Women’s psychology for men: behavioral specifics, interesting facts

Women’s psychology for men: behavioral specifics, interesting facts

There are many jokes about female logic. So why are there such jokes? The fact is that many men simply do not understand female psychology. Different vision of the world, different brain device does not give two people of the opposite sex fully understand each other.

And so that you are not offended by your other half, read the article. It will shed light on the secrets of female psychology.

Communicating with innuendo

Girls like to speak in riddles. It seems to them that in this way their speech will seem more mysterious, and everything unknowable attracts the men.

This is partly true. But sometimes girls overdo it in their desire to “cast a cloud”. Transparent hints about a gift for birthday may be completely misunderstood by the guy. And the desire to go on a weekend in the countryside, phrased as follows: “I would like to escape from this noisy city”, the man may understand as an intention to leave the metropolis forever.

So if you do not want to break your head every day to solve the puzzles of his beloved, try to establish a normal conversation with her. Explain to the girl that she may not be afraid to express her desires in clearly formed sentences without throwing a veil of mystery over them. This way it will be easier for both partners, misunderstanding and miscommunication will disappear between them.

Women's psychology for men: behavioral specifics, interesting facts

“It’s all my fault”

Another peculiarity of female psychology is a love of self-abuse. It is characteristic not only of those women who suffer from low self-esteem. Even self-confident young ladies can blame themselves for all the troubles of his family.

For example, the guy may complain that he was in a bad mood today. The woman would immediately think that this is him so subtly trying to hint that she ruined everything. Yes, this kind of self-twisting is peculiar to almost everyone. The girl will come up with, offended first by her surroundings, then by circumstances, and eventually by herself.

How to break this vicious circle? You need to try to change the view of his beloved on the world. Tell her that she is not to blame for all the troubles. Explain to the girl that most troubles should be perceived in a positive way. Think of them as trials that fate gives, to help you overcome your fears, vices and to make life more interesting.

Attention to detail

Have you ever wondered why girls like decorative things so much? Women’s psychology will help you find the answer to this question.

The fact is that girls attach great importance to detail. Women are more attentive than men, they can not for their forgetfulness put the sausage in the breadbox, and the bread in the fridge.

Of course, like any medal, there are two sides. Women, burying themselves in the details, may not notice the whole picture.

The desire to do everything at maximum

Every girl wants her efforts to be appreciated by those around her. Therefore, it is so important for women that their work is appreciated. And it does not matter what kind of work it will be. Even if a girl does not go to the office, and stays home with the kids, she needs to know that her husband is proud of her.

Women's psychology for men: behavioral specifics, interesting facts

It is good to support this desire in a woman. That way she is sure to be more successful, happier, and more caring.

The man should be sure to tell his wife that she is the most wonderful mother and that without her labors, their home would not be so comfortable. If the young man will not praise his woman and admire her achievements, she will try to find one for whom she can become a goddess.

Representatives of the stronger sex may find such vanity strange. But it is explained by the fact that men have always fought with each other, and the destiny of women was to create comfort. Today the situation has changed only in appearance.

Constant chattering

Female psychology is a very complicated subject for men. They can’t understand what their chosen one is doing, and the main mystery is why she is doing it.

Constant chattering is one of the favorite activities of women. Girls like to get together with each other and talk, gossip, discuss everyday problems. And women agree to talk a lot. They want to pass on the information they get all the time. And the more they get it, the more people they want to discuss it.

But when the lover decides to tell all that she has accumulated for the day his man, she may not see interest in his eyes. And this can be a mistake in the relationship.

A woman can talk about completely stupid things. For example, that she found a beautiful dress on sale with a good discount, but will not buy it because it makes her look fat. A man may not understand why he should even know about a dress that he will never see.

To better understand women, men may perceive women’s chatter as an emotional release that girls need to feel better about themselves.

Women's psychology for men: behavioral specifics, interesting facts

Idealization of the partner

What is the female psychology in a relationship? Many of the fairer sex are used to idealizing their lovers. For them, their man is an absolute, it is ideal.

Why does this happen? Thanks to Hollywood and Disney, girls grow up on fairy tales about beautiful princes. Such heroes have no flaws. They are beautiful, smart, and talented. That’s the idea any girl has of the man of her dreams. And when a woman gets acquainted, she can idealize her partner, endowing him with character traits that are completely uncharacteristic of him.

For example, a woman may think that a mediocre man is creative, and a drunkard as a representative of bohemia. But after three or four months, the “rose-colored glasses” fall off, and she sees things as they really are. She gets disappointed, and she can strongly offend her chosen one for the fact that her idea of him has nothing in common with his.

How to avoid this? You need to find out how a girl imagines her prince, and then try to become him.

Manipulation in relationships

As written above, girls rarely get what they want by directly stating what they want. They like to complicate things.

For example, one part of female psychology in a relationship with a man is manipulation. Girls professionally own these techniques, and often unconsciously.

How to determine that the beloved manipulates you? For example, you are going to go to the sauna with friends, and she wants to go with you to the movies. In this case, she will not openly declare her desire, because you’ll consider her selfish. Instead, she may throw a tantrum about how the guy does not love her and does not take her anywhere. And then, as if by the way, will add that all of her friends have already seen the sensational melodrama, and she has not. The man will feel guilty, will refuse to meet his friends, and go to the movies.

Nothing but “manipulation” can not be called such an act. And these tricks do not always go unnoticed. Often a man can convince a woman that she is playing dirty.

So how to take trumps from the sleeves of his beloved? Frankness is what will help avoid psychological warfare.

Women's psychology for men: behavioral specifics, interesting facts

The want for personal space

Female and male psychology differ in many ways, but also have points of commonality.

For example, no one likes it when his freedom is restricted. Girls are annoyed by cavaliers who show their care too zealously. It’s nice when a guy wishes good night, but when he calls 10 times a day, just to check where his sweetheart is – it’s annoying. Such concern smacks of mistrust and total parental control.

If there is no trust in the relationship, it won’t last long. Everyone deserves to have their own personal space, both physical and psychological, where they can hide from the outside world. If a girl is sitting and thinking intensely about something, do not interrupt her thinking. And in general, if you see that the man is busy, it’s silly to stir him up all the time.

A woman always wants to be the best

Many men wonder: “Why does she constantly put on makeup if she already has me?”. The answer to this question is very simple: a woman always wants to seem and be the best, even if she is married or in a relationship.

The secret of female psychology is the simple fact that very often it is not the representatives of the opposite sex who are put on the carpet. Yes, guys love with their eyes. But it is enough to see next to a girl with a good figure in a beautiful dress. Women, on the other hand, go much further. They do elaborate makeup, build nails, eyelashes and hair, and carefully choose the most fashionable dresses. Why? To arouse the envy of their friends and the girls around them. Many women use this way to improve their self-esteem.

Of course, they can’t admit it, even to themselves, so they refer to the fact that all transformations were made for your beloved. Female psychology in a relationship with a woman is very complicated. Girls have always fought for the best man. Therefore, looking attractive is the first priority for many ladies.

Of course, all of this advice may not apply to your girlfriend. After all, all ladies are different and a woman’s nature is very versatile. Although there is one thing in common almost always: a woman always wants to remain a woman and be attractive to men.

But then why are there so many feminists today and they fight so hard for their rights? It is because these women have not met the “right man” on their way. And even those ladies, who will assure you that they are strong and independent, want to have someone by their side who can always be relied on.

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