Development of extrasensory abilities

Development of extrasensory abilities

The modern television is filled with many programs related to supernatural people, and it is this that begs the questions of many viewers:

  • Is it possible to develop a sixth sense, or is the gift given from above?
  • Are there exercises for developing extrasensory abilities?
  • How to discern a extrasensory person in yourself?
  • How to determine extrasensory abilities?

Let’s try to understand such complex issues.

How do these abilities come about?

A psychic is a extrasensory individual with super-sensitivity. All people receive information from the world around them with the help of logical reasoning and, of course, the senses. For some people, information arises in their head by itself. It is these people who are called psychics or extrasensors.

Almost everyone can become a psychic, it is only necessary to put maximum effort to their desire. In today’s world, there are many different books and training manuals aimed at the development of extrasensory abilities. What exactly does one need to do in order to learn extrasensory skills and to develop in oneself unusual abilities?

To begin with, it is necessary to understand exactly what kind of information can be generated in the brain. It may be of the nature of pictures, all sorts of visions, some claim to hear otherworldly voices, and even smell. And sometimes it happens that a person is just sure that this is it, this phenomenon can be called self-awareness.

It is necessary to make a clear distinction and not to confuse extrasensory phenomena with hallucinations or unbridled imagination. Any information that has arisen in your brain must not be fictitious, but only authentic.

All people have a psychic sense from birth, but it should be developed. If this is not done, it will gradually disappear under the influence of other (for example, logical abilities). In order to develop the extrasensory abilities and explore your super-sense, here are some tips and recommendations that will undoubtedly help to discern a psychic in yourself!

Developing extra-sensory abilities: a charge of energy

In order to reveal your extrasensory abilities, you need to learn how to relax and energize to the maximum. To begin with, yoga can be a great way to get rid of negative emotions and thoughts.

The best way to get an energy boost is to use the Earth and the Sun. When taking their energy, one has to imagine clearly how it is happening, feel how it spreads through the body.

Developing psychic powers: filling the vessel of wishes

To manage your life and fulfill your cherished desires is also possible by another method:

  1. For this purpose, it is necessary to draw a circle and divide it into equal 8 parts;
  2. In each of these parts, write one wish, sign your name, date and 2 phrases: “To nobody causing no harm” and “From the higher source”;
  3. Close your eyes, say aloud your wishes which you wrote down in your vessel of wishes. Then repeat the exercise several times for 5-10 minutes;
  4. At the end of the ritual, ask that the Higher Consciousness help you and push you to fulfill your desires.

When you have hidden your vessel of desires, don’t forget as often as possible to read out loud all that you wrote down in it. If you have not enough time, you will be able to make a decision, and if you have not enough time, you will be able to make a decision, and your wish will begin to be fulfilled.

Developing extrasensory abilities: a dream diary

If you want to develop psychic perceptions in yourself, be prepared for the fact that it requires effort and practice. If you are a beginner, it is best to start by analyzing your dreams.

Do it this way:

  1. Make a diary and put it next to your bed, along with a pencil;
  2. Every morning, write down in it all your dreams. You should not think about the meaning of your dreams and analyze them yet. Just describe it;
  3. After one week of recording, make a second diary, in which you should carefully write down what came true and what didn’t come true from your dreams. After 2 weeks of notes, analyze and summarize collected data. Here you can use a dream interpreter (they can be found on the Internet).

How will this method awaken the psychic in you? It is very simple – dreams are the source #1 where many people discover their extrasensory abilities. For psychic training, it is undoubtedly necessary to read a lot of specific literature and, if possible, to take some tests in order to identify your psychic profile. But still when you feel that your thoughts are able to materialize, that you can predict a lot of things, you should think about the direction in which to direct your psychic abilities.

Then you can develop and improve these abilities, use them to improve your life. Of course, it is necessary to be careful, listening to your sixth sense, and not to forget about morals, values and honesty.

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