Can sex kill?

Can sex kill?

Yes, it happens. About 50,000 people die during sex in the world each year. But interestingly enough, only 25% of men die during sex with their wives. The other 75% are due to sex with a prostitute or a mistress. Women are 12.5 times less likely to die during sex than men.

Here are some examples of sex fatalities in which famous and powerful men have died.

Famous people who died during sex

The first credible case of death from sex was recorded in 1899. French President Felix Faure, as usual, went after work to the brothel of his favorite courtesan Marguerite Stenel. The president’s orgasm was so powerful that his body failed and his heart stopped. Felix died on the spot. Probably from happiness.

Can sex kill?

Margaret was found not guilty. After all, a woman could not be tried for her excessive attractiveness and sexuality. The young lady was acquitted, but she has since been nicknamed “the funeral parlor”. And on the tomb of the tireless sexual “hero” Faure Georges Clemenceau wrote the epitaph: “He wanted to be Caesar, but ended up as Pompey”.

A star of the Golden Age of Hollywood, a handsome man and a sex symbol of the 30s and 40s, actor Errol Flynn, who became incredibly popular thanks to the films “The Adventures of Robin Hood” and “The Odyssey of Captain Blood” once went to Canada with his next girlfriend, 15-year-old starlet Beverly Aadland, to sell his yacht.

Can sex kill?

What happened next is a mystery. However, he died suddenly and unexpectedly at night in Vancouver from a heart attack in the same room with the young seductress. It was not until a few years later, having already grown up, that the young lady confessed that the “love has provoked death”. Whatever that meant.

Former U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller died at age 70 from a heart attack that occurred during intercourse with his mistress, as recorded on his death certificate by an apparently impressed doctor. The unwitting culprit in Rockefeller’s death was Megan Marshak, 25, a member of the vice president’s staff.

Can sex kill?

In 2001, the Chilean politician Raúl Veloso became a posthumous deputy. The scandal surrounding his death helped him do so. Shortly before the elections, he died while having sex with a prostitute. Veloso’s name was left on the ballot because of the negligence of election workers, and the Chilean media devoted so much attention to the politician’s death story that by election day he was known all over the country. In the end, he won the election, even though afterwards the Chilean election commission declared the votes cast for him invalid. It is clear why.

In 2009, famous actor David Carradine (“Kill Bill”) died of sex. He died in Bangkok, a city of poverty and debauchery, under very strange circumstances.

What’s interesting: this actor didn’t even have sex with a human being! David was just pleasuring himself by locking himself in his hotel room. But he did it in a strange way. The police did not give details for a long time, but it is known that the actor accidentally strangled himself.

Can sex kill?

Later it became known that he was found hanging from black and yellow nylon ropes, one tied around his neck and the other around his penis. A forensic expert confirmed that Carradine died as the result of an auto-asphyxiophilic accident, strangling himself while masturbating.

In 2010, the famous British racing driver Robert Mortimer died during sex in Belgium. He was groped to death by two professional sadists: Mrs. Lucretia, 46, and her 37-year-old assistant, Mrs. Juno. The racer died of a nitrous oxide overdose (simply put, he snorted laughing gas). In large doses, nitrogen causes mild intoxication and relieves the pain of too much hard fondling.

So is it possible to die during sex?

The most common cause of death during sex is a heart attack. In some movies you have probably seen a passionate scene in bed, when a man suddenly clutches his heart and takes his breath away right in the arms of a beautiful woman. Such a turn of events is unlikely, but it can not be completely excluded. And it does happen from time to time. But let me reassure you: when you quarrel with your life partner, the chances of earning a heart attack are much higher than when you make love.

Many studies have been devoted to the effect of sexual arousal on the cardiovascular system. During love foreplay our heart rate and blood pressure slightly increase, and the highest values are in those 10-15 seconds when we have an orgasm. After orgasm the numbers go back to normal. The energy expenditure during sex with a regular partner corresponds to the energy expended during light or moderate physical activity, such as walking quickly or climbing to the second floor.

As mortality statistics show, sex is very rarely the cause of death. Of the men who died as a result of sudden cardiac arrest, only 0.9% died directly during sex. Among women, whose cause of death was sudden cardiac arrest, the proportion who died during intercourse or within minutes after it was even lower – only 0.1%.

Can sex kill?

Sex very rarely causes heart disease symptoms in patients. Chest pain during sex (called love stenocardia) accounts for only 5% of all stenocardia attacks and is very rare in patients whose other physical activities do not cause that attacks. If your coronary arteries are narrowed, but you have no chest pain when you walk briskly, you have nothing to fear from stenocardia during sex.

In addition, the risk of a heart attack during sex is significantly lower for physically active people. This was proven in a Swedish study of both men and women. According to this study, the risk of getting a heart attack during sex increases dramatically among those patients with heart disease (who have already had a heart attack) who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

So can sex kill? Is it possible to die during sex? It is very unlikely. In an American research paper, scientists analyzed data from autopsies of 5,500 bodies of people who died suddenly. The results showed that only 34 people (0.6% of the total) had died during sexual intercourse.

These results are supported by other studies as well. According to them, men and women who died during sex did not lead a healthy lifestyle: they often ate too much, smoked a lot, drank a lot of alcohol, they didn’t walk or run much, and they chose younger partners instead of their wives and husbands. Such sex is like the ring of a retired boxer with bad habits against a young fighter.

This leads to the conclusion: if you want to avoid death during sex, you should lead a healthy lifestyle and not cheat on your partner.

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