Staying in the comfort zone. Why is this a bad idea?

Staying in the comfort zone. Why is this a bad idea?

People love new things, but global changes in life scare us. Staying in the comfort zone all the time can cause serious harm to a person. In the worst case, an individual is able to completely destroy his own life. Psychologists and bioenergetics commented on the situation.

Life is full of difficulties. It makes no sense to argue with this. Habitual way of life seems outwardly quite safe and secure refuge. Here’s just often it slowly but surely undermines the life no worse than various additional problems. Unwillingness to leave the comfort zone gradually destroys the personality.

The comfort zone is an invisible enemy that follows us all the time. People cling to unloved work, outdated relationships, tolerate bullying of others simply because of habit. A person who is in a comfort zone gradually degrades.

1. Lack of Experience

A person who lives through the same situations day after day does not care about new possibilities. Gradually the world loses its beauty and attractiveness to him. The changes going on around such a person are frightening and scary.

A person staying in the comfort zone loses precious experience and gradually lags behind in life. Negative results can occur at work, in communication with friends, on the personal front, in finances. The world is changing all the time. Missing and ignoring these changes can cause serious harm to a person.

2. Cowardice

The comfort zone is the most comfortable position a person can be in. However, constantly ignoring the need for some new action forms and reinforces cowardice. This leaves an imprint on one’s entire life. It becomes difficult for a person to make new acquaintances, demand a promotion from the boss or look for another job. Fear blocks any attempts to move forward and somehow improve one’s life.

3. Conformism

The comfort zone has destroyed many people’s dreams. Over time, a person understands that it is not worth fighting for a better share in principle, the current situation suits him completely. Fear also adds to the negativity. Deep down, a person can and is ready to take a risk and rush into battle for the previously set goals, but a sticky sense of fear of failure makes him ignore all attempts.

4. Degradation of identity

Staying in the comfort zone for a long time makes a person mentally and physically relaxed. There is nothing more to strive for. You can forget about the desired body shape or your own business. So why tear yourself away and try to improve the situation somehow? There is a more or less stable job and a comfortable couch. Salary, of course, leaves much to be desired, but at the same time there is no need to take risks.

5. The rise of vanity

Often the comfort zone leads to vanity. A person does not receive new experience, begins to think that he knows everything in the chosen direction, and stops in development. Any new information he perceives in a hostile way.

6. Indifference to the world and society

Being in the comfort zone all the time makes life drab. A person ceases to be surprised by what is going on in principle.

How to get out of self comfort zone?

There are many ways to get out of your comfort zone. Psychologists told about one of the possible options.

The first step is to start doing sports, exercising. The need to exercise periodically and maintain a rigid schedule will itself accustom the body and psyche to the additional stress. Acting after this will become easier.

The second step is to add an easy challenge to your life. For example, you can try to start getting acquainted with someone on the street, communicate with people in person more often.

The third step is the formation and maintenance of optimism. It is worth understanding that leaving your comfort zone is not a one-time action. This lifestyle needs to be maintained on a permanent basis. Naturally, because of this, various problems will appear from time to time. It is necessary to look at all the troubles in an optimistic way. Otherwise, success is not to be expected.

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