Why is it better not to swear? How to stop swearing?

Why is it better not to swear? How to stop swearing?

Swear words have become a part of our communication. But what is even worse: they are increasingly used in music, TV shows, movies, and, of course, in social networks.

That would be okay, but the use of foul language in communication is directly proportional to the development of person. Yes, yes, whether you like it or not, but scientists have found that successful people certainly use foul language in their lexicon, but they do it very rarely and for a tough reason. What can not be said about the lower strata of the population, where they swear all over the place and almost every word. So if you want to succeed in life you must either stop using foul language or learn to control yourself.

Here are a few more reasons to stop swearing:

  1. You can’t be a successful blogger or opinion leader. Yes, of course, there are exceptions, but they are no more than 0.2-0.3%. All serious bloggers, influencers and opinion leaders today are watching for purity of their speech. Obscene words and expressions are prohibited for use in print media, mass media and public places;
  2. You cannot make friends in leadership. Most corporations are critical of employees who use foul language. Building a career with such a reputation will be extremely problematic;
  3. You may go to jail. Some countries do not allow the use of profanity in communication, because that words have a derogatory meaning and cause a gross insult to the person, for which there is criminal liability.

So as you see, there are many reasons to stop swearing and it’s worth thinking about it.

Why do people use foul language?

Basically, with the help of swear they express their emotions more expressively, demonstrating the wretchedness of their own lexicon. The younger generation uses foul language, trying to prove that they are no longer children.

Both reasons are not worthy of an intelligent person. So if in your speech slips foul words and other bad words-parasites, try to use these tips to stop swearing.

How to learn to stop swearing?

First, it is necessary to realize that the use of swear words causes real harm. According to one version of scientists, people began to swear in order to put a curse on a person. You should understand that the word is material, and the negativity that you send out with foul language will return to you by a boomerang rule.

So, it’s not okay to swear. But how to learn to stop doing it? There are three ways:

Method one

If foul language means for you to relieve emotional stress or to release the accumulated bad energy, then everything is quite simple – try to be less nervous, and in the inevitable cases control your speech, replacing the swear word with a similar sounding one, but not with foul language.

Try to replace foul language with something similar, but harmless, or with some nonsense from an anecdote. But do it temporary. Ideally, you should get rid of words that pollute your speech altogether.

Method two

The essence of this method is self-punishment. Since the use of unprintable expressions by the norms of society is a misdemeanor, it means that punishment (physical or moral) must follow.

For example, after swearing, you may give yourself a flick or a painful pinch. Or put a rubber band on your hand, and after each swear word, pull it away and then sharply release it, striking a blow. Over time, in the mind the utterance of foul words will become associated with painful sensations.

Substitution of one emotion for another may also be used as a moral punishment. That is, when you really wants to swear, you stretches one’s lips in a wide smile. This method has two positive aspects: on the one hand, a person feels awkward for a stupid and inappropriate smile, and on the other hand, he learns to switch emotions.

Method three

In order to make foul language disappear from your lexicon, you need to exclude from your circle of communication people who constantly swear. Yes, sometimes it is impossible to do (if they are close people or bosses), but as experience shows most often it is enough to exclude a few “not-a-lot useful” acquaintances from your surroundings and your speech will be cleaner again.

That’s all. These are the basic three methods to stop swearing. You can use one or all of them at once. But remember: any method is good when you really want to not swear anymore.

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