How genius children lose their ingenuity?

How genius children lose their ingenuity?

NASA found that 98% of children are born geniuses. However, the school suppresses these abilities, since its main task is to raise ordinary people, not geniuses.

The research tested 1,600 children between the ages of four and five for genius. And suddenly it turned out that 98% of the children could be called brilliant. After five years with the same children conducted new experiments, but at the age of ten years, and got the following result: instead of 98% remained 30%. Five years later the experiments were conducted again – 12% genius children remained.

Then the researchers left it and conducted a test with adults. And it turned out that among them, only 2% responded to the test of genius. The scientists concluded that the process of school, institute, etc., which is supposed to add to IQ, “kills” the genius ability in children.

Why does this happen?

Scientists at NASA believe that because this system is built on the idea of putting a small, fragile egoism into some framework and turning it into something that we need.

That is, we are breaking the child, not developing him freely. And why do we need to cram the child with these patterns of thinking in the first place? We teach him to think this way, not that way. And by doing so, of course, we disfigure him.

And how to bring up a child?

To get to the understanding of this issue, it was decided to conduct an interview with a professor.

– How to bring a child if school suppresses his genius?

– Talk calmly, freely with him, even without any topics. Only in a free style, conversation. It may even be a group of people of different ages. So that they talk about different topics and so learn from each other, from within themselves developing new topics, new possibilities. When I hear others, I begin to think, “What about me? What about me?” That’s a whole different development. What is needed is communication, simple communication between people. Everything else is created artificially, selfishly, for our selfish needs, which only raises us, as selfish people, above each other.

“We would find, perhaps, some new, proper community. I don’t think it would have been easy and simple. But if we could properly analyze our inner selfish impulses in the communication between us, we would simultaneously be able to somehow hold them, to balance them”.

– So all the same, you think there would be arguments, there would be hatred?

– Of course! Our egoistic nature does not disappear.

– And how would we extinguish it?

– Between ourselves. Explain it to each other. And if we were not entangled in all these “isms” – psychological, scientific, etc. – then it would have been easier for us. The most important thing is direct, open communication.

– And then we do not need any technical innovations, all this technical progress?

– What for? What does it give us?

– But we are talking virtually right now. I sit in one studio, you sit in another.

– Well, why do we need it? It’s just to make up for our distance somehow. We would talk to you, maybe in a different way, with different possibilities.

– Internally, even without words?

– Yes, different communication, on a different channel. On the inner connection between us. Everything comes to the fact that we give up our past attitude toward life, toward the world, toward ourselves, toward progress. My hope is that the attitude toward self and others as selfish little beings will begin to emerge more vividly, will be as if in front of the eyes of the individual himself, and he will have to change himself.

– What is the genius of man after all?

– In integration. In absolute, complete internal and external integration.

– You call a person capable of this a genius, by and large?

– Yes. If all education were directed there, then genius would be preserved and increased.

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