12 powerful secrets to help you realize your intention

12 powerful secrets to help you realize your intention

You know what you want, but you have no idea how to get there and where to start. Does this situation sound familiar?

Here are 12 rules to help you get out of this difficult situation.

1. Write your goal

Once you get it down on paper, it immediately becomes 10% more realistic than before. Just try it, and don’t say it won’t change. Just do it.

2. Define your purpose in time and place

When prescribing, try to make sure your goal statement includes answers to the questions: “where?”, “when?”, and “how?”.

3. Define a timeline

Be sure to determine what your time frame is for achieving this goal. Choose realistic numbers. For example, it’s unlikely you can have a baby faster than 9 months, even if you really want to. So for some goals to come true, it takes time, experience, and some action on your part.

4. Think about the usefulness and sustainability of your intentions

Make sure that the realization of your wish will not harm other people. Ideally: that its realization will bring benefit and joy not only to you, but also to someone else.

5. Formulate your intention correctly

When writing down your intention, desire or goal, make sure that it is formulated in the present tense and without negations-i.e., without negative particles.

6. Keep it phased

If your goal is big enough, divide it into sub-items, steps and stages. Formulate each step as a separate goal and apply all other rules to it.

7. Don’t forget what you want to achieve it for

Every intention should carry some kind of meaning. For example, the goal to “win $100 million in the lottery” is not a goal, but a fairy tale.

When formulating your goal, leave room in the formulation for your responsibility, because it is your goal and your life, which means you have a direct influence on what happens in it.

8. Identify milestones

If your goal is big enough, after you divide it into steps, designate for yourself what will symbolize for you the achievement of each step. This will keep you focused and motivated in the process.

9. Be focused on your goal at all times

On the way to your goal there are bound to be difficulties and difficulties that can weaken your motivation. To maintain and keep it better to keep the focus on your goal always, even when you give up.

You can visualize it with the help of wallpaper on your phone or a wish map – any visualization technique is great for keeping focus.

10. Imagine yourself in the future

Try to imagine yourself in the future, at that moment when your intentions, your dream have already come true. How will you feel, how will you look, how will you behave? And imagine it all regularly.

Remember: the state is primary. Our positive attitude is the main key to success.

Act, behave and look as if everything has already come true, and then the lines of probability will line up the way you want them to.

11. Ask yourself the question: “What if?”

Many people thinking: “If I didn’t have to work, I’d take an art class, go to a fitness class every other day, and jogging every morning, but I can’t do it yet”.

So start acting like you already have that! Go to a painting class (even if it’s just a couple times a month). Start exercising (if only at home, not at an expensive gym). Start jogging in the morning (even a couple times a week).

This is a simple example. Transfer this analogy to any of your excuses to do nothing and go with the scheme. You will succeed!

12. Take up sports

Yes, yes, the fitness from the previous item did not just get there.

No matter how busy you are for days on end, find at least 15-20 minutes for any exercising (active or not so active, it does not matter). It doesn’t have to be a hard workout at the gym. It can be dancing, yoga, or breathing techniques. It doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is to start and do it regularly.

Consistency in physical activity will accustom you to the fact that small steps every day produce steep results in the long run. And it will affect all areas of your life. Including the one where you realize your intentions and achieve your goals.

That’s it. By following these 12 points you will definitely come to your goal, sooner or later. If the goal is small, then the positive effect you will notice in a few weeks (unless, of course, you quit applying the strategy).

I wish everyone good luck and persistence in achieving your goals, desires and intentions!

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