What does the Otherworldly smell in your home?

What does the Otherworldly smell in your home?

It is possible to feel that there is a place in the house for otherworldly things, not only by seeing these unusual phenomena out of the corner of your eye, or by feeling that someone is watching you. Usually, guests from the other world can smell in a certain way, and it is these or those smells that most often mean that there is someone near you.

So which things in your home are better to throw away? And why? The point is that the presence of the otherworldly can both tell you that an Entity has accidentally passed you by, and that your home may contain crypt, or that you have been inflicted with Black magic. This is why it is better to get rid of such unfavorable energetic things in your house as soon as possible.

Let’s understand what smells a person will sense if there is a place for the otherworldliness near him/her.

The smell of sour milk

Usually, the appearance of such an odor accompanies all sorts of bad spirits and demons, which are sent by black sorcerers to their victims. If a thing in the house smells of sour milk, it is better to get rid of it immediately.

The smell of burning paper

This smell is most often linked to all sorts of demonic things. Although demons can be bad as well as good. In any case, it is better not to take any chances and if you find such an item in your home, it should be thrown away immediately.

The smell of sulfur

This is a very negative smell. If objects in your house smell of sulfur, then know that it most often indicates the appearance of entities of a dark nature in your home, as well as the incantation of spoilage on a person. Throw such a thing away without hesitation.

The smell of garbage

The accumulation of garbage in the house is a negative phenomenon in itself. But if the furniture or other interior objects begins to smell like garbage, then it is even more unkind sign.

In esotericism, it is believed that trash smells like bad guests from the other worlds. For example, vampire entities, necro-essences, and the dead from cemeteries can smell like this. It is worth noting that the smell of garbage is the easiest to feel, since it is the most intrusive. It is necessary to get rid of such things immediately, because the carriers of this smell disturb a person long and tediously enough.

What does the Otherworldly smell in your home?

A very luscious smell of sweets

This is a very dangerous smell in the home. It often portends the imminent death of one of the household members or people around your house, for example a neighbor. That is, if this strange smell appears out of nowhere in your home, you should be worried.

Unfortunately, getting rid of items with such an odor does not guarantee that you will avoid the consequences. Although, in any case, such items in the house are not appropriate.

The smell of rotting autumn leaves

It can also, like the luscious sweet smell, indicate that death is about to come to your home or a neighbor’s home. Sometimes, though, the smell of rotting leaves smells like unsettled entities that have settled in your home. They may have gotten in after visiting a cemetery (when a dead person glued to you).

There are many subtleties, but one way or another, this smell is not good. Therefore, throw away such items without regret.

Smell of frankincense

This is a relatively harmless smell, indicating that you have been inflicted with magic through the church. The magic itself comes in many forms, but usually it has to do with envy. In view of this, you may start to have unexpected problems with money or marriage. That’s why it is better to throw away such items as soon as possible.

Let’s recap

So, above we have analyzed 7 types of smells. Of course, these are not all of the otherworldly smells in the home, just the most common ones. But 97% of the time, it’s enough to know there’s something wrong with your home.

If you smell a strange odor in your home that just didn’t come from anywhere, that’s a reason to think that someone from the otherworld has appeared near you. It can be a random visitor, it can come into your house with someone, or maybe you picked up this entity yourself, or you were put some unpleasant magic.

Either way, if the smell is not a one-time thing, but is present regularly, you should definitely be concerned and find its source and throw it away. This is necessary to expel otherworldly forces from your dwelling. Act quickly. If you slow down with this, unpleasant consequences can happen.

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