How to look expensive without spending millions?

How to look expensive without spending millions?

To look expensive means to belong to a certain class, to be admired and imitated. This is the dream of almost all women. However, most of women can not afford to buy clothes and cosmetics expensive brands, and they do not need it, because you can look expensive and without flashy labels. So, the main thing for a chic woman – it’s her appearance attractiveness, well-groomed.

No lady can look chic if her hair is badly dyed or split ends, and her hair was corrected about six months ago. It is the condition of the hair that gives away the unfortunate situation in a woman’s life. A dirty head will ruin all the efforts to create a stylish and chic image of a woman.

As only healthy and well-styled hair can make you look expensive, it is worth paying particular attention to its condition. It is better to spend extra money for a good haircut, which can be arranged independently, than to save money on services of a hairdresser.

No less important indicator of a lady’s position in society is the condition of her skin. A chic woman monitors her health around the clock. The skin should not only be healthy, but also have a light shade of tan. Do not go overboard with visits to the tanning salon. It should be a shade, not the color of the tan. Only in this case, the skin will look fresh and healthy.

This skin color is more often associated with the fact that a person is successful, as to look expensive can afford someone who periodically rests in all kinds of resorts. If a woman does not have the opportunity to go to the sea, she can simply go to the tanning bed a few times to get a golden skin color.

You can tell what an expensive woman looks like by looking at her hands. They are not only well-groomed, but they always have a manicure. Always!

It is a quality French manicure on the nails of medium length or paint with natural colors of nail polish, but in no case can you use screaming neon colors, unless the representative of the fair sex is going to a club or to a theme party. The hands indicate what a woman does. In other words, expensive lady can not afford to have a “worker-peasant” manicure with ungroomed nails and dry skin on her hands.

Perhaps the main point in the question: how to look expensive, can be called a properly composed closet. The outfits of a chic woman may not differ much, but they are always of high quality.

So do not spend money buying cheap things made of synthetic materials, which will give away the social level of their owner. It is better to buy two pairs of pants made of natural material with high-quality trim, sewn according to the correct patterns, which can safely go to work and to social events.

A woman who wants to look stylish and expensive creates her own closet. She must think how to transform her closet into a transformer so that all things in it could be combined with each other, from time to time getting new sets of clothes.

An expensive woman is the right nuances and accents, it is flawless in details. Anyone can become such a woman. You just need to be more attentive to yourself and your own image, do not save on important details, such as hair, manicure, basic components of the daily closet.

Stylish woman can not afford second-rate purchases. Looking expensive means behaving accordingly. It is hard daily work, the price for which will be the respect and recognition of others, as well as success in any matter.

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