When we radiate light, we irritate those who live in darkness

When we radiate light, we irritate those who live in darkness

Envy is such a terrible feeling. Envy is worse than even hunger, because it is not a physical hunger, but a spiritual hunger. When a person feels good, when everything in his life is going well, he begins to irritate those who do not have such a perfect life.

I think you have experienced this situation many times. A joyful event happened in your life, you rush to share it with people close to you, but in response you hear only condemnation, you see dissatisfied looks. This is very unpleasant and offensive!

So you’re just not interested in such people, in principle, just as you don’t really care about them. Yes, there are real friends who will support you and rejoice with you. But there are some people who have the total darkness inside, and unfortunately we have to communicate with them.

Like it or not, you have to avoid envious people. Because those who have darkness in their souls, that poison our emotions and put out our light.

The light of other people’s souls begins to provoke anger and irritation in envious people. With their anger, people with darkness inside want to take our light away from us in order to feel better. They want to spoil our mood, to devalue our achievements and success in order to become much brighter, better on our background.

Sometimes such people pretend to be bright and desirable. Like some mushrooms, which look very beautiful, but are poisonous and dangerous to life. So do people with darkness on the inside: they rub our trust in them, they may swear eternal love and friendship, but they poison our lives when they get the chance. All this just so that we cannot spread the light with our joy.

Communicating with such people leads to the fact that we go out, and then for a long time we cannot come to our senses. We begin to stunt, our moods deteriorate, and some may even become depressed!

Everyone tells their joy in different ways. Someone, for example, writes posts on social networks. As is now fashionable with bloggers, they write about some pleasant event for them on their Instagram page, so that subscribers share the light with them. But there are a lot of haters, who are sure to humiliate, insult, devalue the joy and success. It can not be worse than when in a great mood you share your joy with others, but in response you get unpleasant words and envious sniffles. And all your joy and happiness at this moment as if “by hand takes away”.

When we feel good, we are used to not hiding it. We tell our interlocutor about something good that happened in our life, and we expect at least a smile in return, not to mention delight. But it’s not there. And it becomes so disgusting on the soul that it’s hard to put into words.

When light meets darkness, the former begins to fade. It seems as if the wings have been clipped, the emotions weaken, and all the joy disappears.

If this is something you often encounter with your friend, it’s probably time to think: “What are you even doing together?”. Happiness itself is contagious, but only for those who are able to share it with another and can also shine from within. Yes, happiness is not contagious for everyone. In people with darkness inside, the joy of others begins to cause discomfort, envy, anger and spite. And it’s not about you, it’s about their inadequate reaction, which can be connected with their personal complexes and some traumas.

Perhaps all of us have “friends” around us who, even if they praise and encourage us, do so in a way that leaves an unpleasant residue. At first you feel uncomfortable, but then you look closely and realize that this has nothing to do with you or the situation. What is the problem with such people? Such a person is so unhappy with himself that he tries to find a flaw in everything around him, in order to balance his sense of self with the world and the people around him.

A true friend is one who rejoices in your successes with you!

A happy person never wishes something bad to others, because in his/her feeling of self there is no bad and, accordingly, there is no such thing in his/her thoughts. A happy person sees something beautiful and pleasant even in an ordinary day, because it is in his sense of himself and he will wish something beautiful and pleasant to others and do it!

We cannot be responsible for the happiness of all people on Earth. And we don’t need to fit in with anyone.

Don’t blame yourself for the fact that you are doing so well right now and someone else is doing worse. Is it your fault? No, of course not! Don’t make excuses for those around you who wish you ill, who are unhappy with your happiness!

So just shine your light! Let your light illuminate the world around you with joy and kindness. Don’t let people of darkness get in your way. Just remove them from your life as you continue to shine and step forward boldly!

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