How to force yourself to lose weight? Tips from a psychologist

How to force yourself to lose weight? Tips from a psychologist

After winter, every woman dreams to look like a princess and to catch admiring glances of the opposite sex. However, after the long winter holidays with abundant and long feasts, many are faced with the fact that by the spring women’s day they find themselves with extra pounds.

Of course, this situation can not help but cause panic in the representative of the beautiful half of mankind. More often than not, they begin to frantically search the Internet for ways to make themselves lose weight. Not everyone is worthy to endure the fight against extra pounds just because they can not find the right motivation and ways to lose weight.

If this problem is close to you, then you will definitely be interested in our article, in which we will talk about how to force yourself to lose weight and exercise. We will also consider the advice of psychologists and options for proper motivation, which is considered the most effective in the fight against obesity.

The problem of being overweight: an insider’s view

To the great regret of many women, the hated pounds are gained quickly and completely unnoticed. Usually, ladies do not notice that the daily dessert or ice cream, eaten in the evening while watching an interesting TV program, turns into a fat mass, which begins to spoil your figure.

Most often it is discovered when the extra pounds do not allow you to wear your favorite dress or suit. And here most women begin to feel a state close to panic. They turn to the Internet in search of the most effective and restrictive diet, buy a membership to a gym and consult with friends about the various beauty salon procedures that promote weight loss.

This zeal, it would seem, should lead to phenomenal results, but, as practice shows, up to the desired weight is possible to reach a very small number of women. The rest remain unsatisfied with their appearance and continue to torment the question “How to force yourself to lose weight?”.

Sometimes the search for an answer takes many years, filled with unsuccessful attempts to shed extra pounds and reach your ideal shape.

Unfortunately, psychologists have proven that the more ladies are fixated on weight problems, the harder it will be to solve this problem.

So you should not exhaust yourself with strict diets, starve yourself and set unrealistic goals. It is necessary to approach the problem of excess weight from a scientific point of view, actively using the advice of psychologists and the experience of those who have managed to defeat obesity.

To do this before you start losing weight, you need to contact various experts and carefully study the information on forums. Without this, the answer to the question “how to force yourself not to eat and lose weight” will not work. And we will try in the following sections of this article to cover this topic in as much detail as possible, so that our readers will be able to lose hateful pounds in the shortest possible time and regain their dream figure.

Lack of result is also a result

How to make yourself lose weight at home? This is what most women think about in the springtime. But many do not manage to get even close to the cherished goal. Psychologists and nutritionists assert that, of the total number of those who lose weight, almost everyone faces this problem to a greater or lesser degree. Why is it not possible to lose extra pounds? There are actually quite a few reasons for the negative result.

For example, some people deny for a long time that they are significantly overweight. They, of course, understand that their figure is far from ideal. But here they do not want to accept the need to change their lifestyle. Naturally, in this case, all methods of weight loss will be useless and rejected. And how to force yourself to lose weight, and will remain a mystery behind the seven seals.

Many people are prevented from losing extra pounds by significant restrictions in their daily diet. A person who has to change his or her eating habits feels absolutely miserable, which in return slows down the process of getting rid of the annoying fat.

Psychologists claim that there is a category of people who gain excess weight by eating sugary or fatty foods as a way to cater to any kind of stress. Once they go on a diet, they begin to experience a real panic in any stressful situation. This leads to a vicious circle of food-stress. Few people manage to get out of it.

Quite often women think about how to make themselves lose weight, under pressure from society and as a result of the imposition of any stereotypes. This pressure can be subjected not only to ladies, but also to the representatives of the stronger half of mankind. Such a category of thin people deep down are happy with their figure, but society’s opinion is decisive. As a result, a conflict forms inside, preventing the acquisition of a more graceful silhouette.

How to lose weight without torturing yourself? Psychologists believe that it is necessary to choose the right stimulus and motivation. Many women and men define them incorrectly, as a result the initial fervor is quickly replaced by laziness, and the lack of results discourages exercise and sticking to the right diet.

However, experts believe that the lack of results should never upset you. After all, this fact does not make you worse, and the weight you do not add. That is, in any case you gain invaluable experience, which in the future should be analyzed and approach the problem from a different angle.

Getting ready to lose weight

It should be understood that the process of losing weight is always not quick. Depending on your psychological type, this period may take from a couple of weeks to several months. Despite the fact that such preparation may seem superfluous to some, psychologists still advise not to neglect it. We present only a few options that will help you not to fail and confidently reach your goal, expressed in certain volumes or the figure on the scales.

If you have decided to fight against excess weight, be sure to subscribe to various groups dedicated to this topic in social networks. Useful information is often posted there, and photos and “before and after” stories of people will be a great motivator.

As proved by psychologists, visualization always gives excellent results. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to hang up all over the apartment your photos and those of people whose figure causes you admiration.

For the same purpose, you can often go to the mirror in undress. This will allow you to look at the reality of the situation and make you accept the fact that you need to seriously work on yourself.

It will be good to go shopping and buy some bright beautiful things, but they should be a couple of sizes too small. You should hang them in the most prominent places and constantly imagine how beautiful they will sit on you when the hated kilos will go away.

Also, experts say that, in addition to the final goal, you should also set yourself intermediate goals. For example, if you intend to lose twenty kilograms, then you should define how much you should lose in the first and subsequent months. And these results should be realistic and quite feasible. And for each step you can indulge yourself with some purchase or goodies. Thus, your body will not feel constrained and the weight loss process will go easier.

Those who are serious about giving battle to excess weight, you need to keep a special diary, where you will record all the achievements and feelings that they cause in you. In moments of doubt, when you want to snap and quit everything, it’s worth rereading your notes, which will be a great stimulus to move forward.

In addition, a person who is losing weight should have a scale at home. Everyone should clearly see their results, but it is recommended to weigh yourself no more than once a week. Experts write that weight tends to “jump”, and therefore the daily weight control can sometimes show results that vary significantly.

Getting rid of stereotypes

Before searching for ways to make yourself lose weight at home, it is worth considering a few common stereotypes that exist in most of those who plan to part with excess weight.

Among the most famous is the idea that a slim figure is a constant feeling of hunger and a complete rejection of tasty foods. Most likely, you think the same, but in fact, this statement is erroneous. Any nutritionist will tell you that starvation harms the body and, on the contrary, leads to weight gain. But those who lose weight should eat often and in small portions.

In this case it is not necessary to eat a monotonous diet. The Internet has a huge number of recipes for low-calorie meals, which are characterized by a great taste. If you are not lazy, you will be surprised how varied your diet has become.

Almost everyone believes that it is impossible to lose weight without harming the body. This is used by those who do not want to fight for a perfect figure and justify their obesity. But doctors say that extra pounds are very dangerous. They cause vascular problems, diabetes, can cause infertility and other diseases. But weight loss can be quite safe, if you approach the process responsibly.

It is not uncommon for women to justify their excess weight with pregnancy and recent childbirth. They say that they have hormonal restructuring, and therefore it is useless to fight the pounds. Mothers also explain the obesity in adolescents. But nutritionists say that in any situation you can and should monitor your weight, and therefore hormones have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Another stereotype is the belief that it is useless to lose weight. Such people like to say that the loss will certainly return, and therefore it is not necessary to exhaust yourself and you just need to put up with your weight once and for all. Of course, this is possible if you go back to gluttony after gaining perfect shape. But those who stick to a healthy diet have a good chance of even improving their results in a few years.

A few words about motivation

Those who are reading our article, trying to understand how to make a girl lose weight, your boyfriend or finally yourself, need to know a few simple requirements for motivation. In psychology, they are limited to two attitudes: strength and toughness.

Usually the strongest incentive to shed extra pounds is the thirst for love. If you are single, this fact may well be a great motivator. After all, beautiful people are much easier to pay attention to themselves. Also such a stimulus is good and for those whose soul mate already quite often looks at representatives of the opposite sex.

Nutritionists believe that this category can also include the habit of looking at the ingredients of the purchased products. This fairly quickly discourages the desire to buy everything and indulge in greasy, smoked and sweet things.

A tough motivation can be considered public opinion. Those who are overweight are very familiar with the feeling of whispering behind their backs and judging glances. To get rid of them, many begin to fight for their figure and then proudly show their achievements to friends and acquaintances, as well as publish photos on social networks.

Forcing yourself to lose weight: motivation

First of all, every person who dreams of losing weight must decide what he is doing it for. Practicing psychologists advise to write down on one sheet of paper in different columns all the things that you can do and feel, dropping extra pounds, and the things that torment you now. Even this alone can be a great incentive to join the fight for new volumes.

You can also help to find motivation by doing something interesting. For example, many people gain weight because they eat every free minute and boredom. If you do dancing, crafts or anything else, you will not notice how effortlessly you get rid of a few pounds.

Be sure to try to keep a positive attitude. Every day convince yourself that you can reach your goal and praise yourself for the intermediate results. A good motivator can be other people. Find others who also want to lose weight, and start losing weight together. In this case, other people’s results will spur you on all the time.

The beginning: deciding to join the fight for a good figure

Psychologists believe that the main thing in the difficult business of losing weight is to start doing something. Therefore, it is worth paying close attention to our following advices:

  1. In no case do not starve yourself and do not deny yourself the sweets. But instead of candy, for example, eat baked apples or dates. Your body will get the necessary taste sensation, but without the extra calories;
  2. Do not hesitate to inform all your family and friends about your plans. On the one hand, this will give you support, and on the other, it will not allow you to give up the idea to lose weight and stop halfway;
  3. Be sure to start exercising. As such, any physical activity will be useful. You can ride a bike, go swimming or yoga, or start running in the morning. Choose what will give you pleasure.

Forcing yourself to lose weight: psychology and secrets

It is very difficult to lose pounds without professional help. Fortunately, our psychologists are ready to share a few secrets of this process:

  1. When starting to lose weight, give up junk food and make your meals fractional. Eating five small meals a day speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight;
  2. If you really want to snack between meals, psychologists advise tricking your body. Drink a glass of pure water, which will dull the feeling of hunger for a while. In addition, water will help to eliminate toxins and make the skin firmer;
  3. Practicing psychologists recommend people who lose weight to love their bodies. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve the desired result. Thank it for every lost kilo, and then you will soon be pleased with your own reflection in the mirror.

How not to snap and stop during weight loss?

Unfortunately, many people set a goal to lose weight with the help of diets and quickly give up. If you, too, fear that a similar fate befalls you, then try to follow a few rules designed to facilitate your work on achieving an ideal figure.

  1. In the first place, always go to the store on a full stomach and buy only what is on the list prepared at home;
  2. Do not punish yourself if you snapped and ate a piece of cake or a pastry. Let it become a kind of encouragement, and the next day eat as usual;
  3. Don’t get carried away with dieting. Sometimes it takes a stressful situation in order to start the process of losing weight, which is what a diet is. But it is necessary to get out of it in time, so as not to harm yourself.

To sum it up

Many people today think about the benefits of losing weight. We think our article has revealed to you some of the secrets of this process.

However, psychologists like to specify one fact – it is impossible to force yourself to do something against your will. The main thing: that you yourself want to get rid of excess weight. In this case, the motivation will be found very quickly, and the result will be quite impressive.

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