2 Effective Methods of Getting Rid of Complexes

2 Effective Methods of Getting Rid of Complexes

Almost all people, even the most beautiful and successful, are familiar with certain complexes. Some people are just able to realize that they have these complexes and that they need to fight against them, while others allow their complexes to take themselves hostage. This seriously disturbs the inner peace, and often really prevents you from feeling a taste of life.

Complexes make us perceive ourselves in a distorted light and believe that the people around us perceive us in the same way. There is often no logical basis for these feelings, but it is virtually impossible to get rid of them. Unless you really want to and start working on it.

The main thing – to understand the causes of their complexes and try to understand what could affect so strong their “getting stuck” in our head. There are, in fact, a lot of complexes. They can be innate and instilled by “caring” people around us.

Accordingly, the reasons that generate them, even more. Therefore, to give advice for all occasions, of course, difficult. However, psychologists have derived general criteria of techniques that will tell you how to get rid of complexes.

1. Accepting your complexes

Let’s discover a secret: nobody cares about other people’s complexes. Believe me, if you take this statement seriously enough, then this fact alone is able to help you live with much less of a burden due to feelings about their own imperfections. So, the truth that none of us has ever really thought about is this:

Each of us is focused on our own complexes. But nobody cares about shortcomings of other people.

For many, these feelings are very painful, and any mention of them by strangers (or loved ones) becomes a sting in the open wound. And what is most typical of thousands of such situations is that the offender uses such “jabs,” perhaps to annoy us, or perhaps out of ignorance, and immediately forgets what was said. We begin to grow resentment, and we can’t get the unpleasant feelings about what we have heard out of our heads. The dropped drop of poison begins to flood us with a sorrowful ocean. We, in fact, poison our own lives and nurture resentment toward the world.

Let’s try to be objective. Yes, there are certain shortcomings in us. Maybe it’s some traits of appearance, maybe a lack of willpower. But that’s normal. There are no absolutely perfect people. Only in relation to others, we are more tolerant. But we are ready to “eat ourselves alive”.

How to get rid of the inferiority complex? It is not necessary to hate their flaws and throw all imaginable forces in order to hide them from the world. It is necessary to recognize the fact that these shortcomings really exist-that is, once and for all come to terms with this fact.

Take off the “iron curtain” from own complexes can only learn to talk about them: calmly and even when you can, joking. Attempts to hide complexes only make them multiply.

Talk about complexes for the first time will be very difficult. You have to cope with yourself. With each time it will be easier to do it. This technique really helps you to understand how to get rid of complexes and weakens them by half. This is a very, very good result.

2. The technique of replacing complexes

Displacing from the soul your complexes, you should try to fill the empty space in it with something else. Experts in the field of psychology recommend using this technique:

Imagine yourself as such, as you would like to see yourself ideally: free, beautiful, free of complexes and feelings about them. And you will feel so much better.

This training is a kind of development of life goals. You will create an image to which you will strive. This technique allows you to get rid of appearance complexes.

Look only forward. Forbid yourself, as a climber, to look down (i.e., to remember your complexes), so that you don’t fall off. Believe in yourself. Take as a motto “If not me, then who?” and live under the assumption that everyone has an equal chance in life. And you have to be the kind of person who manages to take advantage of his chance, and not sit around all his life, doing nothing, because of empty and often unfounded fears.

To get rid of complexes you do not have to be afraid of the opinion of others. Try not to think about what people will say about you. By and large, they do not care about you, as well as your complexes. In addition, who says that these people around you are smarter, better than you, or gifted from above the right to judge you.

So get the conventions out of your head. Act as you see fit. Let everyone understand that you know how to enjoy life. And they will not dare to pry at you any more advice and opinions, much less remind you of your shortcomings and complexes.

By the way, take note: the most critical critics also suffer from complexes, and just as afraid to be ridiculed by you. They are vulnerable, just like all people. So why be afraid of them?

It is necessary to fight with complexes so that they stopped preventing you from doing what you want. By the way, the fact that you are able to see your own shortcomings is a plus. Being critical of yourself allows you to look for ways to improve your situation, character and even appearance. The ability to see in your own eye – this is a stimulus for personal progress. This is what will help you figure out how to get rid of complexes.

The most important thing in the fight against complexes – it’s a belief in yourself, your strength and capabilities, as well as the desire to go forward.

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