About the rules of behavior in public places

About the rules of behavior in public places

Culture of behavior in public places, compliance with all the rules of etiquette of communication indicates the high cultural development of a person, his upbringing and manners. Communicating with a well-mannered intelligent person brings a lot of positive emotions, it is always pleasant to spend time and do business with him.

This culture has developed and shaped many centuries in different ways in different civilizations. But today we have come to the point where the level of culture of the population has dropped considerably compared to the last century. Many people in several generations have no idea how to behave in society, in transport, at the theater or in a restaurant.

In this article, I want to tell you some rules of conduct in public places. Let’s start with the basic norms of behavior on the street.

How to behave on the street

Let’s start with the basic norms of behavior on the street. Alas, but many people (especially the younger generation) make similar mistakes today.

So when you’re walking down the street, you don’t need to eat something. You need to be respectful of passers-by, you can not zipper your fly on the go, tuck in your shirt, pull up pantyhose, etc.

It is necessary to walk on the street smoothly, not waving your hands and things you are carrying. It is necessary to strictly observe the direction of pedestrians, so as not to collide head-on with the oncoming flow. It’s not necessary to push the person walking nearby, and certainly not to look at beautiful women passing by, pregnant women, invalids and people with external deformities (this shows a very low culture).

In the street is also not allowed to spit, litter, chew in your mouth toothpick, walk in a line of three or more, as you block the way to passers-by.

If you meet your acquaintance in the street, you should not run up to him with shouts and hugs, especially if he is accompanied by people you do not know. The rules of conduct in public places oblige to politely say hello to him, and if he did not show his desire to talk to you, go on.

If he did stop, you should not keep him for long, because the partner should not wait for him for a long time. Conversely, if you go with a girl or another man, you should not start a conversation with your acquaintance in the street, as it is uncivilized to make your companion wait, especially if it is a woman.

If you need to discuss something important, then be sure to include your companion in the conversation, men must be introduced to each other, a woman has the right not to introduce herself. But in this case, too, the conversation should not take much time.

How to behave on public transport

Now let’s talk about the culture of behavior on public transport and the most common mistakes that people make today.

If you use public transport, you need to remember a few rules: at the entrance be sure to let pregnant women, women with children, the elderly and disabled. If you see that someone of the above needs help, it will be tactful to offer your help, but in no case grab his hands without his permission.

Being in a bus, the subway or a route cab do not get into conflicts with passengers, give the place to privileged categories of people. If you stepped on the foot, do not shout at the entire bus how it hurts you, it is inappropriate. And if you stepped on the foot of another, it is worth apologizing clearly and calmly.

How to behave in the theater, cinema

If you have decided to go to the cinema or theater, you need to remember the following rules of conduct in public places: for a performance at the theater need to arrive in advance in time to have time to put clothes in the checkroom and arrange themselves.

It is also necessary to comply with the rules of appearance for visiting the theater or cinema. In no case can not dress frivolously, especially jeans and T-shirts. For men it is better to wear pants and a shirt, or a classic business suit. It will be more correct for a woman to wear an evening dress and shoes or a classic skirt with a blouse.

You should enter the hall as soon as the first bell rings for the beginning of the performance, and take your seats strictly. If there are already people sitting on your row, you must pass by them to face them.

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