Affirmations for Success: What are they?

Affirmations for Success: What are they?

The human nature can never be satisfied with its present state. A person always wants something more! Even though the various stories in classical literature warn us against limitless and unfulfilled desires, we should not take her morals verbatim. After all, each character had his own time and his own relative opportunities.

Today it is practically proven that dreaming is not harmful, but even very useful. And not only mentally, but also by expressing your desires aloud.

By the way, water is a great affirmation method. The words said aloud to water change its crystal lattice. It seems to absorb your wishes! And since people themselves are mostly composed of liquid, it is no wonder that liquids play the main and leading role in our life. Isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday toast, spoken aloud with a glass of wine in your hand, reminding you of affirmations for success? And the way babies are baptized with water in churches? Here is a eureka from the past!

But what are affirmations for success, for love, for luck? What is this strange word and what is behind it? It is just the expressed desires in the form of an affirmation, speaking aloud. They can be addressed to objects or people.

Take water, for example. If you make affirmations of water every day (best in the morning or evening) and keep this charged water in a beautiful jug, you are likely to become more successful. Yes, it’s not proven by scientists, but it’s proven by practice and numerous branches on forums where people share their experiences. There they say that it is enough to say on the water at least 10 expressions aimed at improving the quality of your present life a day, followed by a sip of water, and it will be enough for your destiny to begin to change for the better.

The effect of the liquid combined with the mirror reflection is even stronger. It is difficult to explain the effect of mirrors on human destiny, and no one here aims to do so. It is more important now to understand the practical ways how one can use affirmations for success with the greatest effect.

How does it work?

  1. First, choose a “magic day of the week” – exactly on this day each week it will be necessary to make a ritual of attraction of success. Prepare a vessel and prepare water;
  2. With a filled transparent vessel it is necessary to stand in front of a mirror and, looking at your reflection through the liquid, mentally or aloud say several times your innermost dream. In this case, it is not necessary to overload the ritual with many desires, it is enough to express one;
  3. Then you should slowly drink the charged liquid, also continuing to look through the vessel at yourself.

Accordingly to practitioners of this techniques on forums, this ritual is extremely powerful. It is enough to perform it practically 2-3 times and the desired becomes true!

The main thing in making the best changes is the right attitude. But how do you set yourself up for success? Elementary! You just need to get rid of all bad thoughts, stop “complaining” aloud and to yourself, and on the contrary, live with the expectation of only good things.

Remember that fear of poverty attracts only poverty, fear of disease – brings this disease, the horror of the accident projects this case into reality. So set yourself up properly. Be optimistic!

The following is an example of how to overcome this negative attitude, which has been embedded in human psychology for several generations, by affirmations for success. They should be repeated several times a day:

  • “I’m successful and I’m talented”;
  • “Everyone loves me because I am interesting person and pleasant to talk to”;
  • “I make a career not quickly, but consciously”;
  • “The money flows to me. Maybe it is not a big flow yet, but only for now”;
  • “I easily spend money on things that benefit me, because I know they will return to me a hundred times more”;
  • “I’m not afraid of change and problems, because this is how I grow as a person”.

These and other similar phrases have a powerful motivating effect. They will help you radically change both your outlook on life and yourself and your destiny.

If a person with all his soul tunes in to better changes in his life, this attitude begins to affect his entire behavior. His attitudes and his psychology change. This is no longer a person cornered by poverty and failure, but a person who has a stable psychology of a successful person. And this “percolates” now in absolutely all of his appearance and way of life, from his home environment and behavior while choosing purchases, to his gait and words.

For example, a successful person never keeps things he doesn’t use. And a successful person will just as easily part with all of his past junk! And if it is still difficult for him to take items to the trash that can be used, an excellent solution would be to decide to give these things away to low-income families.

Another example. When making a purchase in a store, a person who has decided to become successful and rich will choose not by price (cheaper), as it was before, but only on the basis of the quality of the product. He will remember that the greedy always end up overpaying!

And a huge role in the transformation of a person, of course, is played by the gait, appearance, words of a really successful and successful in the future citizen. Broadly-spread shoulders, a high chin, a smile on the lips and an open mind immediately give away a strong character. It is pleasant to communicate and work with such people. Success chooses such people by itself.

The luck does not like tears and requests, humiliated pleas do not attract it. So let’s rejoice every day of our life, expecting every second to improve it!

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