9 Biohacking Ideas to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

9 Biohacking Ideas to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

There are a lot of biohacking ideas out there and you can try them for yourself. Some of the most popular (procuring “raw water”, hanging upside down, improving blood flow), while some of these actions are chosen purely on a individual basis, taking into consideration the patient’s state of health. Regardless of your goals, there are plenty of ways to optimize your body. These nine tips can help you become healthier and happier, and make your life better in general.

1. Get outside more

Being outdoors in the sun helps your body produce serotonin, a brain chemical that keeps you awake during the day. It’s part of our evolutionary design to be more active during the day.

2. Use sunlight

The sun’s rays are beneficial for your body and it stimulates the release of serotonin, a brain chemical that keeps you alert during the day. This is part of the body’s natural design to be more active during the day. This means that getting more sunlight will help you feel more energetic and alert. This will lead to a happier and healthier life!

3. Use cold therapy

Here are some examples of the beneficial effects of low temperatures.

  1. Increase of immunity. This is a familiar hardening of the body, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by science;
  2. Release of adiponectin, a hormone that accelerates the breakdown of fat and muscle recovery;
  3. Increasing the life span of cells. There are several ways to gradually accustom yourself to the cold. If you have heart problems, consult your doctor first.

There are several methods of wellness cooling the body:

Method 1: Cold showers

You will be afraid to get under the cold water because you know it will be very cold. That’s okay, just get over the fear. Take the cold as your strength.

Method 2: Ice baths

Buy two bags of ice, pour it into a tub and fill it with cold water. Wait a few minutes and then immerse yourself in the water. If you’re scared, try submerging just your face – it’s much easier psychologically, but just as effective.

Method 3: Get out in the cold

Dress lightly and go outside in the cold. Just don’t start with a long stay in the cold, accustom your body gradually.

4. Practice meditation

Meditation is perhaps the ultimate tool for gaining awareness and focusing on the present moment. Meditation helps to:

  1. Relieve stress and anxiety;
  2. Improve concentration and memory;
  3. Enhance positive emotions;
  4. Cope with depression and anxiety.

5. Use the inner generator (a technique from the master of productivity)

Biohacking coach Brendon Burchard believes that all the qualities necessary for productivity are already inside you and you can feel them at any time. Just imagine that you are a power plant, which emits energy, concentration, courage and clarity.

You can check it out right now. Write two rows of numbers from 1 to 10 on a piece of paper and circle the ones that reflect your energy and concentration levels. Now consciously raise your energy level by three points. If you felt like a six, now circle a nine. Do the same with the concentration scale. After that you will feel more energetic and attentive.

All amulets and talismans work according to this principle. And the fact that you know the mechanism of their action does not reduce the effect at all.

6. Look for positivity around you

Find sources of inspiration. It can be cool music, books, movies, the nature around you – anything! Draw positivity from them and smile. This biohacking idea is a wonderful ability that:

  1. Lowers stress hormone levels at your body;
  2. Improves the immune system;
  3. Creates a feeling of happiness.

Think about something that scares and upsets you. Maybe it’s a deadline at work or some significant event in the future. Now pretend that you are pointing a finger at the situation or person and start laughing out loud. Even if the laughter isn’t real, it still works. Your physical state will change your emotions.

7. Log your activities and moods for a month

This will help you identify what makes you happy, and which activities drag you down. The idea is to do more of what makes you happy.

8. Read new interesting books

Investor and business consultant Tai Lopez believes that reading smart books is a real superpower. When you read, you download into your brain the knowledge and thoughts of the smartest and most successful people in history.

The books are filled with years of other people’s experiences packed into a hundred pages. As you read, ideas are built into your picture of the world and add to it. You become wiser with each book you read.

Start a relationship with a new book today. If you don’t have time at all, do it 10 minutes before bedtime.

9. Start taking nootropics

These are supplements and drugs that increase brain activity. Some are safe, while others are only available on prescription. But all can be helpful for improving your IQ and creativity.

Nootropics are ones of the most important components of modern biohacking. Their purpose is to improve brain activity. These medications affect the blood supply to the central nervous system and are aimed at normalizing metabolic processes in neurons. They are used in many directions and are prescribed for patients with diseases of the nervous system, as well as for healthy people with psycho-emotional stress or to stimulate brain activity.

These drugs are good because they are not harmful to the body and do not affect important processes and reactions. The use of nootropics is aimed at:

  1. Improving cerebral circulation;
  2. Increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues;
  3. Increase activity level and alertness;
  4. Reduction of mental asthenia, weakness;
  5. Reduction of irritability, anxiety levels.

By influencing neurotransmitters, the drugs should improve cognitive abilities, help to assimilate information more productively and increase efficiency. Also on the list of their effects is a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system, including restraining panic attacks in dystonia, relieving spasms, and reducing headaches.

These are just a few of the many biohacking ideas you can try to make your life better. The more you know about the benefits of using a certain type of supplement, the better you’ll be at maximizing your health.


There are numerous ways today to maximize your health. Some of the most popular biohacking ideas are easy and safe for most people. Some of them can be as simple as changing your bedtime, adding a meditation practice, or cleaning up your diet.

The best biohacking ideas don’t necessarily involve extreme changes in lifestyle. Simple, everyday changes such as shifting bedtimes can make a huge difference in your health and well-being. Some of the simple biohacking ideas involve altering your diet and lifestyle. You may already be doing them without even realizing it.

Some of the best biohacking ideas come from individuals who don’t even know what they’re doing. Fortunately, the benefits of biohacking are often simple and affordable. A good way to start biohacking your life is to take a look at the people who are already doing it. You can read another articles of our website to find out more about the best methods and what they’re doing.

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