What are the stewardesses hiding from us?

What are the stewardesses hiding from us?

Most people get nervous when flying an airplane. And so the primary task of flight attendants is to calm down the passengers, to create a comfortable psychological environment for them.

But stewardesses are not only subtle psychologists, but also have many other skills, of which we do not even guess. What are they? Read about it below in our new article.

Food on board

The first secret: the stewardesses not only serve different food to the passengers, but also to the pilots of the plane. For safety reasons, both the first and the co-pilot must eat different food, they are not allowed to eat the same thing.

The second secret: the flight attendants do not bring the pilots the same food as the passengers. There is a special diet for pilots, in particular excluding hard-to-digest foods (e.g. duck, beans, mushrooms, cabbage). They are also not supposed to be served chopped meat because it is more likely to contain dangerous bacteria than other foods (e.g. beefsteaks or fillets).


The second most important task for stewardesses, after psychological comfort, is flight safety. For this reason they often have to deal with drunk and inadequate people, look them in the eye, looking for bad intentions (yes, they are also trained for this).

What are the stewardesses hiding from us?

All the sweetness and friendliness of such beauties can quickly evaporate if you arouse some suspicion. Try asking the flight attendant something like: “Where is the black box on the plane?” and I’m sure you’ll get the scathing reply: “None of your business”. Because flight safety is above politeness.

By the way, about black boxes on airplanes. They’re actually hidden away from people, they’re also not black, they’re orange. And yes, they really can’t be destroyed, because the material used to make the box doesn’t break down even when exposed to extreme temperatures and pressure and falling from great heights.

Seat belts

It is common fact that stewardesses strictly ensure that all passengers are wearing their seat belts. However, not many people know that stewardesses themselves do not know exactly when passengers need to buckle up. Yes, there are mandatory times of boarding and takeoff, but at other times stewardesses are guided by the same inscription on the board as you are.

What are the stewardesses hiding from us?

By the way, about the scoreboard. There is a separate toggle switch for it in the cockpit. And so often it happens that they just forget about it. Because of that, the passengers have to fly with their seatbelts on longer than safety requires.

Interference from switched on cell phones

It is unclear how and because of what there was the belief that phones can somehow interfere with pilots. But the belief was formed and everyone believed it.

In fact, airplane equipment and cell phones have completely different frequencies and communication devices. And there is not a single piece of evidence in the world that proves that a smartphone on makes it difficult for the crew to work.

Oxygen masks

These things are hidden above your seats on the plane. And they fly out automatically if there is a possible cabin depressurization.

All this is well-known facts, you might say. Yes, it is. But did you know: that it takes only 15-30 seconds to put this thing on? Yes, that’s how long at high altitude it takes for our brain to lose consciousness. Why don’t the flight attendants talk about this? And what to do if you’re not in your seat, or you’re in the bathroom, or you fall asleep? That’s the question.

What are the stewardesses hiding from us?

Сircling of plane before takeoff

We suppose it annoys many of you when you’re seated in your seat, the plane is moving and circling and moving and circling. And you think: “Gosh, but when is it going to take off?”.

Some people think that during this time the pilots are somehow preparing for takeoff on purpose, so they need time. In fact, that’s partly true. The other part of this truth is that at major airports, planes take off and land every 1-2 minutes. So pilots circle the plane on airport roads just waiting for their turn on the runway.


Flight attendants are not afraid of turbulence and so they reassure passengers quite sincerely. Why aren’t they afraid? Because turbulence itself has practically no effect on the flight. Yes, plane shakes and “chattering”, but it continues to fly as it should. The engineers have thought it all through.

What are the stewardesses hiding from us?


Flight attendants and pilots are trained to communicate with each other not only with words, but also with code gestures and signs. This is necessary in the case of hijacking an airplane.

Naturally all these gestures and signs are kept in the strictest secret. But something interesting has been leaked to the media. So, for example, if the plane landed at the airport and did not lower the flaps on the wings, it’s a sign to the air traffic controller that something is wrong on board.

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