How to become smart and find a love of knowledge?

How to become smart and find a love of knowledge?

It is well known that smart people are usually more successful. That’s why many people today ask themselves how to become smart. However, not everyone is willing to do anything to achieve their goal.

According to statistics, more than half of the people on Earth have never even taken an IQ test. It’s perfectly natural to aspire to knowledge and learn something new. But even those people who took the test and found out about the results, even if they are not happy with them, are still too lazy to change the situation. And only a small percentage of people just decides: “I want to get smarter”, and starts looking for ways to fulfill their desire.

Of course, nowadays it is scientifically proven that the brain of any person does not work at its full capacity. But everyone is able to train it, as well as any organ of our body, and, consequently, to develop it.

If you are interested in the answer to the question how to become a smart person, first of all, prepare for this long and hard work. Daily brain training can bring stunning results. Try to put your theoretical knowledge into practice every day (for example, start counting in your head again, without a calculator, like you did at school).

If you have decided to become smart, you must also read a lot. And not glossy magazines or comics or second-rate detectives, but full-length books or classic literature. The valuable information contained in these sources is sure to linger in your brain.

In addition to reading, math and writing are essential to building the knowledge you need. Of course, these tips are now widely known, but unfortunately, a very small percentage of people use them in their daily lives. As a rule, the fault is banal laziness.

Another good tip for those who want to know how to become smart is as follows: communicate more with interesting people, surround yourself with literate and educated interlocutors. You can learn a lot from them, of course, provided you know how to listen. The new information gained from such communication will help your rapid development.

It will also be useful for you to know that physical activity is very good to stimulate the work of the brain. So you can sign up for a gym or a fitness program.

Also remember: eating right will get you much closer to your goal of becoming smarter. There are foods that can slow down mental performance. But there are also foods that are extremely beneficial for brain function. Make it a rule to eat pumpkin, milk, eggs, meat, legumes, nuts, fish. Be sure to include in your diet pork and beef liver, kidneys, brain, as well as rabbit, lamb and veal.

If you want to become smart, you should strive to get as much information as possible from everywhere. Go on a journey, vividly observing everything going on around you and the people you will meet along the way. Remember that fresh air stimulates the work of the brain, so it is necessary to take time to walk every day.

Try to keep your thinking active. Frequently ask questions to yourself and others, look for answers and think a lot. This requires a lot of time to be alone with yourself.

Make it a rule to think as you write, read or watch TV. You can do this in the bathroom, in nature, or just while riding public transportation. Do math, solve problems, it’s good for developing logical thinking.

If you want to become smart, you should always and everywhere be willing to learn, learn something new, be inquisitive and want to be a better educated person. Avoid empty conversations about nothing and the company of people who do not have a high level of intelligence.

Always remember that it is never too late to learn something. The main thing is to want it very badly and be prepared to work hard.

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