solution is also the habits of biohackers, biohacker thinking, digitizing the body (allows you to find problems in time), etc.;
  3. Psychological male problems and complexes. The consequence of this can be a lack of communication with the opposite sex in heterosexuals, lack of motivation and energy, passivity, not satisfied with life and the manifestation of various diseases. Neurohacking with a scientifically proven approach (cognitive-behavioral therapy) can help to cope this problems.

By engaging in biohacking, or at least just healthy living, you are not guaranteeing yourself to be 100% free of health problems. However, you greatly reduce the likelihood of problems and improve your quality of life. Plus, you can greatly increase your libido and the quality of your sex life. Here’s how it works…

Top biohacking tips to increase libido and improve male potency

1. Eat more iron

Iron is needed to supply oxygen to the cells and reduced sex drive may be one of the symptoms of iron deficiency. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to add to your diet foods rich in iron, such as liver or beef, as well as raisins and beets to help you replenish iron reserves.

2. Eat fewer carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the main sources of energy for humans, but only when you consume them in moderation. Because when they become too much, you risk not only getting fat, but also facing a worsening sex life.

Among the most insidious foods that can damage your libido:

  • sodas (any kind);
  • sausages;
  • white bread;
  • fried potatoes.

We agree, all of the above are very tasty, and with these foods do not want to say goodbye at all. We suggest a compromise: eat them less often and in moderation. And replace white bread with bran bread or rye bread (believe me, they are not worse).

3. Watch your sugar

As with carbohydrates, too much sugar leads to weight gain, risk of diabetes, and problems with male potency.

Some scientists argue that our body has no particular need for sugar, but in the last century its consumption has increased 20-fold. The way out is to watch exactly what form you consume it in. Let it be less confectionery and more fruit (canned as well). And if you cannot live without chocolate, give preference to black chocolate: it is more natural and healthier than its other sweet brothers.

4. Get in the habit of using olive oil

We could just say it’s good for you, but you’ll probably want to know what it is. There are several reasons:

  1. First, olive oil helps the cardiovascular system, which means it improves blood circulation;
  2. Secondly, the oleic acid it contains helps the proper work of the liver, which is responsible for the processing of estrogen, an increased level of which negatively affects potency;
  3. And finally, olive oil was highly appreciated and constantly used by the ancient Greeks, who were famous all over the world not only for their intelligence and strength, but also for their fertility.

5. Drink the “right” teas

We all get thirsty from time to time. Above we have seen that sodas are bad for men’s health, just like alcoholic beverages. Therefore, to increase libido during the day is better to drink water, juice or tea. And the latter just might be your faithful assistant in improving men’s health.

The most useful scientists consider green tea, tea with mint and ginger tea.

6. Do exercises that help your potency

Sitting work is not only boring sometimes, but it’s always not good for the blood circulation in your penis. So men who work in an office should exercise not only because it’s cool, but also because it’s good for their potency.

Here, by the way, is a list of the most useful exercises for the cause:

  • 20-minute runs;
  • cycling;
  • squatting;
  • barbell exercises;
  • pelvic spins and lifts.

7. Take contrast showers

After physical exertion, a contrast shower not only washes off the sweat, but also relieves muscle tension. And at the same time it will also improve blood circulation (which is very useful for the work of the main male instrument).

So remember the formula: 30 seconds of hot water => 30 seconds of cold water. Ideally, you should repeat the temperature change 10 times.

8. Use smells to increase potency

Some essential oils can act as aphrodisiacs. Here’s a list of those that will help increase attraction:

  • grapefruit;
  • jasmine;
  • ylang ylang;
  • bergamot;
  • nutmeg;
  • patchouli.

9. Learn to relax and be calm

Tension, fatigue, physical and emotional stress are some of the biggest enemies to your potency. If at work there is a terrible rush or a crisis situation that you have not yet figured out how to solve, then problems in sex will be quite logical and natural.

So learn to relax, switch, calm down, and maybe even meditate, and then you will regain desire not only for sex, but also for life.

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