8 signs that your personality is so strong that it scares people around you

8 signs that your personality is so strong that it scares people around you

In a world obsessed with security and fear, people tend to be humble and hide in crowds. For the same reason, it is understandable why such people would take as a challenge anything done differently.

But it is from those rare specimens whose spirit is strong enough to resist general opinion that we can learn much. They literally exude a self-confidence that many only dream of, and are not afraid to prove themselves in the most effective way possible.

Listed below are eight qualities of strong personalities:

1. You don’t let random people into your life

Knowing the fickleness of modern people and their unreliability, you are very careful about who you let into your life. Your philosophy of friendship is that it is better to be alone than to be surrounded by hypocrites and pretenders.

So you choose a certain number of people you call friends, and you feel happy with them. In the matter of friendship, quality is important to you, while quantity is a mere waste of time.

2. You don’t need attention

You are not one of those people who would do anything for attention. In fact, you can’t understand why people want to be liked so badly that they will do anything just to get attention.

But your character in itself attracts people around you and people who are eager to be noticed become jealous of you. People just want someone like you in their lives.

3. You don’t need approval

Sometimes people act out of character just to get outside approval. Others are relentless in their search for approval, trying to fully expose their life to others.

You do what you want to do without expecting approval, because you have you. Your strength in decision-making comes from your motivation to achieve your goals, not from whether or not someone else likes it.

4. You are repulsed by indifference, stupidity, and insensitivity

Your strength of character is the result of thoughtfulness and mastery of necessary information. You don’t like pointless decisions because you like to see how your efforts affect yourself and the world around you.

This trait is inaccessible to most people, and therefore you are quickly noticed in the crowd. You can’t stand indifferent people who, in a world full of information, prefer to remain insensitive and inattentive while they should be cautious and rational.

5. You hate talking about nothing

You can’t stand the idle chatter and dull, boring expressions that people keep repeating. Why talk about all these unimportant things when there are so many useful things to discuss?

But not only do you think it’s all a waste of time, but you just can’t understand why people stand still when there are opportunities for further development hiding at every corner, in every conversation, and in every minute.

6. You’re a great listener

People whine all the time about wanting to be heard and understood. But as soon as someone like you comes along who knows how to listen, everything changes dramatically. You see that the more you understand the person, the scarier it makes them feel. And while a small fraction of people will appreciate your attention, most of them will start complaining that they’re not being heard now.

7. You don’t accept apologies

Not only do you do without apologies yourself, but you have absolutely no tolerance for situations where someone apologizes wherever possible. You don’t have time to listen to someone’s excuses about the reasons why they failed to organize their time properly and how they blame it on some external factor.

You know very well that if you create the right attitude for yourself, even huge obstacles will not be able to hinder you. And you also understand that this does not make you special at all. Each of us can do it, it’s just a question of whether we want to do it.

8. You don’t know fear

Because all people have fears, it’s not about being fearless in the literal sense of the word. It’s about being able to manage your emotions and conquer your own fears. You know that there is always chance and probability and these forces cannot be controlled. However, you can predict them, for example, with mathematics. You are ready for twists and turns of fate and therefore ready to rush in and face everything that holds you back.

This is what makes you fearless-the ability to fight your fears and turn them into advantages. Feeling fear only increases our alertness and makes us more cautious, and you use this to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your development.

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