What is the secret of femininity? How to become feminine?

What is the secret of femininity? How to become feminine?

The female half of the population at any age is always in search of the secrets of attractiveness. Some believe that how to become feminine is a kind of science, which must be learned. Others believe that the necessary qualities to answer the question “How to become more feminine?” inherent in nature in each of the women and you just need to find it in yourself. Others firmly believe that femininity is a rare gift of nature and is not inherent in all ladies.

Each of the opinions has the right to exist, as they are all right in their own way due to the fact that a woman’s essence is filled with contradictions. What can we learn from looking for an answer to the question of how to become feminine?

Femininity is, first of all, personal charm, and a charming person has one indispensable ability – the ability to find a “common language” with any person.

That is why courses teaching rhetoric will always be relevant. Because after learning communication skills, a lady can always become more feminine. Self-presentation skills can form the public opinion we need directly about us. The way we position ourselves in the world around us is how we are perceived by others.

Femininity in its essence is multifaceted and has many faces: from childish defenselessness to witchcraft attraction. It is only important to choose the right style.

Femininity comes from the smoothness of our movements, the posture of a queen, and the special and calm feminine pride. But a woman will become truly feminine only when her body speaks for itself, because it cannot lie. It is worth remembering that femininity is a natural and daily filler of a woman’s image, obliging her to “hold her back” every day.

Feminine wisdom is passed down from generation to generation, and the desire to become a feminine girl is also in the piggy bank of the experience of many women who lived before you, living near you.

Learning to be feminine is not always a necessity. Sometimes it is enough just to allow the necessary qualities to reveal themselves. Larissa Renar teaches to discover such components of femininity as the state of a Mistress, a Girl, a Queen, and a Lover:

  • The mistress can easily make any home cozy, she knows the secrets of cooking and understands that these are the foundations of the family;
  • The girl has a naivete and ingenuousness. She views the world with her eyes wide open and openly showing her emotions;
  • The queen is able to sustain any conversation, dominating minds, admiring and allowing herself to be loved. She is impregnable to men in carnal pleasures;
  • The lover, on the contrary, is able to completely forget all the concepts of good manners and morality, behind closed doors in the bedroom, because it is her kingdom.

It is quite possible to reveal femininity in all its fullness by using all the possibilities of the above states.

Femininity is revealed only when we fully accept ourselves as we are. An important step is allowing, because these qualities fill us with softness, all-understanding and smoothness, not forbidding us to live fully, allowing ourselves to play. Psychologists confidently state that each of us is rewarded with femininity by nature, but each in a different way.

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