How do affirmations for love works?

How do affirmations for love works?

Without love, our world would probably not exist. It is reflected in everything around us. And no one can make us happy if not ourselves. In order to attract love in your life, so that it will always reign in it, and a beloved person will appear near you, you must understand one simple truth: you must love yourself and everything around, give warmth to everything that surrounds us and regularly pronounce affirmations for love.

At first glance, it seems that what can be easier than loving yourself? But in fact it seems quite different. Many people have real pests living in their heads, which do not allow love to penetrate into our lives.

So what could be the problem? Do you ask yourself these words?

  • “No one needs me”;
  • “It’s not for me”;
  • “I’m not handsome”;
  • “I’m not pretty”;
  • “I’m too fat”.

These and other similar phrases are the affirmations for love. Only they work negatively, not positively. They discourage that magical feeling.

What you need to do is to change your affirmations for love into positive ones. We know, it’s not easy. But once you realize that your life belongs only to you and that you need to love yourself, no matter what you are, you will understand the main law of life:

You have to love yourself for who you are.

If you have any flaws in appearance, you have to understand that this is how nature has created you, you are individual. And why do you think that these are flaws? You’re probably the only one who thinks so. Remember “As you call the ship, so it sails”. As well as here, as you perceive yourself, then so will perceive you others.

If you are tormented by thoughts about extra kilos, about the imperfection of your figure, then just deal with it. Give yourself 15-20 minutes a day for the simplest and easiest exercises, throw out of your diet unhealthy foods (fatty, spicy, cut down on the sweet). This does not mean that you have to go on a diet, do not torture yourself. Just eat more vegetables, fruits and cereals, in whatever quantity you want. You will be satiated, and the result will see for yourself when you suddenly find that the needle on the scale has dropped significantly.

But if you’re still having trouble loving yourself, let’s do a little training that will help with that. Say these affirmations for love out loud regularly and your life will be transformed.

Affirmations to attract love

  1. “I am a wonderful manifestation of life, and I love myself”;
  2. “I love myself the way I am”;
  3. “I make the people around me happy, and people are happy to see me”;
  4. “Everything I do is very good. The way I look is just beautiful and brilliant”;
  5. “I am the truest perfection in every way”;
  6. “I love myself and I love my life”;
  7. “I am absolutely confident in my own attractiveness and brilliance”;
  8. “I am the truest source of love, happiness and joy”;
  9. “I deserve only the best in life”;
  10. “The presence of love is the norm of my life”;
  11. “I am overwhelmed with the energy of love. I am surrounded by love. I like to love and I let love into my life”.

You can come up with something interesting of your own, but the main thing is that it should be only positive attitudes, and only in the present tense. Only then will this affirmation really work.

Bringing love into your home

I also advise you to know more about how to attract love according to Feng Shui. Your home says a lot, it can also tell you everything about your lifestyle. Remember that it should be something clean, beautiful, where you would like to come back again and again.

First of all, clear away all the debris, do a thorough cleaning, go through all the things to the smallest detail and throw out or give away everything that you do not need. And such words as “will come in handy later” or “for a rainy day” should not sound in your house at all. No need to wait for a “rainy day”, let there will be only good days ahead of you.

And remember, the more you give, the more you get. But that does not mean that you have to get rid of everything, just be reasonable. Determine where in your apartment, house or room is the southwest. This sector is the zone of love and marriage.

The key element of this zone is the earth; the colors are terracotta and red. There should be a lot of red. Ideal is to place here a picture of a couple in love (but by no means a single person!) and always happy (no sad thoughts or images), as well as two red candles in beautiful candlesticks. All the symbols of love will be appropriate in this zone, but only in pairs: red pads, hearts, two vases and so on.

This magic feeling will not keep you waiting long, it will come into your life, and if it already exists, it will become stronger and will penetrate with new strength.

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