A 3-meter beach and a lodge. How do people live on the tiniest island?

A 3-meter beach and a lodge. How do people live on the tiniest island?

The photo above is not photoshop and it’s not a fisher’s barn or abandoned warehouse of something, but a full-fledged lodge, where people live!

It just so happens that this island, called “Just-Room-Enough Island”, was bought by the Siseland family. They thought long and hard about what to do with it. And they came up with nothing better than to build a house on it. After that, this island entered the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest inhabited island in the world!

This site is near Alexandria Bay, New York, and is one of 1,864 islands on the St. Lawrence River. “Just-Room-Enough Island” is so small that after the construction of a small house, it has only room for a miniature beach and a single tree.

Located between New York and Ontario, the mini island is 306.6 m2, which is even smaller than the size of a tennis court. That’s why the couple joked during the construction of the house that there was no way they could play tennis on the lawn.

A 3-meter beach and a lodge. How do people live on the tiniest island?

Today, “Just-Room-Enough Island” is considered the smallest inhabited island in the world. And it seems that this title will stay with it for a long time.

Why? Because such small islands, suitable for year-round life, near civilization are left few in the world. And to build a smaller house will not so easy. Even the previous record for the tiniest inhabited island (which belonged to Bishop’s Rock Island) was given with a stretch, to put it mildly – because the island was built not a house, but a lighthouse, which lived in.

How does it feel to live in a mini-home surrounded on all sides by water?

According to the Sizelands, living in such a house is quite comfortable. Yes, the rooms are very small and can be cramped, but on the whole the hut is very comfortable. The house has a living room, kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom upstairs. So there is a enough place to live.

According to Siseland, the biggest problem in building the house was the delivery of building materials and the choice of furniture. The first ones were brought by special boats, and the furniture was chosen as compact as possible.

The Siseland family recalls the story itself with a smile:

“We happened to discover in the newspaper the sale of a modest but picturesque land plot in the middle of the river in 1950. And for some reason we immediately decided to buy it. After that, it just stood empty for about 15 years. The decision to build a house on an island on the outskirts of New York was made much later (in the late 1960s). Why did we make that decision? We just got tired of New York and wanted a quiet life away from the noisy streets and we did it. A house was built for comfortable living, a tree was planted next to it, and three chairs were placed on a 3 m2 sandy beach. When our friends first came to visit, they told us we were crazy”.

A 3-meter beach and a lodge. How do people live on the tiniest island?

In general, it should be noted that this family not only has strong nerves, but also is all right with humor. They renamed this piece of land to the island “Just-Room-Enough”.

But the hopes for a quiet private life of this couple, unfortunately, did not come true. The fact is that this island was located along the tourist routes and many tourists, noticing this hut, persistently observe the residents from the boats and yachts.

Fortunately for the Siselands, this only happens during the daytime. Tourist navigation along this river route is prohibited at night.

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