Why are older men not interested in older women?

Why are older men not interested in older women?

This question worries many women over 40, 45 and so on. And the vast majority of women believe that the key reason for the attractiveness of younger women is a young and toned body, beautiful skin, the absence of wrinkles, beautiful hair and the like. I do not argue, this also has its place. But to a greater extent still attractive to men is something else.

The key reason is that it is easier for men to talk to young girls. If men talk to women 40 and older, it is not difficult to note that most of them talk mostly about their problems, the hardships of life, hard fate and bad men, difficulties with children, trouble at work, etc. Negativity comes out of them all the time, causing their interlocutors to react.

Unhappiness with their lives affects the adult woman’s ability to focus her attention on the positive, the joyful, the pleasant. Women after 40 seem to forget how to be genuinely surprised, happy and delighted. They become too predictable, too correct. It is difficult for them to spontaneously go somewhere to travel, for a walk, for an event… There are always many reasons that prevent giving in to the impulse to change their plans.

And it turns out that the once easy, kind, carefree, sincere girl with age turns into a boring, stingy on positive emotions and sincere feelings of a woman. And it acts repulsively on men. Many adult men who have experienced the excitement of love in their youth, in his memory hold the image of the name of the young girl, which was his wife many years ago. And they look for just such a feminine image.

Being himself immersed in cares and hardships, a man seeks in a woman the inspiration inherent in youth. He is in search of the energy that comes from a girl who is not bogged down in the difficulties of life. He is looking for openness in relationships and displays of feelings, when there is no mass of past experiences of disappointment and resentment against men. He is looking for excitement and bright emotions in response to attempts to please and surprise a woman with something. He is looking for cheerfulness and lust for life, openness to everything new, interesting, fascinating. He is looking for aspirations for achievements, for realization of plans for life and readiness to overcome difficulties.

In other words, in a young girl, an older man is looking for himself as he once was. He is looking for someone with whom he can feel the same as he did many years ago. She is also looking for a way to break out of a relationship with adult women with clouded eyes. And of course for a man is important to the beauty of his beloved.

The opinion of a man over 50

Why are older men not interested in older women? Hmm… I understand that a woman’s age or beauty for happiness in society is mostly of secondary importance. But… Young and pretty and old and not pretty are polar categories. And if a beautiful woman gives men the pleasure of vanity, then an ugly one gives no pleasure at all.

Although, I admit, there are exceptions.

My classmate somehow, back in high school, started dating the ugliest girl in the class. I don’t know how, but they have been together for 40 years and have had four children. He is an attractive and athletic man, plays the guitar, is engaged in boxing, has a grade in the sport. He is tall (182 cm) and blond guy. And she looks much worse than him: unsporting, flat, ugly elongated face, clumsy gait. But lo and behold, they have a family. And they live quite a long time.

But they had something that they won’t have now. They’ve been together since they were kids. It’s just that in this couple, he and she are already used to it, they’ve come to terms with it. It should be said that they are both fans of mountain hiking and have been hiking in the mountains together all their lives.

I had many times dates with women who were not young or beautiful. I behaved with them politely, delicately, always in a restaurant or a good cafe, entertained them. But I stopped the prospects of relations. I just gave a woman the evening off. That’s all.

Why? Now, when I’m over 50, I want more than just a home comfort. Because if a man has survived to his 50 years, the comfort and convenience he knows how to create itself. He has a house, money, a car, he knows how to cook, he has an interesting job. He is completely autonomous.

Women say that a woman can give a man warmth, compassion, understanding. And in exchange for what? And why a man needs understanding? He is an accomplished man, he knows how to cope with their difficulties.

Empathy? When a man has buried his parents and lost the woman he loved, why does he need empathy from an old and ugly woman? I understand if it were a wife or an old friend, but empathy from a unknown, strange woman… For what?

I also value my freedom. I know a lot of stories about men getting involved with ugly women and getting so attached to them that they practically disarm them. The men would let their guard down and then it would turn out that it was all their fault and that they owed something all the time.

My opinion is this: an unjuvenile and unattractive woman is aware of her flaws and it disables her perception of herself. Then she looks for someone to compensate on, to assert herself. Very rarely such women, having met the man of their dreams, go to the gym, take an interest in their health, get in shape.

Why doesn’t it make sense to build a relationship with unattractive and unjuvenile women when you’re over 50? Because it’s an invitation to neurosis. She will complain again about her illnesses, difficulties and problems. She will ask me again if she is beautiful, she will be jealous of everyone. She will again demand a lot, giving little in return. There will be no happiness there.

Of course, I am not claiming that my opinion is correct. There are as many people as there are opinions. Moreover, I respect and am friends with many older women. But I will never build a love relationship or marriage with them.

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