What delusions we need to get rid of to stop being poor?

What delusions we need to get rid of to stop being poor?

Money is a tool that allows us to achieve what we want. Money is what everyone wants to have, but it is selective in of itself. They are looking for a smart owner. Money doesn’t stick to the pockets and accounts of people who think about it the wrong way. So what’s the secret? We just need to get rid of some delusions about money. Let’s look at them.

Delusions due to financial illiteracy

This is the most common mistake people make all over the world. Many people’s reasoning about money is fundamentally flawed, such as:

  • “Big money only comes from hard work”;
  • “Money is evil”;
  • “It’s impossible to make a lot of money by honest work”;
  • “To save money, we must to put it in the bank”;
  • “I don’t want to be rich when there are so many beggars around us”;
  • “Money cannot be risked. If I have it, I have to hide it and save it for a black day”;
  • “We can’t take money to the grave” and all that kind of stuff.

Thinking this way, the people only pushing money away from themselves. Thinking this way they will never get rich, no matter how much they work.

It’s a paradox: all these people work very hard, building careers, save something, but they still don’t have enough money, and some people live from paycheck to paycheck. So why does this happen?

It’s all about financial illiteracy. Remember some of the most important rules:

  • Wealth is not only the result of labor, but also of intelligence, wit, courage, communication skills, risk-taking and many other parameters;
  • Money is not evil. It’s just a tool. They become evil only in hands of evil people;
  • Most fortunes are made by honest work. Just not the kind of work you’re used to doing;
  • The bank is the worst place to invest money. No one has ever gotten rich on bank deposits;
  • It’s great to be rich in any country, city, or place in the world. And it doesn’t matter who surrounds you;
  • Money loves risk. But reasonable. Money must to work. And they must work for you;
  • You don’t need money in the other world – that’s a fact. But think of your family, your children. Do you want them to suffer like the poor?

Desire to be rich in order to spend more

Most people in the world just want to have more money. If they have a goal for what to spend it on, it’s the trivial things: a big house, an expensive car, luxuries, etc.

The result of this approach is always sad and always the same: bankruptcy. Why? Because these are bullshit goals. Such purchases only increase your debts. And debt, as we know, destroys wealth.

If your goal is to get rich, you need to be clear about two things:

  1. Why do you need money? There has to be a clear goal. For example: “I want to have a lot of money to open a chain of cafes in my city”;
  2. Why this money will be better in your pocket and not in someone else’s? For example: “I will not simply spend that money, and I will be strive to multiply it, because my chain of cafes will serve the best coffee in town”.

Awareness is the main step on the way to wealth. Try to ask yourself every time: “Why am I doing this? What will it get me? Why will the money be better off with me and not someone else?”.

Stopping halfway through

Rich people are capable of making many attempts to get what they want. Each time they fail, they draw conclusions and after analyzing their mistakes, begin again.

A person who is not committed to success gives up the idea after several failures with the attitude: “That’s not mine!”. At the same time, other people continue their efforts and succeed. Some might call this stubbornness and stupidity. So be it. But these two things have already made a lot of fortunes.


Millions of people lose money because of this delusion. They think that road to wealth is simple (just read a book, a couple of blogs or some trainings and “voila”: Meet a new successful investor or businessman). This is not true.

The truth is that the road to wealth is always difficult, long and often with bumps. It is treacherous and will often test you along the way. Rich people know this very well. And they realize that they don’t understand everything in this world, someone may understand a certain topic better than they do, and they take this as an opportunity to gain experience.

Successful people are able to hear other people’s opinions and absorb new information. And those who approach everything with an “I know it all” attitude will not grow spiritually or financially.

Belief that the world is hostile

Only weak people think that the world is hostile to them. They are not ready to change and go the hard way blame those around them for their problems. My favorite saying perfectly describes this delusion:

“If you get punched in the face two times in the same place at the same time, think about it: maybe you’re the cause”.

To continue to stand up for what is right even when everything points to the contrary, and to assume that everyone is just hostile, is an attitude that leads to poverty.

Lack of Development

Most people in the world are just working for salary or building a career just according to a imposed career ladder. No one wants look: what’s ahead? No one is eager to learn ahead of time.

The lack of attempts to become better and more productive, the lack of motivation to develop most people usually explain by the fact that they will not achieve anything anyway, because they have no influence, money, connections, and the like. But it’s a delusion.

You don’t have to have a lot of money, connections or other resources to make a lot of money and become rich. It’s enough to be smarter than others.

Do you remember what we discussed earlier in this article? Money is always looking for a smarter owner.

That is why you should be constantly engaged in self-development. You need to constantly be one step ahead of other people and your business competitors. Focus on your knowledge, gain as much experience as you can. Information and experience are the main currency of the XXI century.

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