What books must you read to keep your mind sharp and heart good?

What books must you read to keep your mind sharp and heart good?

There are a great many different reasons why reading books is a must for every literate person, but they all boil down to one thing – it is the most powerful and fastest means of self-development.

A person who likes to read has a perfectly developed speech, he is able to express his thoughts beautifully and clearly, he has a well-developed imagination, but at the same time, logical thinking does not suffer. On the contrary, reading books develops it as well. In other words, everyone knows that it is necessary to read, but about what books must be read – arguments are endless.

Everybody is arguing. And ardent fans of reading, and those who read by necessity (and such people are quite a lot), scientists, teachers, adults and children. The reason for such heated discussions is the immense number of books that have been written during the existence of civilized mankind, and which are continuously being written now and will be written in the future.

In a huge sea of literature of all kinds and genres really can drown, so there is a question of what books everyone should read. It would seem that what is the problem?

But the problem is. There is a developed school list of required reading literature, which includes the best and most highly artistic, “correct” for the harmonious development of personality books. However, these lists are made by some people for others, which means a certain subjectivity is already present. In addition, on the fact what books will be included in the list, affects the political system, the general mentality, the level of tolerance of society.

On top of that, every person has his or her own individual taste and needs, which means that the question: “What books must be read?”, will be asked regardless of the completeness of the school literature list. A precise answer to this question is very difficult to find. Of course, this list must include works of classical and modern, prose and poetry, fiction and historical, adult and children’s.

Various book selection surveys and numerous review sites are offered as an aid to finding remarkable and meaningful books. Participants in such surveys name several works that have had a strong influence on their lives, and the organizers make their own, alternate list of books they think should be read from the most repetitive ones.

This book selection tactic can be considered a good one. However, this representative sampling depends on the target audience of the respondents. For example, if the question is asked on a resource that has an Orthodox bias, the top ten will include the Bible, books of the New Testament, stories about the deeds of the saints. If the poll is conducted among teenagers, however, it is possible that the best and must-have books would include Harry Potter or the vampire saga by Stephenie Meyer.

So, before you ask the question about what books must read, you need to decide the purpose of the selection of books: for their own development (professional, general, moral), to find ready-made answers, as entertainment or for something consonant with their feelings and sensations.

As for us, we take the liberty of presenting the following selection of books for you in this article.

The best kind and cozy books that will save you from a bad mood

The star-crossed sisters of Tuscany by Lori Nelson Spielman

For two hundred years a curse has been hanging over the little sisters of a large family from Tuscany: they will never know love, never marry… Emilia is quite happy with her lonely life, devoted entirely to family, and Lucy dreams of getting married, and in every guy sees a potential groom.

But then Aunt Poppy bursts into their lives with a startling proposal: she asks to accompany her back home to Italy, where on her eightieth birthday she must meet her first and only love and thus break the curse once and for all. And the girls set off on their journey, not even realizing that their lives will change abruptly…

Buy this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RM85CNM/

A dog’s purpose: A novel for humans by W. Bruce Cameron

Every dog has a Destination. And until the dog fulfills it, he will be born another puppy, time after time.

Such a heartfelt story that it’s hard to hold back tears. Toby, Bailey, Ellie, and Baby are different dogs, but… They are the same dog! Different breeds, different fates… And all for one purpose only: to help, save, and for a lifetime (no, several lifetimes!) love one truly precious person – his boy Ethan.

This book is recommended for all people who love animals.

Buy this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003OUXE7Y/

The bookshop on the corner by Jenny Colgan

A summer cozy and kind book for girls who love books and romantic stories.

Despite her shyness, Nina Redmond is obsessed with a genuine, all-consuming passion. She loves books – and, of course, readers, because Nina works in one of Birmingham’s old libraries. But the library is closing.

And then she realizes that more than anything, she’d like to open a small bookstore! And she decides to take a desperate step: go to Scotland, where the ad sold an old van, buys it and adapts it for a mobile bookstore. The heroine has to overcome her fears, make friends with the people of the small town and believe in their own strength.

Buy this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019WVTM4W/

Blackberry wine by Joanne Harris

Wine can work wonders and create new worlds. Jay Mackintosh, a writer who does not write, hopelessly stuck in the past, finds six bottles of homemade wine, miraculously preserved from his childhood, which he recalls with acute nostalgia, pleasure, and bitterness. The eccentric old gardener who turned Jay’s life upside down forever and then disappeared without a trace, created a wine that turns lives upside down.

The search for himself, his place in the world, his lost talent drives Jay away from London to France, where he finds what seemed to be forever lost. Joanne Harris’s peerless novel, “Blackberry wine”, is about feelings and sensuality, about wines and wine, about truth, friendship and magic, about amateur alchemy.

Buy this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blackberry-Wine-Joanne-Harris/dp/0552998001

Welcome to the world, Baby girl! by Fannie Flagg

Once upon a time, in the tiny, cozy town of Elmwood Springs, there lived a little adorable girl everyone called Baby Girl. But one day Baby had to leave town urgently along with her mother, and the reasons for their flight remain unclear.

After almost thirty years, the beautiful and clever Dena is making a meteoric career in television, a little more, and she will become the female face of all American TV. But behind the brilliant career and resounding success is still the same scared girl, nicknamed Baby, and the tragic secrets of the past still do not give her peace.

Buy this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004JHYR36/

The tea house on Mulberry street by Sharon Owens

A wonderful Christmas story for the soul, when one does not want a serious book, and the only wish is to rest the heart and get a lost, unique sense of the approaching miracle.

This magical story, designed to be a real antidepressant, is saturated with the smells of appetizing baked goods, dotted with atmospheric Christmas lights and felt with the romantic emotions of the main characters.

Buy this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tea-House-Mulberry-Street/dp/0399152652/

Still me by Jojo Moyes

Louise Clark is ready to start a new life. She arrives in New York and finds herself in another world, in a strange house full of secrets.

Dreams are shattered by harsh reality, but the girl, with her sense of humor, is not discouraged. She knows how many miles it is from her home in New York to London, where her new boyfriend Sam lives. She knows that her boss is a good man and that his wife has secrets of her own.

But what Lou doesn’t know is that she is about to meet Josh, who will turn her life upside down. Simply because Josh is so much like the man who once hurt her. And whatever decision Lou makes will change everything. Lou firmly knows that sooner or later she will find a way to find herself. And she’s also sure to get the answer to the question: who does she really love?

This novel teaches you that you should always be yourself, who you are, be brave and go forward, despite the various difficulties. This is a book about finding yourself and your place in this world.

Buy this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073YTMMQS/

The girl who chased the moon by Sarah Addison Allen

Magic came to the quiet American town of Mallaby centuries ago and has since become its rightful, though invisible, master. For many years now, night lights have walked unasked on the neighbors’ lawns, wallpaper changes pattern to suit the owner’s mood, and the sweet smell of baked goods binds lovers together in a barely perceptible thread.

Residents of the city have long been accustomed to miracles. Except that no one warned Emily, who had come to her mother’s hometown to unravel the mysteries of the past… Small town, mystery, love – everything is present here. A magical and beautiful fairy tale story that makes you feel so cozy and light at heart that there aren’t enough words to describe it all. A wonderful, kind, warm, absolutely wonderful book.

Buy this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001NLL784/

Klara and the sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

In the not-too-distant future there are families, education has become completely distant, and socialization is referred to as rare peer meetings that look like boring ceremonies. Artificial intelligence does almost all the hard work, and children have to be “boosted” – subjected to genetic editing that can increase their chances of obtaining in-demand professions – in order to get something in the labor market in the future.

Some children after “forcing” have complications – illnesses of an incomprehensible nature from which the child may die. Clara is bought precisely for a girl with complications after “forcing”. A thought-provoking book about what makes a person human. What does it feel like to love? And is it possible to be human if you’re not quite human?

Buy this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08B7V6CQ8/

That’s all, dear friends. Read good books and be happy!

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