How to deal with bad news?

How to deal with bad news?

Each of us periodically encounters bad news. Sometimes it’s so bad that you can’t believe whether it’s true or a bad dream. No one is immune to bad news, but you can learn to deal with its consequences.

So the bad news rings on the phone, arrives by e-mail, or even knocks on the door. Everyone’s reaction is different, but if you haven’t learned zen, it’s likely to be panic. Follow the advice and a solution will be found. At least it won’t get worse.

1. Step away from the keyboard!

The first reaction to stress is to share with others so you don’t have to go through the crisis alone.

In any case, the Internet is not the best place to capture your hysterical reaction to problems. You will think that the only right words, chosen at the peak of stress, are important, but in fact, posting them on Twitter or Facebook can make a mess and then greatly regret it.

2. Don’t decide anything

There are times when problems require an immediate response – in that case willy-nilly have to move. But if this is not your case, postpone the decision for at least a day, or even better, sleep.

In any unclear, hopeless situation, it is better not to make hasty decisions. Think it over, and sleep better. While you sleep, your brain will process the information and find an emotionally acceptable solution for you. In any case, decisions made in a state of affect are rarely the right ones.

3. Spit out your feelings

Sometimes the best way out is just to scream. Lock yourself in a soundproof room, ask loved ones to ignore you, or run out into the field and pour out whatever is raging inside. This is not the time to force yourself to be positive if you have a storm of emotions raging inside you. You need to get rid of them, and only then motivate yourself to “everything will be okay”.

You can burst into tears or yell. The main thing is not to hurt yourself or others. After this thrashing, you can begin to solve problems with a clear head and a clear mind.

4. Take time for a reassessment

If bad news is throwing you off balance, it’s time to think about whether you’re moving in the right direction. Maybe your goals aren’t really that important, and the path you took was a mistake.

If you’re surprised to find that your goal isn’t worth the frustration, you’ll calm down faster. If you are still convinced that the game is worth playing for, this reassessment will strengthen your resolve to keep going and not give up.

5. Slow down

The bad news reminds us that we don’t know how things will turn out at any given moment, and they might. Then we feel like problems are out of control and have grown too big to manage.

If you feel this weight gradually pushing you into the ground, just slow down or take a step back. Start with how it all happened and gradually move to the one right step. Just think about what needs to be done first, what would be the right thing to do right now.

Have you made up your mind? Then keep going, building up the pace step by step. Eventually, you’ll find your way out of a hopeless situation.

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