How to learn hypnosis on your own?

How to learn hypnosis on your own?

Every one of us has heard of hypnosis. But only some of us wonder how to learn hypnosis, and look for training courses or a teacher who can teach this technique to influence the subconscious mind. And the other part, who want to learn, is looking for an answer to the question of whether it is even possible to learn it without medical education.

Well, the answer is that both can achieve their goal, since any of us can learn hypnosis if we set a goal, gather the necessary information on how to learn hypnosis, choose a way to achieve the result, and concentrate our efforts in this direction. Another question: do you really need it?

What does the term “hypnosis” mean?

Hypnosis is a procedure for putting a person into a trance by means of certain influences, such as medications, monotonous stimuli, or other methods.

Many people claim that one of the options for changing the state of consciousness is hypnosis, but such a term is pseudoscientific because it creates the illusion that everything is quite simple and understandable with hypnosis, when in reality there is no single theory of hypnosis due to the many different hypotheses that give an explanation for hypnosis, and also because of the great variety of hypnosis types. Therefore, it would be more correct to consider hypnosis as a kind of trance.

A trance is understood as a complete concentration of attention on an external or internal stimulus, when the mind is less critical in processing information. In other words, in such a state any information penetrates our consciousness without control or rational analysis.

The subject, who is under the influence of hypnosis, concentrates on the suggestions of the hypnotist. This is the essence of hypnosis, i.e. a person is put into a trance state for subsequent suggestion, although hypnosis without suggestion is permissible, just as suggestion can be made without being put into a trance state.

Why does people need to learn this?

People usually have several purposes for learning hypnosis techniques. Some wish to manipulate others in this way, while others want to better explore themselves with such techniques.

The interest in how to learn hypnosis by oneself is often due to the fact that experimenting with one’s own mind is extremely interesting, and the trance state is quite pleasant, allowing one to solve various mental problems, “clear” the brain, activate brain activity or relieve stress by falling into a state of relaxation.

It should be remembered that when we learn the basics of how to learn hypnosis at home, we expose ourselves to potential danger. It is possible to fall into such a deep trance that it is impossible to get out of it without the help of a specialist.

Fortunately, this is quite difficult to do. In order to learn to enter such a deep trance state, it would take years of hard training. In order to learn how to learn hypnosis it is necessary not only to read the relevant literature, but also to learn not only to fix, but also to strengthen the state of spontaneous trance.

The skill of falling into a trance on one’s own comes gradually. A number of people (e.g. some salespeople) do not feel the need for training on how to learn hypnosis on their own, but are able to unconsciously hypnotize customers, provoking them to make unnecessary purchases for them.

The hypnotist must have absolute confidence in his abilities. It must be present at both the conscious and subconscious levels. It is in it the whole essence of the hypnotist. This feeling must be cultivated gradually and carefully. The capacity for hypnosis is diminished by such qualities as insincerity, alcohol or nicotine addiction, regular consumption of coffee and other stimulating drinks.

There are also a number of conditions and rules necessary for hypnosis to be successful. One of the difficult variants of hypnosis is “Voyeuristic Hypnosis”. This method looks like real magic, as it allows you to put a person into a state of hypnosis without sinking him into a dream. The goal of the hypnotist is to penetrate the subconscious by going through the consciousness. We will tell you more about this in the following articles on our website.

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