How to achieve harmony with yourself and the world around?

How to achieve harmony with yourself and the world around?

Psychologists say: Every human being strives to achieve inner harmony with himself, with the outside world, and with others. Harmony is a mental balance, when reality fully corresponds to your inner state.

It all sounds nice, but in today’s reality is almost unrealistic to meet one hundred percent harmonious personality: we all live in constant stress, one stressful situation replaces another and so on in a circle. And what to say about the not the best environment, serious stress at work, unpleasant people around?

The list is endless, and you can not put up with the internal problems. Only when you are in harmony with yourself, you can safely say that you are living a happy and fulfilled life. So where do you start on the road to becoming a harmonious person?

Write a wish list

Any goal is achieved only if you have a clear idea of why and where you are striving. Only this way you can find harmony with yourself. Psychologists recommend to start with a personal list of wishes and desires:

  1. First, you need to start with improving relations with your immediate environment, with those people with whom you are in contact most often in everyday life;
  2. Secondly, you need to engage in analysis of his own mood and come to no one person, no external situation is not reflected on your condition;
  3. Thirdly, the full satisfaction we feel when we reach your goals. Above this, too, have to thoroughly work;
  4. Fourthly, to feel the same mental balance, we have to start enjoying every day and set up in the morning just to be positive, even when the window is gray, the problems come over your head, and it seems that there is no reason to smile.

Rule your negative emotions

How to achieve harmony with yourself and the world around?

It is unfortunate, but virtually every person faces the damaging effects of negative emotions, stress and toxic people willy-nilly on a daily basis. All of these things combine to deal a serious blow to our quality of life.

It is impossible to completely avoid negativity in our lives, because that is how modern society works. But you can learn to manage and rule your negative emotions.

Harmony is a fragile state that not everyone is able to achieve, especially not only in your own inner world, but also in the environment. You will have to seriously work on changing your habits, setting your priorities correctly, getting rid of things and people that negatively affect not only your emotional, but also your physical state. And thus achieve harmony with yourself.

Start eating healthy

We are what we eat. We suppose we are all familiar with this phrase, but most people ignore the importance of good nutrition. Yet healthy food has a direct impact on our quality of life.

Psychologists advise eating less fast food and including more natural ingredients in your diet. First of all, we are talking about products that are grown and prepared without the use of chemical and food additives.

How to achieve harmony with yourself and the world around?

Your food is your health. It’s the only way. It’s long been proven that the more organic your diet is, the better not only your physical but also your emotional health. Make an experiment, tonight refuse a delicious pizza or flavorful cola – and the next morning you will not only easier to wake up, but you will feel light and free. This is where the harmony of man with himself begins.

Abandon all unnatural things

The human being is a child of nature and our body is also its child. Nature has programmed our body so that it feels good surrounded by natural things: clean air, water, grass, extracts and other gifts of nature. On the contrary, by using various unnatural products (such as cosmetics) you create a dissonance of your body with nature. Many cosmetic products contain elements that at first glance do not cause any concern, but have a cumulative effect. And using them for a long time can seriously affect the quality of your health.

In addition to cosmetics, household chemicals (including various household cleaning products) also harm our health. Most cleaning products contain harmful substances which can have a negative effect on your well-being.

Take walks more often. Breathe fresh air

How to achieve harmony with yourself and the world around?

Walking in the fresh air is one of the most important parts of our health.

Of course, if you live in a non-environmental area, it is quite difficult to do so. In this case, try to make it a habit to take walks in the parks nearby. Fresh air and clean lungs are important points if you are on the way to achieving the cherished harmony with yourself and the world around you.

Psychologists have long proved that walking is not only good exercise, but also one of the most effective methods of combating laziness. Many rich and famous people often say that walking gives them time to think about all the things that are bothering them and even to find the best way to solve these problems. For good health and sound sleep we just need fresh air. So do not even think of refusing a trip to nature with family or friends.

Learn how to meditate

Controlling our thoughts can often be very difficult, especially in an urban environment where we are surrounded by a huge amount of people and cars. The noise creates confusion in our thoughts, which prevents us from right sleeping, right eating, right communicating, and just thinking rationally.

How to achieve harmony with yourself and the world around?

Manage your environment

All the rules described above are very important for inner harmony, but it is impossible to achieve this feeling if you are surrounded by a negative environment, if you are surrounded by people who emit only negativity. Such personalities are usually called “energy vampires” because they feed off your emotions and life force.

If you strive for harmony, minimize communication with those who cause you increased irritability, leads to stress, which leads to headaches, problems not only with mood, but also with health. Let there will be those who causes only happy emotions, inspires, motivates self-development and to accomplish good deeds.

If it is not possible to get rid of unpleasant people, you will have to learn to remain calm and not to take negative attacks to heart. It is also recommended to compensate for communication with energy vampires by communicating with people who are pleasant to you.

Of course, this does not mean that all people should be cut out of one’s life and become a “loner”. Many people attribute their failures, lack of harmony and happiness to this factor (i.e., the factor of negative environment). In fact, this is a wrong point of view. As one wise man said: “It’s not the environment that makes us happy, it’s us”. Remember this.

How to achieve harmony with yourself and the world around?

Appreciate yourself adequately

In order to overcome life’s difficulties with minimal losses, it is only necessary to assess oneself adequately. Only thanks to this person finds the strength to fight the fear of arising problems and to find ways to solve them.

Yes, we are not a million dollars to please everyone. There will always be those who will judge us, who will not understand us. How to achieve harmony with yourself?

Just recognize the fact that it’s impossible to be a high achiever in all areas of life, but only by wanting something badly are we able to achieve any goals, despite the obstacles that arise along the way. Yes, we are not perfect and mistakes in life can not be avoided. Accept it and move on to the intended path, without splashing out on nothing.

Harmony is living in the present

The main rule of life is simple – don’t forget that the most important moment in life is right here and now! Only when you cast aside thoughts of what you don’t have will you feel that joy of the present moment. The burden of the past often causes only negative emotions, so learn to analyze your condition.

Psychologists recommend at the end of each day to reflect on who and what causes you even a minimal change of mood for the worse. Do not forget those thoughts in which you criticize, ridicule and do not accept yourself. Learn to observe yourself carefully from the outside.

The best aid in achieving inner harmony with oneself is meditation. Repeat out loud in every free minute the following words: “I love myself”, “I believe in myself”, “I accept myself as I am, with all my emotions and feelings”. Just try it, and you will immediately notice how your own perception of yourself will change. And you won’t have to think about how to achieve harmony with yourself anymore, because you will be closer to this state than ever before.

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