If you want to become a better version of yourself, avoid these 5 actions

If you want to become a better version of yourself, avoid these 5 actions

At some point in our lives we realize that the dizzying speed of the world has so taken us over that we have lost clarity of mind. Stress, bad habits, lack of sleep – all these things hinder our development. We suddenly notice that we have lost touch with ourselves. Listening more and more to someone else, trying to please, living someone else’s life more and more, we are losing ourselves.

And then a person begins to think about the meaning of life, about himself, about his self-development. The way to self-knowledge is often blocked by negative thoughts and bad habits. In this article I will try to help you get back to yourself by throwing off habitual patterns of behavior and beliefs.

1. Slipping from Reality

People often tend to forget the real circumstances they have to face on a daily basis. Instead, one looks for solutions in past success stories or in an uncertain future. The soul needs an appropriate spiritual awakening in relation to reality. Learn to follow the motto “Carpe Diem” (catch the moment).

2. Condemning yourself

Self-knowledge often comes with the preconceived notion that we must be extremely hard on ourselves when things go wrong. Otherwise, everything is useless and this road will get us nowhere. Only strict control, constant monitoring of our thoughts, actions, experiences. But this does not work. Sharp criticism is not the answer.

Learn to take the initiative and calmly find a solution. Do not strive for perfection and do not belittle yourself, your strengths, if you can not achieve something. Find happiness in the small details. Find happiness in yourself.

3. Guilty feeling

You should never feel guilty about not conforming to someone else’s requirements or desires. In the process of self-discovery, your personality can change dramatically, some will like it and some will not. Don’t feel guilty if someone is unhappy with your lifestyle. Do whatever you want, because it’s your life.

4. Comparing oneself to others

Everyone has their own timeline for life. Everything happens to us when it has to happen. So stop comparing your life to others and look only at yourself, your successes and accomplishments. If you learn to be truly happy in your life, in the end, it is that sense of fulfillment that will matter.

5. Suppression of emotions

Suppressing emotions is very harmful. It is through pure emotion that you will discover what your soul craves. Don’t trap your emotions just to conform to a world that is already full of unsatisfied souls. Express your feelings: in front of family, friends, and sometimes even in front of the mirror.

Just be yourself, that’s the most valuable thing. Then self-discovery will be easy and simple, you will discover an amazing world. The world that has always been inside you, but you tried so hard to escape from it. Learn from your mistakes, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and this is the only way you will become the best version of yourself.

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