What to do if I feel crazy?

What to do if I feel crazy?

From time to time, any person (even perfectly healthy) mentally begins to suspect that he or she has a mental disorder. Especially if he/she get in own hands on a brochure about mental illness. The person immediately finds all sorts of symptoms and simply labels himself as “crazy”. Horrified by findings, the person begins to torment the search engines with the desperate question: “What to do if I feel crazy”, or “What diseases are there and how do I treat them?”.

Let’s face it: the symptoms of insanity are very, very vague. And doctors can basically give such a diagnosis to almost any person if he or she is in an inadequate state. Most of the diagnosed illnesses belong to borderline conditions, and are dealt with by the so-called “minor psychiatry”. After a single, safely treated episode, a person often forgets their way to a therapist’s office for life.

Often when confronted with the unusual in their own psyche, people don’t know what to do. They ask themselves: “If I’m crazy, how will people treat me?”. They begin to torture themselves with speculation. Fortunately, not everything that seems abnormal to you is really abnormal. All of us can have strange habits and unusual thoughts. And the more creative and interesting a person is, the more often they think that maybe there is something wrong with them.

If we’re talking about the serious illnesses, schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder are most often diagnosed in crazy people. Let’s talk briefly about what these diseases are and whether you should be wary and think: “What to do if I feel crazy”.

What is schizophrenia?

In simple terms, schizophrenia is the inability to distinguish between fiction and reality, often accompanied by hallucinations. Most hallucinations are auditory, that is, voices that other people cannot hear speak to the person. Most often these are male voices.

A person with schizophrenia is not always able to distinguish his hallucinations from what is really going on. However, as a rule, the same voice is talking to him, so over time, the sufferer can learn to be critical about what he sees and hears.

A good insight into schizophrenia is provided by the movie “Mind Games”. We recommend to watch it. We won’t go into spoilers, let’s just say that schizophrenics can be very talented and productive, the main thing is to learn self-control.

What should you do if you feel these symptoms?

If you suspect you have this illness, but it does not cause you to become violent or suicidal, try to see a psychiatrist. But do it unofficially. Why? Because going officially will drastically decrease your chances of having a driver’s license, working in many professions and carrying a gun.

Remember also that psychiatrists can make mistakes, and most medications for schizophrenia have very strong side effects (except atypical neuroleptics, but these are quite expensive). So don’t jump to conclusions, study yourself, maybe the voices in your head are just consequences of trauma or stress and they will pass soon.

What is bipolar affective disorder?

It is also called “bipolar”. It manifests itself in two opposite states:

  • depression;
  • and hypomania (mania).

In this disease, the world is painted in dark colors against a background of sleep and appetite disorders. And very often a person does not understand the motives of his actions, can suffer forgetfulness and absent-mindedness.

What to do?

It is possible to treat and fight bipolar disorder, but it is necessary to keep in mind that disturbed biochemical processes in the nervous system can negate all efforts.

You need to force yourself to take the first steps to overcome depression. You can switch to a fruit diet (fruit improves your mood) and add at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Then you need to see a psychologist (not a psychiatrist!) and make a drug treatment plan.

With the treatment of hypomania and mania everything is a bit more complicated: at such a course of bipolar the person is very active, hardly ever sleeps, starts many things and does not finish, gives the impression of being too active, but things do not get done as they should. The person himself in this state rarely asks for help.

Therefore, if a loved one tells you that you do not sleep much and are too excited, be sure to go straight to the doctor-psychiatrist. The fact is that by being in such a dangerous state, you risk undermining your reputation in the community and the city, which could ruin your life.


In conclusion, let us note that the question “What to do if I feel crazy?” arises in the minds of many people, and often it is just a fear. But if you fear that you are really sick, we advise you to begin to study information about mental illness, especially since there is now a lot of it on the Internet.

Often the timely knowledge about your illness allows you to avoid tragic mistakes. Awareness of mental illness will help you to appreciate life in a new way. With most illnesses, the disease does not flow continuously, but is an alternation of severe and normal states. And often a person is in a normal state for most of his life. So mental illness is not a verdict.

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