Egyptian pyramids: Is it realistic to climb to the top?

Egyptian pyramids: Is it realistic to climb to the top?

In many movies and amateur videos you can see daredevils climbing to the top of the Egyptian pyramids. But this is very dangerous. In addition, the law of this country prohibits doing so! And since recently, for climbing the pyramids is threatened from one month to 3 years in prison.

Why have the Egyptian authorities banned climbing the world-famous monuments? What is the threat of breaking the law on the pyramids?

Why do the peaks of these wonders of the world attract to themselves?

People climb the pyramids for a variety of sometimes bizarre reasons. From the top of the pyramids of Cheops and Chephren you can admire not only the desert, but also the magnificent view of Cairo, especially beautiful at night and at dawn.

The pyramids also offer an extreme attraction. Climbing, for example, to the top of the tomb of Cheops at 138 meters is like standing above the desert and Cairo on the roof of a 40-story building. But there are stranger ideas for conquering the tops of the pyramids, from extravagant gratification to religious rituals. Those who have been to the top have seen that they are not the first to be there, there are traces of previous visitors everywhere.

Egyptian pyramids: Is it realistic to climb to the top?

But now any attempts to go to the top of the pyramids in Egypt are punished more severely. While previously the authorities treated extreme tourists loyally, mostly preferring to deport them instantly and close their entry into the country, today they face a real prison sentence.

By the way, Egyptian authorities have long been struggling with this problem. And they have reasons to tighten the laws. In 2016, a young German broke the rules and climbed to the top of the pyramid. He was caught and deported from Egypt without the right to return to the country. Several tourists were arrested, one was even given a sentence of several years (for vandalism). Unfortunately, such cases were not uncommon. A few years ago, a woman tourist filmed an obscene film in front of the pyramid, for which she was prosecuted by Egyptian authorities.

But since 2020 even without vandalism or immoral actions climbing the pyramids for tourists became punishable. The authorities amended the law. Now the conquerors of the pyramids are imposed a real term of 1 month in the Egyptian prison and a fine of about $5500. And the last does not cancel imprisonment.

Why the Egyptian authorities so persistently prohibit attempts to climb the tops?

Worn of pyramids

Contrary to the well-known saying, the Egyptian pyramids have suffered greatly from time.

Egyptian pyramids: Is it realistic to climb to the top?

Tourists climbing the peaks cause irreparable damage. People climbing the pyramids, especially with mountaineering equipment, damage the already crumbling stones.

But in addition, tourists try to break off and pick up the pieces. Many do it not only for a souvenir, but also to take for analysis and to make sure that the pyramids are made of natural stone in ancient times.

Finally, numerous vandals damage the monuments with graffiti, inscriptions, trash, etc. The local authorities see it as disrespect for the ancient history and heritage of Egypt.

Insecurity of ascent

Another reason the Egyptian authorities explain the tightening of the law is the danger. Closer to the top, the wind has already made the limestone unreliable. With external integrity, at any moment the stone can crumble underfoot. There have been accidents before.

For example, several years ago a religious fanatic climbed to the top of the pyramid of Cheops to pray. But the threshold he had climbed up began to crumble. As a result, he stopped and started screaming for help. Eventually the man had to be removed by helicopter. And sent him to the police station!

Egyptian pyramids: Is it realistic to climb to the top?

These are the stories you can find on the forums:

“I was in Egypt for the first time in 1997. You could climb and jump on the pyramids and touch everything. The police stood aside and were not interested in anything. The tourists were taking pictures on the 1st-3rd tiers. And there was no desire to go higher, because the blocks are high. It is uncomfortable and difficult to jump down on them. To rise on 140 m is not an easy trial. The second time was on pyramids in 2005. All has sharply changed. A rope was stretched round the pyramids and policemen were placed near it. You can go near the pyramid of course, like everything else you can’t in Egypt. For 5…10 dollars. But somehow the second time and did not want”.

So, now there’s no way to climb?

Theoretically it is still possible to do it, but you should understand that the risks have increased many times. The prohibitions in Egypt are specific, not like in the rest of the world. So, according to the information of mountain climbers, for a bribe you can agree with the guards to climb the first two tiers of the pyramid on the side that is not visible from the Giza police garrison.

There is another solution to get around the ban – try to climb the pyramids when the police are still asleep or have a shift change. Extremes try to do it before sunrise on the south or east side, which is not visible from the garrison. They calculate their time so that when they descend, they try to sneak away from the police, go straight to the plane and fly out of the country.

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