How to protect a work iPhone or iPad from children?

How to protect a work iPhone or iPad from children?

No matter how much parents struggle with their children’s habits, gadgets won in the “gadgets vs. TV, books and everything else” confrontation. Our children today are enthusiastically sitting in their phones and tablets, exploring google, watching youtube, playing games and installing apps.

Let’s not get into a “good or bad” debate. Accept the fact that your children will use gadgets, even if they are yours and you forbid it. And since this is the case, let’s think about how to deny them access to unnecessary files and applications, as well as protect important work documents.

Protecting your phone from children

You’ve probably heard stories about how young children playing with their iPhones or iPads have managed to empty hundreds of dollars from their parents’ credit cards. Leaving your child alone with the phone, you risk not only discovering several fresh games from the top App Store, but also missing personal apps, contacts, or even email accounts.

Fortunately, Apple has provided some interesting features that will help keep important information from inquisitive children, without preventing them from playing and using their favorite programs. All the “kid-friendly” features of iOS fit nicely into three simple recommendations, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

1. Use the password on your phone

A digital password to turn on the device is useful if a child decides to take the phone or tablet without your knowledge. You can set the combination in *Settings → Basic → Password protection*. If you do not want the little prodigy (or any other person) to be able to pick up the right sequence, adhere to simple rules:

  • Avoid ascending sequences and keyboard patterns (1245, 2580, 3698…);
  • Avoid digital patterns (8585, 6969, 4567…);
  • Avoid any dates like DDMM, DDMM, MMYY, etc. (2311, 1123, 1984…).

Be sure to turn off “Erase data” in the “Password protection” menu. If this is not done, the iPhone or iPad will wipe itself after 10 incorrect password attempts. As practice shows, persistent children get to this value very quickly.

2. Turn on “Restrictions”

The Restrictions feature is a simple solution to personal data protection. It will restrict uninstallation and installation of applications, internal purchases in games, posting to Twitter/Facebook, changing contacts, photos, mail settings, etc. It will also help to hide some standard programs from the Desktop, such as Safari and Camera.

If you like to play violent games, be sure to turn on age restrictions in *Settings → Basic*. This will prevent small children from running anything unnecessary.

3. Use “Guide Access”

“Guide access” is an ideal feature when you need to leave your child alone with the device.

This feature will easily lock your device to the selected program or game, from which you cannot exit without knowing the secret number combination. The iPhone or iPad will simply stop responding to pressing any hardware buttons. You can pre-activate it in *Settings → Basic → Universal Access → Guide Access*.

The convenience of this function is that the lock can be activated at any time without having to dive into the “Settings” menu. To do this, simply start the desired game or program with which the child will be working and press the *Home* key three times.

In the menu that appears, you can disable hardware buttons, lock the rotation and even a certain area on the screen. A couple of simple actions and you won’t have to worry that instead of reading “Cinderella” he will go to Instagram. To exit Guide-Access, press the *Go Home* key again and enter your password.

By following just these three tips, you will make your iPhone or iPad as comfortable and safe as possible for your child. And, of course, do not forget about a good case and a screen protector. Without them children’s games can cost you a significant amount of money.

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