From homelessness to millionaire: 18 rules for enrichment by Andres Pira

From homelessness to millionaire: 18 rules for enrichment by Andres Pira

Do you think it is possible to change your behavior so that you can go from a person who can barely afford to eat to a person who can afford not to deny himself anything? Andrés Pira proved that it is possible.

Andrés Pira is an entrepreneur and millionaire, a successful man who started his journey to success literally from scratch. His story is inspiring and motivating.

He was born in Sweden, but decided to move to Thailand as a teenager. He didn’t like the cold, plus his goal was to explore the world. He got to know the world, just not the way he expected it to be. After a couple of years, Pira was penniless and forced to live on the streets.

Given the lack of options, Pira called his Swedish friend, whom he had not spoken to since his departure, and asked him for help. However, the friend said he would not give him any money and either jokingly or seriously suggested that he try visualization techniques.

Full of anger and regret that he didn’t get the money and support he had hoped for, Pira decided to challenge and prove that the theses of “The Secret” (a film about the benefits of visualization) were wrong. And the law of attraction is complete nonsense that doesn’t work.

This is how he recalls that time:

“I was very poor. I literally had nothing to eat. I remember those times with horror. But you can’t change the past. Sometimes the dark past has to stay in the past so you can move forward and create a brighter future”.

Pira began with a humble visualization – a hot mug of coffee. Although success did not happen overnight, over time, to his surprise, this method allowed him to break free from homelessness and set him on a path that changed his life. He got into construction, started consulted developers and them building hotels. And he hit the spot! The money flowed like a river. He started earning more and more, and a line of people lined up for his consultations. A few years passed and Andrés Pira turned his life as a beggar in a foreign country into the life of a millionaire!

From homelessness to millionaire: 18 rules for enrichment by Andres Pira

Andres Pira is now one of the biggest developers in southern Thailand. He is the founder and CEO of Blue Horizon Developments. His award-winning development company is responsible for some of the most luxurious resorts in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

In total, Andres Pira manages about a dozen companies with hundreds of employees. His business focuses primarily on real estate and investment, but he is also active in other industries including health and fitness, gastronomy and live events.

Here is what Pira says to the criticism of those who envy him:

“A lot of people say to me: ‘You’re just lucky’. Or worse: ‘You bent over for the bigwigs who helped you’. So what of it? I had no other choice. And it might not have happened at all. I arrived penniless in a country, whose language and culture I did not know. No one knew me and I didn’t know anyone at first. However, I made a lot of effort and found a way out of a seemingly lost situation. If I could do it, so can you”.

The secrets and principles of Andrés Pira’s success

From homelessness to millionaire: 18 rules for enrichment by Andres Pira

What exactly did Pira learn from his travels on deserted beaches (where he slept when he was homeless), and at the luxurious seaside resorts where he spends much of his time now?

In fact, the millionaire is not hiding any secrets. On the contrary, he has written a book, in which he talks about 18 principles for attracting wealth, creating opportunities and effective self-development and self-discovery.

1. Lead a life focused on purpose

Knowing exactly what you want out of life is the first principle of attracting wealth. You must define your specific goals and clearly define what matters to you. The key is to keep that goal in mind and be open to adjusting course as new opportunities arise.

2. You have to take risks, take responsibility and mobilize yourself when the situation calls for it

Today everyone is looking for stability and security. But I’ll tell you this sharply: “Only beggars and corpses have stability in this life”.

You have to take risks – that’s the only way you can make a difference in your life. You must learn to step out of your comfort zone, to step over yourself. All development comes through pain and suffering. If you are afraid of that, you will never be rich.

Of course, taking a risk can also make you lose. But taking no risk, doing nothing, will make you more likely to lose. Taking risks means that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions. Taking risks means that you are truly focused on what you are doing, that you are living your business.

3. Focus your thoughts on “I am and I am good”

No one in this world owes you anything. So to become rich and successful you must focus on yourself.

You have to motivate yourself better than anyone else. Personally, I was motivated by the following phrases:

  • “I am healthy because nothing in this world can give me much pleasure”;
  • “I am happy because happiness is the fundamental key to my success and well-being”;
  • “I’m not strong enough to get to the top yet, but I’m working hard at it”;
  • “I am helpful because there is no greater feeling than helping others without expecting anything in return”.

4. Make time for reflection your priority

When you take time to be yourself, you can practice self-care. It’s also a great way to reflect and focus on what lies ahead.

If you feel guilty about spending time alone, remember that spending time on yourself doesn’t mean you’re being selfish. It means you are loyal to both yourself and those you serve.

5. Set daily goals for yourself

I use a diary for this, in which I write something new in the morning. It stimulates me to move forward.

6. Use the Law of vibrational giving

I believe in karma. I believe that in order to receive more, you have to give more. Giving with positive emotion is a central practice of Buddhism. The Buddha teaches: “Intention and state of mind are more important than the process of giving”.

7. Give thanks

Saying “thank you” is not difficult and costs us nothing. That’s why I always thank people for helping me.

Moreover, I often thank my enemies and competitors who are trying to ruin my business. For what? For the lesson they taught me. With every attempt they make, I become more experienced and stronger.

8. Don’t be afraid of anything

When I was 20 and was broke and had nothing to lose I was afraid of literally everything. Today I’m in my 40s, I manage a billion-dollar company, have a lot of money, and I have a lot to lose. But and I’m not afraid. Why? Because I’ve learned to be a strategist, I always look one step ahead. Sometimes my ideas are so bold that it makes people around me uncomfortable.

9. Show enthusiasm

The inability to recognize your passion can be a problem for those who are stuck in a job they don’t like. It’s all too easy to get caught up in a merry-go-round of negativity if you want to make a change but don’t know what to do.

But finding your passion isn’t that hard. Just answer yourself the questions:

  1. What topic could you read five hundred books on without getting bored?
  2. What could you do for five years straight without a paycheck?
  3. What would you spend your time on if you had the financial freedom?

The answer is your real passion and true calling.

10. Learn to control your emotions

Humans are emotional beings. Sometimes emotions help us, sometimes they pull us back.

So with love comes hate, and with joy comes fear. Success can lead to happiness, and sometimes leads to failure. Positive often becomes negative. It is impossible to go through life without experiencing negative emotions or pain. The important thing is not to let bad emotions affect your whole life.

11. Be prepared to solve problems

The key to success in life is how quickly and effectively you can solve problems. At the same time, problem solving comes down to your mindset or how you turn problems into positive solutions. To succeed and become a leader in your field, you not only need to come up with good solutions, you need to be innovative.

12. Be ready to apologize

We can’t always be right. Mistakes happen and you have to be able to admit them.

Of course, in business, you should apologize wisely, in moderation (otherwise you will be seen as weak). But when it comes to ordinary people around me on the street, I always apologize and admit that I was wrong. Why? Because I was already been there, on those streets, being poor and powerless. Because I realize that one day I might find myself there again.

When you make a mistake, be honest about it. Don’t let the situation drag on. Take full responsibility and don’t try to make excuses or explain yourself. Blaming others does not mean apologizing.

13. In a healthy body lives a healthy mind

You can be very genius, but you won’t success anywhere without your health. You just don’t have enough time.

So always take care of your health. Start your work day with physical exercise, which one you decide. It can be a jog or a simple walk with your dog.

14. Pay more, give more, save more

It’s one thing to attract wealth. It’s quite another to retain it. And in both life and business, wealth depends not only on how much you have, but also on how loyal and dedicated your coworkers or employees are and how much time you spend on your hobbies outside of work.

15. Find a mentor

Real success is available to anyone who is willing to serious work for it. And imitating others is one of the fastest ways to do it.

If you want to succeed in a particular area, do your research and find examples of successful people in that area. Follow the same steps as they did. Wherever you are, there is almost always someone who has been there before.

16. Don’t be greedy

Thousands of successful businesses have gone bust because of the greed of their owners. They economized money on everything: staff, technology, equipment, office. However, they did not forget to put money in their pockets.

Greed is bad for business. I personally understand this and always try to invest in my business, and only then in myself. I invest in education of my employees, I invest in various know-how. Maybe I do all this for nothing, maybe it won’t “shoot out”, but it is definitely better than buying a new BMW, empty the accounts and depriving myself of prospects.

17. Strive to be the best at what you do

A key factor in the success of small and medium businesses is narrow specialization. Personally, I do not get into areas that are beyond my competence or that I do not yet understand. And this has helped me to save millions.

To be more effective than others (and therefore earn more) you need to do your job, do your work well, and be a professional of the highest level.

It may sound trivial, but as I have noticed: many people do not realize this or do not attach importance to it. As a result, they lose money on non-professionals. How is this interconnected? If you are very competent in one area, you will almost immediately notice incompetence in others.

18. Do what you want to do

We have only one life. So don’t spend your life doing something you don’t like. Be what you want to be. Go where you want to go. Get everything you want, right now.

The key is not just thinking about who you want to be, where you want to be, and what you want to possess. You must to act… And start acting now!

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