Self-destruction mode

Self-destruction mode

Sometimes we may notice a very dangerous sign in the someone around us: that a person does not value life. He is preparing to leave this world, he is in self-destruction mode. Sometimes it happens consciously (for example, when a person realizes that his days are numbered and he decides to have a full blast with alcohol and drugs). And sometimes it happens unconsciously (when a person simply stops appreciating his life and ceases to rejoice at what he has).

By starting this mode of self-destruction a person starts a dangerous game, the result of which can be death. This can happen in a month or within a year. Everything depends on the peculiarities of the organism: whether it can withstand the self-destructive program of its master for a long time.

People “push the button” of self-destruction for a variety of reasons. It can be a serious illness, an injury, loss of loved ones, bankruptcy, an accident. Suicides from unrequited love are very common among young people.

It is also common for people to decide to turn on a self-destruct program when they have received a death sentence from doctors: cancer, heart failure, liver failure, AIDS and other incurable diseases.

Sometimes it happens that a person is just tired. He is tired of living, he is tired of constant problems and stress. Or something happened in his life that made him not appreciate life. And he wants to go to the other world as soon as possible. And even though he is afraid of death, like everyone else, he no longer has the joy of life.

In self-destruction mode, a person ceases to value what he used to value so much. What was important and precious to him is now not so important. Maybe, of course, he has found spiritual enlightenment. But more often than not, he has stopped appreciating life. And he prepares to travel to a different world from ours…

He stops arguing about what was important and valuable to him. Now he is indifferent to it. He easily gives in to arguments, does not defend his values, indifferently withdraws from verbal battles.

A person ceases to be interested in things that were interesting and dear to him. Give him a ticket to a concert he would have given anything for before, and he won’t be happy. Buy him a car that he has been dreaming about, but he won’t jump for joy. He will thank you, of course, but he won’t show enough interest. All the things he used to be passionate about: hiking, diving, good food, fancy clothes, traveling – all these things he stops appreciating. He is no longer interested in any of these things.

Finally, such a person stops clinging to his money and his possessions. He does not fight too actively for it and not tries to keep it. And suddenly he begins to give things that were very valuable to him before.

For example, one woman gave an acquaintance a very expensive, brand-new fur coat that she hardly ever wore, she was so careful! She admired it and took care of its fur. And then gave it to her as a present after three years. And six months later she left this world…

In another case, a man gave his son a brand-new Mercedes, which he had just bought for himself, which he had dreamed of all his life. Why? Because he no longer needed it, he was in self-destruct mode.

If these things happen in your family, know that they are all very dangerous signs (whether this an elderly person or a teenager). Perhaps you don’t know something. Maybe your loved one is hiding from you that he or she is preparing to die.

Too expensive gifts (atypical for such a person), loss of interest in what was important and expensive, indifferent attitude to the property, suddenly start talking about inheritance, long binges, shut-ins, loss of motivation to monitor own health. These are all indirect signs of a self-destructive regime.

At the same time, such people very often run this program silently, secretly from others. That’s why you need to be vigilant. If you find a person with such a program in your environment, you need to get close to him, try to find the cause and try to help him. We need to understand why a person has stopped appreciating life? Try to convince him. After all, our life is the most precious thing we have.

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