“I don’t want to live. What to do?”: 6 Steps to beat depression

“I don’t want to live. What to do?”: 6 Steps to beat depression

Shocks of fate, crushing failures and painful losses can accompany a person at any segment of life’s path. Sometimes it happens that the world loses its colors, hope disappears, the meaning of existence disappears. It is at such moments the desire to fight and continue to exist is lost. And many people begin to think, what to do if they don’t want to live at all?

In no case should you give up on life! You need to pull yourself together! Even in difficult moments you need to overcome your reluctance to live. Even when everything is against you, and it seems right to give up.

No matter what depressing and painful situations you were faced with at this point in your life. Remember: this is just a phase, and it will end. It’s important not to give in to the negative influence of the difficulties of destiny. Every day that passes brings something new, unexplored and interesting. Today the sky is black and there is a thunderstorm, but tomorrow the sky will sparkle with a variety of colors, reflected in the warm glow of the sun.

A similar thing happens in human existence. It is as if there is no way out of the pile of problems piled up today, but something happens tomorrow that solves all problems in one fell swoop. After all, everything can be repaired or fixed, only death is irreversible. Therefore, as long as man exists bodily, hope must invariably be kept alive in him.

What to do if you don’t want to live? Tips from a psychologist

In the first instance, it is advisable for the individual who is asking the question to try to understand the events that are occurring. The analysis of the situation contributes to making the right decision, planning specific strategic actions and helps to slightly distract oneself from depressing thoughts.

In addition, it is necessary to distinguish between depressed moods or banal ennui that fits within the boundaries of normality, from this depression. Depression and melancholy can be overcome on their own, but a depressive state needs professional correction.

If a person is faced with the question: “what to do if you don’t want to live anymore”, it is not necessary to chase such thoughts away, considering them shameful or unacceptable. The problem does not cease to exist and has a devastating effect if one pretends that it does not exist. It is precisely when the individual begins to consider the need for further existence that he is in such dire need of help.

It is not uncommon for the subject of decadent moods to be so ashamed and forbidden that the individual has to exist for years in a depressed state. Some cannot cope with the weight of their problems and find solace in the bottom of a bottle, while others write off their depression and apathy as fatigue from work, hiding their lack of aspirations behind their duties, justifying the absence of a normal intimate life with worldly problems.

Such a trivial existence can go on for a long period, until the individual realizes one day that he has long ceased to feel happiness. People in the daily pile of problems, the intense rhythm of life, the endless pursuit of imaginary values, lose their value orientations, lose their goals, and their understanding of the meaning of existence. They turn into robots, existing according to a program set by someone.

The mistake most human beings make is to think in patterns. Many do not follow their own path in life, but rather the path imposed by society, their social environment or their relatives. That is why work does not give pleasure (“I go to work like a slave, my husband became boring long ago, children became annoying”).

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to reconsider life goals, your own pastime, to understand what really brings pleasure, gives joy and lights up happiness.

When a person completely loses interest in his own being, loses social activity and becomes apathetic to everything, he needs to immediately visit a psychologist. If the individual has plunged into a whirlpool of emotions after a certain life situation, it is necessary to try to get out of such a state on their own. Because inaction will lead to fixation on the difficulties, which can plunge the subject into a depressive abyss.

The most common factor that causes homesickness is dwelling on a certain unpleasant event. A constant whirlpool of problems scrolling through the mind, having a silent internal conversation with a ghostly opponent, imagining the possible course of events, if a particular negative situation had not occurred.

With such thoughts, the individual drives himself deeper and deeper into despair. The impossibility of correcting what has happened, coupled with the passionate desire to change what is happening, will drive anyone to madness. Ending it now is the primary goal of a healthy psyche.

When everything is so bad and the only question that haunts you is “what to do if you don’t want to live anymore”, you need to think about creativity. And there is no need to limit your own person in creative self-realization.

Creativity is beneficial in its diversity of directions: musicianship, drawing, modeling, embroidery, dancing, knitting. Every kind of creative art brings with it a soothing effect. You can choose the most basic direction, let it be considered childish. The main condition is that the hobby gave joy and pleasure.

Art therapy promotes not only getting rid of a depressive mood, but can also reveal the propensity for a certain direction in which the individual himself or herself did not previously suspect. The creative process allows one to relax, forget about one’s sorrows, and learn new things.

A huge advantage of the described method is the opportunity to please your loved ones with new music, a book or a souvenir of their own making. And the happiness of a loved one will not leave anyone indifferent.

If the rhythm of life allows, then it is recommended to take a time-out. You can go on vacation or take a couple of days off, go to the homeland, in the mountains, to exclude all the noisy parties and devote this time exclusively to his own person, not allowing himself to be overloaded with problems.

Suppression of depression

If you are seriously considering not wanting to live, it may simply be a symptom of deep depression. Often a minor mood is combined with poor sleep and changes in appetite (a strong increase or decrease). Of course, if you cannot bring yourself to get up and do everyday things, ask loved ones to arrange for you to see a good therapist. However, except in very serious cases, depression should be treated without pills.

Below we will look at 6 steps from getting rid of depression:

First, if you are wondering about the means to suicide, I can tell you that the ways that work are excruciatingly painful. However, it is not the anguish before death that is more frightening, but the horrors that will await afterwards.

According to some church authorities, suicidal people endure suicidal suffering an infinite number of times. Suicide will not take away your pain; it will lead you to eternal imprisonment. There will be no prayers for you, God does not accept prayers for those who have rejected his gift of life. There can be no rest for the suicidal, only those who have suffered on earth and have not given up can find true rest. So tell yourself that suicide is not for you.

Second, you should try to get away for a while from the human world to the natural world. It is good to go camping with a tent for a few days. Or go somewhere in the mountains, in the woods.

Often depression is caused by the fact that a person is overloaded with communication and can not rest fully. Solve this problem can be solved by solitude in the bosom of nature. Often after a few days, when you hear the sound of running water, the sound of the forest, birds singing, you begin to look at the world in a different way.

So if you’re ask yourself: “What to do if you’re tired of living?” you just need to get away from the annoying factors for a while.

Third, try to give yourself maximum physical activity, to the point of exhaustion. Set a goal to run at least 20km – and meet the goal, after you do this, your biochemical state will change dramatically. You will want only to eat, drink and sleep. And the next day, when you get up in the morning, you will immediately feel a new state. And you have a chance to change your mood in this way.

By the way, depression is successfully treated with electroconvulsive therapy. Isn’t it better to give yourself a lot of stress without waiting until really strong measures are needed?

Fourth, do some housecleaning. Things that irritate and stress you out, just throw them away. This is a wonderful way to relieve depression. When you do not get unpleasant things, often change the perception of the world. Get rid of photos of the ex and his gifts, if you have at their sight spoils your mood. Your well-being is worth more.

Fifth, seek companionship with well-meaning people. But don’t drink alcohol! Because it intensifies depression, and only lifts the mood a little bit for people in a normal state.

Psychologists have noticed that drunken people have thoughts and questions like “I don’t want to live, what to do?” happens much more often and sharper, and more often ends in suicide. In addition, alcohol turns off the brain, and this is the only thing that can help you in a situation of depression. So you don’t have to saw off the bough you’re sitting on. If you don’t have loved ones you can confide in, call the helpline.

Sixth, look for what needs to change in your life. Maybe you’re living with the wrong person, going to the wrong college, and working at a job you hate. These daily stresses have turned into depression, and so the question “I don’t want to live. What to Do” sounds not like a question, but like a cry from the soul. Remember: until you change your circumstances, you will not feel better.

And one last piece of advice: to make your life more colorful, you need to learn to love yourself for who you are and love what you have. After all, when we are depressed, we look at the world narrowly and do not see much.

And don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Everyone has the right to make mistakes. Let your actions seem unreasonable to those close to you, but this is your life and only you are responsible for it. So follow your heart and look for new sources of inspiration.

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