30 things we usually regret very much in our old age

30 things we usually regret very much in our old age

Life is too short to waste it on insults, to endure bad attitudes, to worry about what others will say about you. It is necessary to live here and now, and only we can make ourselves happy.

However, it’s not all that simple. There are some things you should definitely pay attention to before you grow old, otherwise you will have a lot of regrets.

1. About not having traveled enough

As a person gets older, it’s harder to travel. He has a family, children, responsibilities, and health problems. And he begins to regret that he did not go to the countries of his dreams when he was young, especially since he had such an opportunity.

2. About living in a toxic relationship for a long time

It’s a relationship where you just put up with it, try not to see the problems, turn a blind eye to them, and wait for things to change. However, years go by and nothing changes. And then, unfortunately, you realize that you just wasted your time, that you should have stopped the relationship much earlier.

3. About not using sunscreen when sunbathing

The sun gives us light and joy, but it also spoils our skin very badly, causing many sores and premature aging. To avoid skin problems, you need to take care of your skin from a young age.

4. About not attending a concert of favorite artist

Even though there was such an opportunity. Very often people don’t go to concerts of favorite artists because of urgent matters, or lack of time, or because we were sorry for money. We calm ourselves and think that the next time we will definitely get to the concert. But life is unpredictable: favorite artists or bands can dramatically curtail their careers, break up, or even die. And that’s when you realize what you’ve lost.

5. About some wanted so badly, but didn’t dare to do it

We are afraid of many endeavors – that’s a fact. We are afraid of failure, of making mistakes, of appearing foolish, or of losing money.

However, the older you get, the more philosophical you are thinking about it all. The question in your head arises: “What was I so afraid of?”. You understand that you can’t move forward without risk. If you want something, you have to try, go forward, make mistakes, fall down, get up and go on. And in old age you realized one more interesting thing: that the risk of endeavor was not as great as it seemed when you were young.

6. About not exercising

A young body can withstand tremendous exertion. And when a person turns 40, 50 or more, he can only dream about what he could do before.

7. About thinking and living stereotypically

We live in the information age. We are surrounded by information that is thrust upon us everywhere: television, Internet, social networks, billboards. And all this creates certain stereotypical ways of thinking. And these stereotypes are often wrong and harmful for our development.

In old age comes the realization that the world actually works differently. And comes understanding the fact that for many years you’ve been filling your head with completely unnecessary things, instead of building a better world in and around you. So there is no need to think in stereotypical terms. Develop your thinking, read more, learn more on your own.

8. About working long at a job you hate

Yes, we must work to live. We need to earn money to buy food, clothes, and pay the bills. And sometimes we simply have no choice where to work.

But remember: a job you hate will get you nothing but money. You won’t become a better person, you won’t be able to grow. And if you don’t try to change the situation, and plow through your whole life at a job you hate, you can wake up one day and realize that you’ve spent 30-40 years living like hell.

9. About not recognizing own beauty

Many people are not happy with their appearance, and only with the years comes an acceptance of themselves. But why not realize all your beauty today?

10. About rarely saying “I love you” to loved ones

We communicate with people, and we think they know how we feel. Or we put our words off until later. Unfortunately, it so happens that later it is too late, and we blame ourselves for not saying a simple “I love you”.

11. About not thinking parental advice was important

Parents are the closest people in our lives. Only they can love us always unrequitedly, just for the fact that we exist.

But do teenagers listen to their parents? Even at an older age, people consider the opinions of their “elders” to be nothing more than opinions. And that’s wrong. Because when you become old, you suddenly realize that what your parents told us about life is true.

12. About being selfish

A one wise man once said: “By showing selfishness we lose friends”. And it’s true. It is very hard to realize that your behavior has alienated many people who could have been your friends in your old age.

13. About worrying about other people’s opinions

As the years go by, you don’t care about the approval or disapproval of others. So why worry about it now?

14. About not fulfilling own dreams

Instead of supported others. Supporting other people and ideas is certainly a good thing, but you shouldn’t give up on yourself!

15. About you took offense at your loved ones a lot

As you get older, you realize that there are no perfect people in the world, that we all have our shortcomings. And if that person is dear to you, it is better to accept them as he/she are, than to be constantly offended and criticized. You won’t change anything with your irritable behavior. Life is too short to waste it on negative emotions.

16. About not helping those in need

There are many weak, destitute and sick people in the world who need help everyday. And you don’t necessarily need money to help them. Sometimes it’s just help in crossing the street, help to carry a heavy bag to the car or just a gift of something you don’t need. Even such small efforts on our part will make life easier for these people, and bring you joy and satisfaction.

In addition, you may find other positive aspects of this approach. For example, you might make a new friend.

17. About not taking care of your teeth

When a person is young, they sometimes neglect the advice of dentists or older people. That from a young age we should perform oral hygiene, remove tartar, floss, and visit the dentist two times per year. These seem like unnecessary things. But when you get older and you have fewer and fewer teeth and more and more dentures, you realize that you shouldn’t have neglected it.

18. About not having much contact with grandparents

These people can tell you so many fascinating things about your family, your ancestors, family accomplishments, hereditary diseases and talents. But we often rarely talk to our grandparents. And the realization comes too late: when they die.

19. About working too hard

Each of us wants our family to live well. But you still need to pay attention to your loved ones, spend more time with them, travel, and rest. In old age a person strongly regrets that he spent almost all his time only on work.

20. About not learning how to cook

That’s the regret men usually come to in their old age. Since cooking in families is considered purely a woman’s job. It’s understandable, but…

In old age, we start treating food differently. We don’t need as much food as we used to, and we value originality and taste more than calories. And at this point we realize that cooking is a very interesting and entertaining thing.

21. About not appreciating moments

Our whole life is made up of moments, but they sometimes seem unimportant on the way to our goal. But sometimes you just have to press pause and enjoy the present.

22. About not finishing what started

During the life we starts and quits dozens of undertakings. In youth and middle age we want to have time to do a lot of different things, to try everything as soon as possible. We think that we have plenty of time, that we will have time for everything.

In old age comes the realization that all activities and hobbies have no limit in perfecting. And what we felt at the beginning of these activities is only a couple of percent of what we could have achieved.

23. About not been grateful

We’ve talked about the importance of gratitude more than once on our blog. Because it is a key factor to a happy life.

Even if your life seems insignificant to you and you don’t want to be thankful to God, the Universe and your family, just think about this: the probability that you came into this world is 1 in 4000000000000000000000! That’s what scientists have calculated. So at least thank nature that you were born a human being with such a probability, not a fly or mushroom.

24. About not being able to let go of a relationship

The world is so arranged that people meet and then part. And you have to learn to let go of a relationship right away. Unfortunately, most people suffer for a long time at first, wasting energy and time, and then they realize that it’s long over and they need to move on with their lives.

25. About not playing enough with children

Children grow up very quickly. While they are small, they really need their parents, but then the interference in the life of their ancestors is not so important, and sometimes it starts to get annoying.

So play with your little ones more often, do not ask them to shut up, leave your room, leave you alone. As you get older, you will have peace, but the little ones won’t be around anymore.

26. About being afraid to take risks

Sometimes one bold action can dramatically turn a life around for the better. But, of course, a misstep can also happen. And, how do you know if you’re lucky or not if you don’t take risks?

27. About not trying to maintain your contacts

We are talking about the fact that when we move to another city or another country, we often lose touch with our old friends, distant relatives, classmates, etc. In old age you come to realize that it was a mistake.

28. About worrying a lot

How will you make a difference if you worry about it? Most of what you worry about doesn’t happen.

29. About doing bad things

We are not going to talk about morality here. After all, everyone evaluates for himself in his own way: what is good and what is bad. But usually, by old age, the difference between these concepts becomes almost the same for everyone. And then, in those awkward moments when your grandson asks: “Grandpa, what did you do back then?” you suddenly realize that there’s not much to tell.

30. About seldom hugging loved ones

Time spent with loved ones is priceless. Now your significant other, your children, your parents are there for you. And right now you can hug them, kiss them, spend time with them. Because then you may not have that opportunity!

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