Levels of creativity. What is the difference between them?

Levels of creativity. What is the difference between them?

Creativity is one of the most sought-after personal qualities in the realities of the modern world. However, it is worth noting that despite the fact that the word “creativity” itself has been quite firmly embedded in our everyday life, most people do not know how to measure it. People can easily call an ordinary creative person and a genius by the same word, although it is not quite correct. Why not? Because creativity has its own levels. And about them and their differences we will tell below.

1. Primitive creativity

This is an intuitive form of expression, often present in children and adults without any formal training in the arts. Their work reflects an innocent quality and is expressive of sensitivity. Naive artists also produce art for pure pleasure. Think of folk art and Grandma Moses. But productive creativity involves the creation of products with useful applications. Often, creative products are subject to constraints and are limited in scope.

2. Creation level

The second level of creativity is creation. No human being would have thought of writing Othello without the help of Shakespeare. It was a completely unique creation that would not have survived without him. It is therefore imperative that organizations identify unique creations among their employees to ensure the success of their businesses. If there are no unique creations, there will be no organizations. Fortunately, many people have the ability to generate their own unique creations.

3. Invention level

Inventing is considered the third level of creativity. This level involves the discovery of something. In the Invention level, creativity takes on a more abstract form. At the lower levels, people discover things and stumble upon them.

However, if an individual didn’t invent the telephone, it wouldn’t have been invented. Rather, it would have happened eventually. This is why it is essential to cultivate constructive conflict. Creative geniuses will often take on creative challenges. But even when there is an inherent challenge, tension can foster innovation.

4. Genius level

This is a highest level of creativity. A genius can be a rare type of creative person. They defy the rules of art and science and defy the laws of nature.

A person’s genius is an exceptional individual who can create anything. A genius is unexplainable and cannot be taught through perseverance and hard work. If they are gifted, they can use their creativity for positive ends and benefit society.

This type of person’s ability to create anything is considered unsurpassed in the world. And this level of creativeness is the most advanced level. There are no limitations to what a person can do. It’s all about being unique and creative. And a life full of passion.

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