Examples of Creative Thinking in the Real World

Examples of Creative Thinking in the Real World

In the real world, there are many examples of creative thinking in action. For example, if your product is losing customers, conduct a survey. You may find that they are leaving because it is unusable. If you take a different approach, you might create a better onboarding process for your users or make the product more appealing to the people who have already bought it. In other cases, you might be faced with a budget crisis and need to come up with new ideas to protect your clients.

Here’s a little compilation with examples of creative problem-solving in business for your understanding:

1. A dry cleaner and a dating club

A dry cleaner in the U.S. decided to display photos of regular customers on the walls. Most of them are single, busy professionals. For many of them the “portrait gallery” gave a chance to get acquainted with people close to their lifestyle. That’s how the dry cleaners got the dating club feature, which only contributed to the popularity of the place.

2. Elephant and auto sales

A sales slump in business is always a problem. However, Chrysler got creative to remind everyone that it was their cars that were particularly reliable and durable. Their advertisement depicted an elephant standing on the roof of the car.

3. Pizza and Office Supplies

One office supply manufacturer sent out pizza boxes to potential customers. The boxes said, “Get your office order just as fast as a pizza but… without the extra calories”. Inside were several samples of the company’s products. After this creative marketing ploy, the number of new customers increased dramatically.

Why it works?

Using creative thinking can be beneficial in a number of ways. It encourages a person to question conventional wisdom and consider new possibilities. You may begin to question why a certain task or procedure is done a particular way, or why some processes are followed. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a better solution. It is the ability to question established rules and procedures that allow you to apply creativity in the real world.

As a creative thinker, you’ll be able to solve problems through your own unique perspective. It might be an unusual artist position, or it might be something highly technical. In any case, you can always draw on your creativity to come up with solutions. One of the most common ways to use creative thinking is through writing. When you’re writing, you’ll need to convey your ideas in a way that will inspire your reader to act.

Using creative thinking in the real world is an excellent strategy for overcoming problems in organizations. It allows you to think differently before jumping to conclusions. You’ll be able to solve problems that other people won’t be able to imagine. It will give you a better perspective and attitude that will help you in your job. If you’re a creative thinker, you will have an easier time applying this strategy to your work.

Besides creative thinking, innovative people can also solve problems in the real world. They listen carefully to the people around them and try to think of alternative solutions. They will spend time looking at a problem from different angles. They will often find a way to use it to create new ideas. They will also be able to come up with solutions to problems. Taking the big picture into account and using both will enable you to make changes.

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