Why people get cancer and doctors can’t find a cure? Osho’s opinion

Why people get cancer and doctors can’t find a cure? Osho’s opinion

The nature of cancer is really still not precisely established. There are several hypotheses as to why cancer occurs.

According to one version, the causes are bacteria and viruses. According to another one, it is a hereditary predisposition and immune system disorders. For example, the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is known to provoke stomach ulcers and can cause cancer.

There are many other opinions. The debate about the causes of cancer is one of the most debated topics in both scientific and religious communities today. In today’s article I would like to share with you the opinion of the famous oriental sage Osho.

Osho has his own near-scientific approach to the question of why people get cancer. He speaks neither of “punishment from from above”, nor of man’s sins, nor of any such thing. He speaks clearly and concisely about internal causes. And to his quotes I will add my comments, which will include information I have gleaned from other helpful sources.

So, the first quote:

Cancer is basically a psychological disease. It is essentially a mental disease, not a physical one. When the mind becomes very tense, so tense that it is simply unbearable for a person, then this factor begins to affect the tissues of the body.

This is why cancer only becomes such a dangerous disease when civilization becomes incredibly complex. You won’t find cancer in primitive societies. Because people there are not that complex.

Why is this point of view has the right to exist? Because we know that almost all of our diseases come from our nerves. Yes, I know many people will disagree with me. Especially nowadays when another point of view is more popular: that cancer comes from an unhealthy lifestyle, bad food, water and air.

But scientists have already proved the opposite. Numerous studies in different countries and different continents are replete with examples of how people with early stages of cancer were placed in the best clinics surrounded by forests and mountains, they were treated with excellent medicines, given the best food and water, but they still died, although the stage was not dangerous.

There have also been cases where a person has been declared doomed and then suddenly healed. And here the question involuntarily arises: “Why?”.

As a rule, doctors attributed such a cure to high willpower. That is, the person did not give up, plus he changed internally: his soul, his mind, his emotions changed. The person completely changed his whole way of life, it was as if he was starting his life from scratch. He became more good-natured and loving, his attitude to people and life changed for the better.

Yes, our life depends on willpower. And the example of long-livers confirms this. All people who live for 90-100 years and more have one thing in common: they treat life easily, they do not accumulate negativity and anger. They are said to be “easy-going people”. They have a clear and bright mind.

And personally I think that even though this theory of getting cancer is not entirely scientific, it has the right to exist and to be discussed. There is an incredible amount of hustle and bustle and stress in the lives of modern people. The people today are highly “hung up” in their heads, living with their minds rather than their senses. And this tension accumulates in the mind for years, and it needs a discharge, an exit. Otherwise, this energy stagnates and becomes a poison that destroys the body.

But no one cancelled the laws of nature and the universe. The energy must flow freely and not be suppressed. We would get sick a lot less often if we lived in a less aggressive environment, in harmony with ourselves, the people around us, and nature.

Let me give you another Osho quote on this subject:

Cancer can only exist in a neurotic mood, in an unstable psyche. This disease seems to be looking for those who are weakened. If one’s mind is relaxed, sooner or later the body will follow and relax too.

It is because of this fact that medics have not yet been able to find a cure for cancer. But even when doctors do find this remedy, they will create even more dangerous diseases in the world, because the remedy will not cure the cause, it will only suppress it.

Modern psychologists talk a lot about neuroticism, and medics talk a lot about cancer. And it is not surprising, because these things are strongly interconnected. Now you understand it, too.

As for Osho’s second statement, just observe what happens with the flu or the coronavirus: as soon as doctors invent a new vaccine, another form of the disease appears. And this has happened to many diseases over the centuries. The disease is suppressed, and it takes on a more confusing and complicated form.

And so it will go on as long as medicine attributes all human illness to the condition of the body alone. And that’s why it removes the consequences, and we have to work with the causes. And they lie deeper than the body level: in a person’s mind, in his feelings and soul.

One last valuable observation from Osho:

There are so many illnesses from long watching television. And it is very likely that it also causes cancer. Today smartphones, tablets, gadgets of all kinds are also in vogue, and people spend even more time with them than they do with television. So when this generation gets older, there are bound to be a few more diseases that will be discovered soon.

So if you do not want to get seriously ill, move more, sit less in front of the TV, computer and other gadgets, and change your environment and attitude towards life to a more positive.

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