How to develop intuition and hidden abilities

How to develop intuition and hidden abilities

Tell me honestly: do you regret not buying bitcoin when it was worthless? Well, you just didn’t believe that this story would shoot up, because common sense also said so.

But common sense has failed us here. And someone got very rich off of it.

But what guided those people? There was no suggestion that this cryptocurrency will be worth a fortune back in 2010-2014. Obviously, people just listened to their intuition.

I’m sure you, too, want to learn how to anticipate events and recognize secret signs of destiny. And fortunately, intuition is a skill that can be developed. Of course, you will have to put a lot of effort and practice every day, but the result is worth it. So, how to develop intuition? Just read below.

1. Morning visualization technique

Wondering how to develop your intuition? Try visualizing every morning. Most people don’t get out of bed immediately after the alarm bell rings, but prefer to lie around for another five minutes. If you follow this ritual as well, you can spend those five minutes to your advantage.

Imagine how your day will go today. You need to draw yourself bright pictures with all the little things. Imagine that you are watching a movie, where you are the main character. Now you get up, and what happens next? You’ll put the coffee on, wash your face, go into the kitchen, take the pot off the stove, take out the butter, spread it on a bun.

Imagine each action as if you were living it. Next, mentally walk out of the house, start the car, and think about how many times the traffic light on your way to work will turn red and how many times it will turn green.

Assume what your coworkers might be wearing today and what kind of mood they will be in. Watch the whole movie until the end, and then get up. And in the evening, before going to bed, compare your imaginary picture with the real events of the day.

2. Do familiar actions in a non-trivial way

Scientists have noticed that people with developed intuition have a very developed left hemisphere of the brain. To develop the left hemisphere, you can perform fairly simple exercises. They will help you find the answer to the question of how to develop intuition. When you learn to think more broadly, you’ll be able to notice things you didn’t see before.

Where do you start? Revise your morning ritual. Do you get up, put the coffee on brew, and go brush your teeth? Try doing all of these actions for a week, like a “ninja turtle”, using just three fingers. The thumb and index finger should be tucked in, and if you can’t control them, then wrap your hands with a bandage or duct tape. Familiar actions will become very difficult to perform.

You can consider it a kind of game. However, after a week, after you are well able to cope with simple household tasks with three fingers.

What else can you try? Try walking around the house backwards. Do you think you’ll fall over? Not likely. If you’ve lived in your apartment or house for more than six months, you already know exactly where everything is located. Every week, change your assignment and do it.

3. Work with the nonworking hand

There is another effective way to develop intuition is to use the inactive hemisphere. If you are left-handed, then you need to start using your right hand to work, and if you are right-handed, then your left hand.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything this way. At work you can sign documents with your working hand, but when you come back home you can experiment. In order to remember your decision, you can wrap your working arm with an elastic bandage just as you would if you broke it.

You can also develop a strong intuition by doing household chores. Peel potatoes, wash dishes, eat, and change channels with an unfamiliar hand. Within the first two weeks, you’ll notice amazing results. Inspiration will come to you, you will be able to understand people better, as if gaining a spiritual connection with them.

4. Develop observation skills

To do the previous exercises well, you first need to improve your powers of observation. It is impossible to understand how to develop intuition and hidden abilities if you can’t notice the little things that happen to you.

Many people live on automatic (autopilot) and miss huge chunks of their lives. Think about it, has it ever happened to you when you walk out the door, but can’t remember if you closed the door or turned off the kettle? If this happens every day, then you are not distinguished by a good observation, and you will need to consciously develop it.

So what exercises can you do? On your way to work, you can count the red cars. In the office every day, note who is wearing what. If you walk home, pay attention to the plant life around you, try to guess which flower and when it will bloom.

Many scientists now believe that intuition – a skill of observation, brought to perfection and translated into the subconscious.

5. Make assumptions about the fates

Do you take public transportation to work? Then this exercise is just for you.

If you want to, but don’t know how to develop intuition and hidden abilities, learn to guess people’s fates by their appearance.

For example, you look at a beautiful girl and try to understand whether she is married, whether she has children, where she works or studies, whether she likes cats or dogs. And once the assumption is built, you can approach and get to know her. This way you can make new friends and pump up your intuition.

Try to make assumptions as accurate as possible. You can focus on external signs, but do not fully trust them. For example, a man in a threadbare coat is not necessarily a programmer. He may be the director of a bankrupt firm, or a millionaire who wants to blend in with the crowd. Try to read a person’s story in his face.

6. Pay attention to body signals

Our subconscious often sends us signs to which people prefer not to pay attention.

For example, before a date, on which you do not want to go, you may feel a sharp pain in the stomach. But you, no matter what, take a painkiller and go to the meeting. In the end, the person with whom you will have a date, you will not like, and in addition to this you will get food poisoning. And it seems that the body was hinting that you should not go to the meeting, but you didn’t listen to your body and went anyway.

So being sensitive to yourself is another piece of advice if you’re wondering how to develop intuition. The exercise can be quite simple. Listen to yourself and try to understand what your body is telling you.

7. Believe in signs of destiny

You’ve probably heard stories about miraculous rescues. The most common characters in such stories are passengers who didn’t make their flight. The plane took off without them and crashed. But after all, while the plane didn’t crash, the person was trying his best to make it on board. Perhaps the car was stuck in traffic, the elevator broke down, or the road was blocked.

Such signs fate can send a person every day, but few people pay attention to them. If you went out in time, but is still late for the meeting, think about whether you need to get there in minutes. Well, if on the day of the planned trip the weather turned bad and it is raining like a bucket, maybe you should postpone the adventure?

Noticing signs of destiny is a great exercise. How do you develop intuition and hidden abilities? Observe little things, signs of destiny and your own condition. Learn not to get upset over small things.

8. Start meditating

A great way to develop your intuition is to start meditating. Does this exercise seem strange to you? Not at all. Only by learning to clear your mind completely will you be able to see more.

As long as your head is filled with everyday problems and family turmoil, there’s just no room for anything new. So before you try to develop a skill, think about why you haven’t developed it so far. Perhaps there is something in your way. For example, the lack of free time or the eternal workload.

One way or another, meditation will give its fruit. A lot of time on such spiritual practice will not leave. You can begin with five minutes a day. In the evening or in the morning sit on a floor in a lotus pose, turn on quiet music and try to relax, focusing on a breath.

Your goal is to learn how to quickly clear your head of debris. When you learn to do this, you will be able to exhibit almost supernatural powers of providence. You will be able to foresee a situation only because you are completely focused on it, and you can see all the possible outcomes of events.

9. Use the morning page technique

One good but little-known meditation technique is spilling out emotions onto paper. That is, try to start running morning pages.

What is the essence of this exercise? You need to get up half an hour earlier than usual and sit down at your desk. Now write three pages. What should I write about? Anything that comes to mind. You can write about how you spent yesterday, you can tell the paper about your problems, and you can tell it about your plans and hopes.

Write three pages and close the notebook. Put it in a secluded place, but not too far away, you will need it again tomorrow.

Write the morning pages every day. If you have nothing to write about, so write: nothing comes to mind, there is nothing to write about at all. Usually after that, a person has an epiphany.

What is the beauty of this exercise? Firstly, this way you talk to your subconsciousness, and if you have any unresolved issues, it may help you to solve them. And secondly, you free your mind from the garbage that has accumulated there.

10. Develop an interest in everything new

How to do it? At least start asking new questions in a Google search that are not related to your life or work. Or start asking your co-workers or tablemates at the coffee shop. You’ll be surprised at how much is new and interesting in the world.

Allow yourself to be a child for a while. Have you ever noticed that children have good intuition? And why? The fact that children are not afraid to ask themselves, and adults, difficult questions, which sometimes simply can not be answered. For example, how old saleswoman in the store, or how many packs of candy in the window.

Want to learn how to develop intuition? Then feel free to start asking yourself tough questions. Even if you do not know the right answer, you’ll still train your “sixth sense”.

As you drive to work, guess how many blue cars you can meet along the way. Before you go into the office of your boss, try to guess why he called you. You can even try to imagine what your wife will say when she gets home, or your boyfriend when you meet him.

11. Do physical activities

People with developed intuition do sports every day. It is understandable: physical activity increases cognitive abilities – this is a scientifically proven fact. For your body to function properly, you need to support it not only psychologically.

Choose the sport that you like the most. It can be running, tennis, swimming or yoga. Go to the gym or work out at home at least twice a week.

What will it give you? In addition to good physical shape, you’ll strain and relax your body. And it is in the process of relaxation that, after a good physical activity, people have an epiphany.

Famous writers, engineers and artists have always complained that good ideas come at the most inopportune moment. You might be washing dishes, taking a bath, or cleaning. And that’s when you have an epiphany. Why? Consciousness falls into a kind of trance, it doesn’t think, it just rests. And then the subconscious mind goes to work. And magic happens.

But in order to do that, you have to feel great, be healthy, satiated, and sleepy. You can read more about the right way of life on the pages of our website.

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