The total calm beats everything

The total calm beats everything

Calmness is maintaining mental clarity and finding daily balance in response to difficulties, problems, or crisis situations; the ability to take time to think and reflect.

We exhibit calmness every time we:

  • Pausing to think before acting;
  • Trying to understand what might be causing any feelings of tension;
  • Try to balance our work with the need to consider our physical, emotional and spiritual needs…

Learning to be calm is an important skill that will come in handy in life. For example, in dealing with other people. If you do not respond to the provocateur, do not show a response, then in 90%, he will simply give up, because he is interested in this game. And if he is not played with, then the whole mood comes to naught. He heats up quickly, but if you don’t “throw wood on the fire”, he’ll cool down just as quickly.

It’s exactly the same with life. As long as you react to the situation, it presses you. And when you stop reacting, it gradually lets go. And this is not surprising, because if a person is seized by a situation, he ceases to perceive it adequately and coldly. That’s why he commits actions that only make his situation even worse.

For example, there is no money. Mood drops, panic and fear appear. The head begins to work only in the direction of survival, completely turning off creativity, allegedly for lack of need. The person runs to the offices and takes the money, after which the problems become much more or even worse, he gets depressed.

Or you can just turn on total serenity. Sit down and count how much money is left. Plan how much you can spend. Do not hesitate to take out a jar of coins, they can also be useful to buy bread or pasta. Find out where to give help to the needy, usually at temples. They may be able to give you food and even some clothes. You shouldn’t be shy or refuse when you’re standing on the edge. You can also borrow a little from your closest relatives.

It’s the same with illness. It doesn’t matter whether it’s healthy or not, whether the disease goes away or stays, the main thing is not to give yourself over to it completely. Not to lose yourself. Accept what is happening and live with it, so that it becomes a norm, not a constant suffering. As long as a person is alive, he is capable of many things. And he is definitely needed here. This means you have to live, and live as calmly as possible.

And it’s even the same with children. More calmness means less nerves. The calmer the parent, the calmer the child becomes. He feels and adjusts, because we are all social creatures and cannot help reacting to the general emotional background. A parent in total calm is a good and appropriate parent who reacts in time and does the right thing.

It’s the same in relationships. When one is calm, so is the other. Just one calm and balanced person in the family is enough to harmonize all the others. When one comes in upset and the other immediately puts his firm, confident and calm shoulder, all fears and worries dissipate.

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