How can a woman in her 50s take life’s problems more easily?

How can a woman in her 50s take life’s problems more easily?

When you’re over 50, it’s no longer easy to maintain the same optimism and cheerfulness of spirit. It’s not easy to admit that your youth and beauty are left behind, and there’s only old age and a pile of problems ahead of you.

But this is the time when we can also be optimistic. We just need to treat age more simply, and our problems with irony. And all we need to learn is a special outlook on life in order to emerge as a queen from any adversity.

But who can we learn this from? Take a look at Jewish women in their 50s. These women are not only confident and optimistic at any age, they are even willing to make jokes about themselves. In this article, I have compiled jokes and sayings of Jewish women that illustrate how to respond to what is going on.

About the importance of accepting yourself

In magazines and articles we are constantly told: start with yourself, put in order of the soul and thoughts, without order inside it is impossible to order outside.

I agree with this statement. But that order is not when you love yourself after losing weight by 20 kg and 10 plastic surgeries, but when you love yourself right here and now. This is who you are.

When you ask a Jewish woman in her 50s about a healthy lifestyle, you often hear this:

“I like yoga. But one session was enough for me to realize that my body can’t curl up like a sausage. I’d rather be who I am than crooked”.

About supporting

We are echoes of the people around us. No matter how much we convince ourselves that we are not yet old. No matter how much we convince ourselves that we love ourselves, there must always be those who will genuinely support us. And if the change is supported by the person we love, we will undoubtedly get there.

This is how Jewish husbands joke about their wives:

“A woman has three ages: youth, adolescence, and “how good you look”.

About dieting

The older we are, the harder it is to keep a good figure. Many women over 50 exhaust themselves with all sorts of diets and wildly stressed because they can’t lose weight.

Jewish women have an easier time with diets:

“I tried to ‘sit’ on a diet many times. But I realized that it’s not for me. I just don’t fit to ‘this sit'”.

About husbands

It is not uncommon for older women to regret having married unsuccessfully. But if you ask a Jewish woman: “Don’t you regret getting married?” she is likely to answer the following:

“Are you joking? It’s my husband who should be regretting, not me”.

About marriage

Many women over 50 worry about their marriage. For example, they worry that their husband might leave them for a mistress. Jewish women take it easier:

“It doesn’t take much cleverness to manipulate a man. But getting him to convince himself that you are the woman of his dreams is a talent that only the wisdom of years can produce”.

That’s why when you live a long time in a marriage with a man you have to try to change, to work on yourself, find new hobbies, activities, in general become a versatile woman. After all, it is these appreciate men most of all.

About approaching old age

Jewish women have little or no complex about their age. Why? Here’s another great phrase I heard from them:

“Age 50+ has its disadvantages, of course. For example, poor eyesight. But any disadvantage can be turned into an advantage: the small print should be read by young people, and at an older age it is no longer necessary, because you already have an instinct for idiots – you see them from afar”.

Be prepared for the fact that after 30-40-50 years the swarm of men around you will dwindle. But not because you lose your attractiveness. But because you will clearly broadcast your values and goals to the world, and empty men will simply bypass you.

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