If you train your body, train your brain too

If you train your body, train your brain too

To be a true biohacker, you have to be not only physically, but also intellectually strong and healthy. All these things are interconnected with each other.

How pumped you are mentally also determines how healthy you will be. In addition to physical health, intelligence affects the inhibition of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Recently, scientists from Denmark conducted a study. They analyzed the level of intelligence of people at a young age and compared their physical fitness in middle age. It turned out that those who had a higher intellectual level had stronger physical qualities. This could indicate two things:

  1. Either intelligence directly affects a person’s physical health;
  2. Or more “intelligent” (as rude as that sounds to the rest of us) people are more conscious about their health.

John Barefoot of Duke University studied over 500 men and women for 15 years. He came to the conclusion that more intellectually advanced people live longer. He also proved that there is a connection between intelligence and brain activity, which can be detected by electroencephalography.

So we can conclude that physical activity affects the mind, and the mind affects our body and health. That’s how everything is interconnected. Intelligence depends on physical health, and physical health depends on intelligence.

So if you want to become a successful person through biohacking my key and universal recommendation for you: do exercise, eat right and read more books and smart blogs. You can also buy special training books for brain development. There are different exercises for the development of attention, memory, mathematical abilities, reactions, and so on.

I also advise you to keep track of your scores. That way it will be easier to motivate yourself and understand where you have been and where you are now. For this purpose, you can download any app that tracks activity, health, and other important indicators to your smartphone.

Don’t you like sports? But you don’t have to be pumped up and exhaust yourself with training. Just 15 to 30 minutes a day, such as exercising in the morning and exercising in the evening after work, is enough to keep your body toned. Even that is enough to keep your brain toned. And everything will be okay. As the French philosopher Michel Montaigne once said:

“A brain well arranged is worth more than a brain well filled”.

Fortunately, there are plenty of free apps with these exercises. Or you can do something even simpler. Just type in “brain exercises” on the Web and do all these exercises for free. In addition, you can and should pump your brain by doing new and challenging tasks. Set yourself a motivating goal, for example, it may be related to an increase in income.

Many people start biohacking to have more time, to be less tired, to increase their income. So this integrated approach (body + brain training) is something you should definitely start with. Plus you need to do something new, something more challenging, which you haven’t done before (but which also brings in more income). Where does this lead to? You will start to be more energetic. Your brain will also become more energetic as it begins to form entirely new neural connections. You win twice as much: you increase your income and pump your brain.

For my part, I also try to do many tasks differently. For example, I do some tasks with my left hand. Sometimes I choose an unfamiliar road to better learn new areas. When I come to cafes/restaurants sometimes I order dishes I have never tasted before.

Of course, good old advice would also be helpful: read more smart books, listen to more smart people. But considering that you read our blog and even more so on such a narrow subject, I’m sure that you have been following this advice for a long time. Generally speaking, people who do biohacking are unlikely to have intellectual problems.

Your intelligence depends not only on knowledge, but also on the health of your brain.

That’s why without physical activity, or with the wrong lifestyle and bad habits, your intellect begins to degenerate. That’s why it’s important to do whatever you can to help your brain: move more, eat right, meditate, drink enough water, etc.

Also keep in mind that intellectual development should be comprehensive. It is not enough to develop only memory or only attention. You need to get pumped from all sides, including:

  • reading more books;
  • develop empathy;
  • develop reaction and concentration;
  • develop stress tolerance;
  • think more and do calculations in your mind;
  • getting out of one’s comfort zone, and so on.

Some people today believe that if they read a lot of books, it means they are pumping their minds. No, that’s not quite right. Because our mind is versatile. There is a reason it has two hemispheres, several sectors, and billions of neurons. All of them are responsible for different things. That’s why you have to develop your brain in all areas, not just one area.

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